Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Holidays are so much better when babies are around. Taylor came to town this weekend from Alaska. It was his first time seeing Garrett and we spent the whole weekend with the family. Here are the highlights in pictures. (Lots of pictures!)Taking a nap on Uncle Tay.
Meeting his Great-Auntie. And playing with Uncle Dave.Such a happy little baby. He loved every minute of Taylor's short visit.
Oh my cute little punk'n!
This whole halloween thing wore him out.
Still sleepin'.
I guess dressing up just isn't his thing.
But when it's bedtime and the pumpkin is off, he's ready to play.
Telling secrets.
I took about 30 of these pictures and they're all so cute!Watching some Sunday Packers football. Introducing G to the cheese head.
He doesn't seem too impressed.
Sunday afternoon walk.
Party at Scott and Laura's.
David and Taylor 'being Garrett'. Sweet G always does this with his arms. The sprinkler!Costume #2. Cute little skeleton from Aunt Laura.
Dinner time for G. (Bib from Uncle Jordon and Aunt Katie.)
Playing Pictionary Man. That's Scott's version of Princess Diana.
Dave and G taking a nap during game time.
The bones on G's costume glow in the dark, so this is Uncle Dave charging em up with the light! So funny, and G was loving it.
Uncle Dave playing with G and more baby smiles.
The whole family together for the first time in months. It's also the first family picture with the new little addition!

We had a great weekend.

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