Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A dream of a vacation that already happened.

Last night I had a dream about my first trip to Hawaii. It was so strange because it was like I was doing all of the exact same things that I'd done on the trip. So I just found all the pictures from that trip and looked at the places I'd been and a lot of what I did like 3 or 4 years ago in Kauai, happened exactly the same in my dream. But in my dream I never thought anything like, "Oh, I've been here before." It was all brand new in the dream, but it was all real life in the past. Get it?

Here are a couple events from my dream...these are real life pictures, not dream pictures.

In my dream I took these angled pictures of the ocean and sunset.
I also met this guy Danny and he took me to Kilauea falls again, for the first time. And I went on this amazing rope swing the he built off the top of the waterfall. I watched him do amazing tricks, and was just as amazed as the first time I saw it, which hadn't happened yet in my dream, even though it had. I even slipped and fell on my butt in the dream, which also happened in real life 4 years ago.I met this guy for the first time, again. On the same beach as the first time. We went to the same sushi restaurant and I only ate white rice, again.Took a sunset cruise. Met this guy who worked on the boat.
And saw these dolphins.
I feel like I've done the exact same trip twice. Well, 3 times I guess, because I've been there twice in real life. It was a weird dream. It made me miss Hawaii. And traveling in general.

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Crystal said...

Wow, how crazy weird was that. Just by reading the post I would have thought you were still pregnant. (You know how you have crazy, weird dreams about the guys you dated in the past, or just guys you knew, while you are pregnant?) What a fun post.