Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 22

Day 22: What makes you different from everyone else.

Don't get me started.

I'll just tell you what makes me different from Paul. I love to take pictures. He doesn't. He gives me a hard time about it, but I know he'll appreciate it eventually. I told him last night that I was looking at my baby scrapbook and it skipped from 2 months old to 8 months old. What did I look like from 3-7 months?!? Garrett won't have to wonder about that. He'll have 40 pictures from everyday to show him. ;)

My picture taking has actually slowed down a bit from 2 months ago, but I still love catching all the little happy moments. And here are just a few that I've captured the past couple days.


maranoelle said...

HA! Aron and I have the same feelings about picture taking that you and Paul have. Aron is always like, "Oh! What? Another picture??? YAYYYYY" (totally sarcastic). lol. I am completely convinced that we need photo documentation to the extreme.

Platt Family said...

Love the frog pjs and the monkey bum outfit, we have them too! Darling, don't you just love Carters! He is stinkin cute!