Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Dinner

We had Christmas dinner early this year cuz Paul and I were off to Cali on the 23rd. On the 22nd my family and Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Barbara came over for dinner. I cooked sesame ginger pork, roasted garlic and tomato beef roast, bacon ranch potatoes, mixed parmesan vegis, roles, and a triple chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese mousse. It was a good meal and a lot of fun with the family. All us kids drew names and we exchanges sibling gifts that night. We had a lot of fun hanging out and playings games. Laura gave me Pictionary Man and we played that for a couple hours. Really fun. I love my family. (I made that Packers blanket for Paul, even though the Seahawks are the best.)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

What the festive!

I just looked at my pictures to pick a couple for my blog post and I'm 5 files behind on picture posting! It made me not wanna blog cuz I wanna put pictures from today but I'm a couple weeks behind...But if I don't blog today I'll be more behind tomorrow. I'm in California right now and have had a fantastic Christmas week, but these are pictures of pre-cali and I'll get some Cali updates and pics up tomorrow...er monday...er tuesday...
Thanksgiving Point with Paul, Taylor and Kristin. We went on a carriage ride through the lights and then had some hot chocolate. I loved it, and I think Kristen did to...the boys humored us...
Paul took me to this thing at Liberty Park called Echoes of Christmas. It was cool. It was a live nativity that you walked through. There was music and shepherds and animals and wisemen, etc. It was a fun evening. This camels name is Chuck. I loved Chuck.

I love doing Christmasy things during December. And by 'Christmasy things' I don't mean shopping, (which I do love) running around, stressing out, competing with neighbor gifts, wondering if you forgot anyones gift. etc. I like the little things like this stuff we did. It keeps me slowed down and more focussed on family and Christ....ya know, the important parts of the magic of the holidays that so often get over-looked with all the hustle.

Oh, and Paul and I were talking tonight about how great it is to have a special someone to spend this happy time with and to be able to do all these fun things together...
He's a good one.

I'll get caught up soon. I know this one is kinda boring, but at least now all of my readers...(both of you), know I'm alive and well. I promise to have Christmas updated before new years day because I know so many of you, (both of you) are so excited for the rundown of '08 and the predictions of '09 that I did last year. We'll see how well I did and how well I do...

Oh and one real quick thing. Today is my amazing Grandma's birthday. I love her so much and am so thankful for the 28 years of awesomeness she's brought into my life and I'd love at least 28 more. I love her and I'm so glad we're each others favorites. (She knows and I know and that's all that matters.)
Happy Birthday Cute Grandma!
Well, until next time and the real holiday post, I hope all your Christmases we full of glitter and cookies and bows and berries and people you can't imaging living life without. Mine was.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Holiday Fun, times 3.

Last night was the end of a crazy busy weekend of fun with the family. Everything was with Paul and my family. So when I say 'we', that's who.

Friday night we hung out at my parents house and made a ton of sugar cookies and ginger bread cookies. We also put gingerbread house kits together to get prepped for Saturday. We had an all day ginger bread house decorating party at the parents. None of us could go at the same time so they just had everything out all day and we could come when we wanted. Paul and I had a free day so we were there from 10:30am til 10:30pm. Dave and Neally came in the morning, Taylor and his friend Kristin were there in the afternoon, and Scott and Laura came at night. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures of anyone but Paul and I. Oopsie.

David had gone duck hunting early that morning and thought it would be hilarious to do this to my car.
I thought it was not very hilarious.

Mom and I took a little shopping break and went to Robert's craft store. We just happen to get there for the 1 hour sale. 70% off Christmas stuff! I love a good deal.

Here's the house pictures I got.
When we left my parents house that night we say 7 DEER one street over. I made Paul follow them. This is the best picture I got...only 4, buy I promise there were 7. Seeing those deer made me feel even more sad for that poor duck. :(
Yesterday we went to Logan for a Interfaith Benefit Concert that Taylor was singing in at the Logan Tabernacle. Fortunately the snow was pretty much done by the time we had to drive up there, I was a little worried when I got up!

Monday, December 8, 2008

whirlwind weekend

I'm gonna try and keep the writing to a minimum...or is it minimal? Anyway, it's been a full weekend. Fun/busy/relaxing/thoughtful...not as in I did anything thoughtful, just that I've had a lot of thoughts/fast/exhausting/happy.

I have a lot of pictures, kinda random, so I think I'm gonna do a quick time line and maybe just explain a couple pictures.

-Thursday: Paul's sister Annie flew to Utah. It was her first time out here. That evening I cooked dinner for them and mom and dad and then we all went to the Festival of trees.

Friday: Paul, Annie and I went to Park City. We wandered around the Olympic Park and Main Street. That evening the 3 of us flew to California. When we got to Cali, Paul and I and his parents just kinda relaxed, visited out on the deck, and then sat in the jacuzzi for a while.

Saturday: Had a great breakfast made by Paul's dad, Phil. He's a master chef...not for a real job, but for me he is. His parents had to go to a party far away so it was just Paul and I most of the day. We pruned a tangerine tree, and I probably ate about 50 in a day and a half. Went and took lunch to everyone at the family business and visited with them for a while. Went and bought a Christmas tree and some new decorations as well as pulling out all the other decor and got to decorating. Way fun. The Nativities are my favorite. Look closely at those pictures!

Sunday: Had another great breakfast. Flew home. Went to a family shower for my cousin Michelle and then snuck out early to go to a couples Christmas party with people from Paul's church. It was a good evening. We were the only non-married couple invited but we still fit in ok.

Ok, pictures.

Festival of trees.
Proof that Paul and dad forgot to look at trees the whole time.
The favorite. It was like marble works, remember that game? It was so fun watching the big silver marbles go through the little maze of wooden branches. As you can see from the people in the back, it was a lot of peoples favorite. Everyoe was captivated.
Olympic Park.
Notice Paul hanging out the back.
It's fun pretending to be a tourist.
California. This was honestly probably one of the best parts of the trip.
We didn't plan to prune, I just went outside to eat a couple and we ended up spending a couple hours out there on one tree. We had a really good time and a really good conversation, I love times like this.
We picked hundreds of them.
So juicy and delicious.
And we brought a whole box with us on the plane home. mmm mmm mmm.
Working Hard!I don't know why these cracked me up so much, but in Paul's family when they were little the made a Cresh every year. It was so fun to see the creativity over the years. This first one had 2 Jesus' and no Mary and Joseph, and big clumps of clay that were labeled on the bottom as sheep, camel, etc.
This one below isn't home made , but it was missing Jesus.I love Joseph's arms. Well, I love all the arms, but Joseph's stand out the most...or, stick out the most.
All birds!
Joseph and the Angel are really tired in this one, so they are laying down.How fun are these?!? What a great family tradition! It was a good weekend. I didn't take pictures at the Sunday stuff...sometimes I can't seem to put the camera down and other times I never pull it out.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why I love Paul: Reason # 2,847

So...things have been stressful lately. Don't panic. Paul and I are fine and in love, but everything in life is a little stressful. I won't bore you with the details, but I really need a vacation. I guess I shouldn't complain because we're going on one pretty soon, but not soon enough. In 18 days we're going to California over Christmas. But that seems so far away. I've been really feeling like we need some us time. So, my amazing Paul and his amazing dad talked, and pulled a couple strings, and tomorrow night we're flying to California until Sunday. I know it's not really for me. But I know Paul is under a lot of stress and I know he knows I'm under a lot of stress, and he's just so aware of me and what I am going though, and he's so sensitive about how I feel...etc... So, I don't really know what the 2,847th reason why I love him is. It's either, He's taking me to Cali for some pre-Christmas down time, OR, He has an amazing Dad and amazing family, and the family of the person you love is oh so important, OR, He's so aware of how I'm feeling and what I need. I guess it's all of the above. So that's #s, 2,847 - 2,848 - 2,849...I could go on and on...I really love him. I love you, Paul.