Saturday, April 17, 2010

note to self

Everyday I have thoughts, or things happen, or conversations with people that I don't want to forget. But none of them are really huge or awesome enough to justify their very own post.

So, just a quick recap of the past few days, some might not make sense, some might be boring, and some might be incomplete. But, hopefully in a few years when I try to make all this into a journal, I'll know what I'm talking about. Which reminds me, I'll pay someone to make my blog into journal books for me.

I think I mentioned that I ran a marathon (walked a 5K) last Saturday. It wasn't bad, but a few weeks ago when I was hurrying to get to a Dr appointment I hurt my back a little, its slowing been getting worse but after last Saturday I couldn't ignore it anymore. Melanie had told me about a lady who does prenatal massage, (is it called that if they're trained to make pregnant women pain disappear?) Anyway, I called her Tuesday, she had an opening, left work early and headed over to see her. Amazing. Wednesday was the first full day in weeks that I had no back pain. Best $70 I've spent in my pregnancy thus far. (Next to stretch denim jeans)

I'm feeling (and looking) pregnant. But I'm right at that part of pregnancy where I can kind of hide it with my larger regular clothes, but maternity clothes are much more comfortable. So when I break down and wear the maternity shirts I go out in public pregnant and proud, but when I where regular uncomfortable clothes and focus on not looking pregnant, I get the occasional look like, She's pregnant, or maybe she's not pregnant...but, she might be pregnant... I don't know why it's awkward, but it is. I'm about 2 days away from being done with my regular clothes attempts and I'm feeling fine about it.

Paul bought me 3 maternity shirts and a maternity dress tonight, AFTER I'd gone and bought myself leggings, a dress and capris early today. Oh and all of this was also AFTER telling myself about 2 weeks ago that I had enough and was done buying maternity clothes. But when you get to where it feels like your body changes almost daily, it makes you want to shop.

I have a tilted uterus. It doesn't mean anything bad, it just means that depending on the tilt you can look up to 4 weeks further along than you are. I'd say I look about 20 weeks pregnant, and I'm 18 weeks today.

Monday I'm going to a funeral, a sad funeral. And its the second one in four days. Two people who didn't know each other. Two people I care about. From two families that I care about. Two people in their early 30's. Two parents. Two suicides. It's been an emotional couple of weeks for people I spend time with everyday. Its easy to start feeling their emotions and sadness. Kind of draining and really heartbreaking. I might write more about this later, but not now.

Last Sunday we had lunch with a couple from church. Really fun people. We get along great. Most of the friends I have now are either married and knew me when I was single, or single and the fact that I'm married now didn't change our friendships much. But now I feel like we're married people making friends with married people. Married friend friendships make me feel like a real grown-up. I like having a variety.

I'm ready for a vacation. 10 days in California will be awesome. We're counting down...

I bought all the fabric for the baby bedding. It's gender neutral and I love it. My mom is making all the bedding and I'm so excited about it. So cute! And so on sale!

I might think of more, but I've bored myself, so if you're reading this I can't believe you made it. Good job.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finally, an almost spring weekend!

Friday night we went with my brother Taylor to The Olive Garden to "carbo load." We were doing an 1/8 marathon (5K) Saturday morning and we (pretend like we) take 5Ks very seriously.

Saturday we got up way too early and headed for Gardener Village for the race. It was cold and I asked myself why I actually show up for these things. They can have my money whether or not I'm there, so why don't I just pay the entry fee and stay in bed?? Maybe next time. Anyway, we did it. And finished. (I think I won...I can't remember...) Then we went and canceled out our efforts at the Belgian Waffle House. Then I went home and took a short 4 hour nap. My legs hurt so bad. It was crazy! (And they still hurt.) I finally got up and did some laundry and grocery shopping. We bought a little gas grill and we barbecued that night. It was delicious. I love these warmer evenings and look forward to cooking out, walks and picnics! Aww, Spring!

Today was a good day. Church. Lunch with some church friends. Grandpa's for his birthday. Mom and dad's for their anniversary. And then a concert at the Madeleine.

And no work tomorrow. I love my new 3 day weekend schedule.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Little box on my porch

I love packages in the mail. I hate bills, statements, junk mail, etc. But I love mail. Hand written letters in colorful envelopes. And I love boxes. If you ever want to send me mail, please feel free. Even if its just packing peanuts or bubble wrap.

Tonight I drove home after working 10 hours and doing a little grocery shopping. Paul was working late. I had a bunch of boring groceries to carry in as well as some Panda Express food that no longer sounded or smelled good. Feeling kinda blah.

I turned into my driveway and there was a box sitting at my door! It made me so happy. I had no idea what it was but I was still happy. I carried everything in and grabbed the box. It was from Paul's grandma in Colorado. I cut it open, and on the top was this note.
I unwrapped the package and it was this frame/album.
I opened it up and it was full of photos of Paul. From the time he was born, up through his teenage years. It was so fun to sit and look through it. He was such a cute baby! And he's still so babe-licious!
I sat and daydreamed about being a mom, about the little human that is growing inside of me right now. About my crazy hormones, emotions, swelling body, exhaustion, and headaches. And how I wouldn't have it any other way. I am already so madly in love with this person inside of me. I can't wait to welcome him/her into the world.

Speaking of him/her, he/she. I'll start saying one or the other on May 3rd. It would be a week sooner but we'll be in California and have to wait until after the trip to find out. I think its a boy, just sayin.