Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Project 365: 323-329

November 19- Sick day take two. Addie seems better, now it's Paul's turn.
November 20- In the past eight days we've made seven co-pays, one insta-care visit, one ER visit, filled five prescriptions, and not one of us was excluded from the madness. And today I decided to top it all off with a root canal. Merry Christmas to us!
November 21- As of this afternoon we are done with car payments! They are not the most glamorous things to drive around, but did you read that first part?? No more car payments! Dave Ramsey would be so proud of us.
November 22- Our good friends Erik and Deb, from Utah, (originally from CA) are here because Erik lost his dad this week. This is their boy with our kids. They don't see each other much, but when they do they pick right back up where they left off. They had so much fun playing trains and trucks in the funeral home, and then having a coffee (hot chocolate) date at Starbucks.
November 23- Usually I'm like, "Wit till after thanksgiving you unthankful merry people!" But this year I'm like, "Halloween is over! Let's get a tree!" We waited this long because the local lot by our house just open tonight.
November 24- We made it to Catching Fire on opening weekend, but I still felt like I waited so long to see it!
November 25- Aside from a wooden turkey still hanging on my door, Christmas is in full swing around here. And I love it!
November 26- Paul came home from work and handed me this. I think he was starting to say he'd be happy to feed and take care of the kids, but I'm not sure because I was already out the door.

Project 365: 315-322

November 11- We had lunch for Paul's birthday today at his office with his family and coworkers. His cake is pink because I'm giving him another girl!
November 12- Addie got an early birthday present in the mail today from Mimi. A pillow train! (She make 4 pillow cases and sewed them all together and put a pillow in each one. Pinspiration.) Both kids love it. Garrett might need his own... 
November 13- 90 degrees, sharing a bag of target popcorn and a drink by the Whittwood fountain. And today, we called that lunch. (Garrett not pictured because I think he was in the fountain.)

November 14- Stop it right now Southern California. Those two days of sweater and scarf weather were nice while they lasted. 
November 15- Happy Birthday to my beautiful girl. Two years already. 
November 16- Birthday party with the Whites. Monsters Inc. cupcakes and cake pops. 
November 17- We took lunch to some friends today to see their new home and new baby. Garrett and Addie loved their enclosed patio/sunroom area, and spent most of the day playing and eating out there. Thankfully, because the adults ate in a clean, white, formal dining room and I made pasta. Toddlers + marinara + white linens = Anxiety mom. 
November 18- There's a pretty sick two-year-old girl under that dirty puppy pillow. And an awesome, busy-with-work dad, who knew she was too sick for me to drive her to the doctor myself. We're pretty sure she's dehydrated because three days ago (on her second birthday) we FINALLY took the baby bottles away and only give her sippy cups now. (It's Ridiculous how much this stubborn girl hated sippy cups.) Anyway, I wasn't doing very good at keeping track of how much fluid she was getting and apparently it wasn't enough. Small chance it's a stomach bug, but a shot of anti-nausea meds and some juice and pedialyte in the one bottle I didn't throw away and she's already doing better. 

Project 365: 309-314

November 5- It got a little Christmasy around here today. We made those plastic melty stain glass window looking ornaments. Also, if I was a sentence hashtagger, some of them would read: Don't do plastic melty stain glass window looking things with the two and three-year-old. Addie ate some plastic pellets. Those tiny pieces were everywhere and will be stuck in the carpet for years. You can't even tell that one is candy canes and one says Merry Christmas. There's four dollars I'll never see again. At least the kids had fun.

November 6- I continue making the mistake thinking 'this will be the day that both kids are manageable at the store'. I made them stand against this wall and count to 10 without moving. Garrett made it to six, with much concentration. Addie made it to one before they both darted off in opposite directions. 

November 7- I've never gone to Target needing only one thing, and actually made it out having only bought that one thing. But oh my gosh. Vintage Fisher-Price toy ornaments.

November 8- Red cups at Starbucks. It's Christmas!

November 9- The sign does a great job at describing Garrett and Addie's behavior during most of our family photo session today.

November 10- Homemade pizza and cupcakes! We celebrated Paul's birthday tonight with the kids because he and I have a hot date tomorrow night. 


I decided the day before Thanksgiving would be a good time to post about Halloween.  I fall more and more behind everyday on blogging, but I'm so thankful for it so I won't give up.  I need a new computer!  I'm going to hit up every mall santa I can find this weekend, just to make sure he knows what I want for Christmas. 

I'm also struggling with phone blogging (obviously).  I can't get the pictures the size I want them.  I didn't realize they were taking up the whole screen until I looked at my blog on Paul's computer a few weeks ago, adn that discouraged me again.  Anyone only blog from your phone and have any good tips?  Photo size?  How to change the publish date?

Anyway, I wrote this on November 5th and I don't plan to change it, so if it doens't make sence, that's why. 

Halloween is over and we're going full speed ahead on holiday fun. I'm still giving thanksgiving it's day and I'm usually pretty strict about nothing Christmas before Thanksgiving. But this year November 1st meant ornament making, twinkle light buying, Christmas music, and moving a couple things around to make room for a Christmas tree.  Almost all of my Christmas decor is in Utah and I was hoping to get it from my parents over thanksgiving but now no one is coming out to visit us so I'm getting creative and also buying a few new things to make it merry and bright around here.

But Halloween. The two full buckets of candy are gone. The kids ate maybe two or three pieces each and the rest went to Paul's coworkers. (I may have eaten a couple mini candy bars.) Thankfully this year it was all about hunting and gathering and not so much about consuming. 

A couple days before Halloween we took the kids to Knott's thinking it would be cute and Halloween-y. It was decorated but more scary than fun. But they still enjoyed it. 

These ladies were...awkward. But the kids were amused. 

I hope these two always adore each other this much. 

Because we live in more a shopping part of town and less neighborhoody we went trick or treating at a mall. We had dinner first and then got plenty of candy in less than 15 minutes. That's the way to do it!

My mother in law bought the boots and shirts at a John Deere outlet a few months ago. I had the bandanas, and I picked up the hats at the dollar store. Next year they will probably care more, but I was happy this year to costume two kids for two bucks!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall days, 5k's, and Halloween parties.

It's been fall-y around here. Like, highs in the low 70's and we even had some rain one day. I'm loving the hoodies in the evenings and slippers in the mornings. A few days ago the kids and I went on a hunt for fall. This is what we found.

We spent the rainy morning making rainbows. (And burritos, which Garrett was way more impressed with than the rainbow.)

We did a 5k through the Lion's club. It looks cold but it was a perfect morning. 

At about 0.2k's in Garrett needed a potty break. We lost our chance at 1st place pretty early on. 

That night we went to a trunk or treat party. 

We've been busy and the kids are lovig all these crazy holiday traditions.