Tuesday, June 29, 2010

bloggers block

I haven't felt like blogging lately. I feel like its because I don't have time to, but the stuff that is keeping me busy so I don't blog isn't anything interesting enough to blog about. Which means I should change some things, right?

So I thought about it and I have done a couple fun things in the past couple weeks. We went to a couple Bee's games. One with my co-workers and one with a group of friends. (A girl I work with is also a honey bee and she got us free tickets, Thanks Rachel.) The first in early-June, perfect warm weather. The next one in mid-June and we froze to death. Hot chocolate at a summer baseball game, and then leaving in the 7th to go get more hot chocolate and pie. Ahh Utah. We still had fun.We went to Bear Lake for 4 days with my family. Very relaxing. Boating, fishing, crafting, tying baby quilts, eating, playing games, swimming, walks, bike rides, famous raspberry shakes. It was a nice long weekend. And I didn't take any pictures.

Celebrated fathers day. I got Paul some new clothes and a couple dad baby books.

Went to lunch with Melanie and her cute little boy.

Had some friends over for crafting and a bbq.

Had some other friends over for pizza.

(Remember when I used to take pictures??) ...those were the days...

My chair got delivered! It looks a lot smaller in a huge store. It literally takes up half of the nursery. Our nursery is tiny, and before the chair got here the room had a dresser, a changing table, a bookshelf, and a crib in it. I thought the chair would fit nicely in the one little remaining corner. I was wrong. We tried moving stuff around. And after trying every. single. possible. combination. The book shelf got the boot, and the room is looking quite cute. Paul tried to get me to not have the chair in the nursery but I told him the crib would go before the chair. I'm glad we made it work. At one point he suggested we give the baby our bigger room and we take the nursery. He did a lot of moving of things back and forth, but I think I finally like how it is now.

And because I'm so awesome at not taking any cool pictures, here are some random pictures of nothing I've talked about here and in no particular order.

Now I'm really done with clothes until after he's born. We accidentally found a 70% off sale at gymboree and osh kosh. When we were in St. George I wanted to buy some new sandals. Look what Paul bought while I was trying on shoes. So cute! He's going to be a good daddy.My 6 month mark. That's all for now.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things I've learned lately...

-Mr. Clean magic erasers really are magic. We've had an ugly kitchen sink since we moved in. I "clean" it all the time but you can't tell. Today I tried the magic eraser. I could have been in a commercial for it. Amazing.

-When you're pregnant, all public bathrooms feel like airplane bathrooms.

-Everything is a little bit better if you have cute toenails.

-Pottery Barn Kids employees need to learn to communicate with each other. Cute and comfortable stuff, but 5 different stories from 5 different people about where it is and when it will be delivered to my house.

-Watermelon works the best. Better than fiber-one, prune juice, grape juice, or anything else your doc tells you to try. When you're pregnant, backed up, and on 2 iron supplements, eat a watermelon.

-Food really does taste better if someone else prepares it for you. (Thanks, Paul)

-You can plan your work days, weeks, months as much as you want, but it's never going to go as planned. My advice? Don't decide how much and when you can work when you're growing a baby, let your body and your baby decide, and then just go with it.

-Chiropractor's help, but they aren't magic. The back pain won't totally go away. (Only Mr. Clean is magic.)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

If I know what love is, it's because of you.

One year ago today I married my best friend. A really good decision.

This year... (In no particular order)

We moved.

I started a new job.

We went on a cruise.

We went on several trips to California.

We went to Colorado.

We went boating.

He took me on my first hunting trip in Texas and I killed a deer.

One ER visit.

We went to Vegas and I think he won like $20.00 and bought me some ice cream.

I introduced him to TSO, and took him to his first (of many) TSO Christmas concerts.

He got a couple promotions and his job responsibilities changed quite a bit.

We got rid of our awesome expensive truck (but not before I dented the side in our car port.) And we traded it for a small, boring, paid for truck.We began the process of adding to our family. Due to be with us in exactly 3 months!

And we spend our 1st anniversary in exotic St. George, Utah. Mostly because it was a free trip, and also, because this pregnant, tired wife didn't have much energy to plan anything else.

I love this man so much. We laugh hard together everyday. He's way too good to me. I can't wait to see what the next year, and the years to come have in store for us.
Happy Anniversary, bebs! I love you.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sick and Productive

So the pink eye got worse and spread to my throat. No, I didn't have Pink Throat, I had a form of pink eye that infects everything from the shoulders up. It was bad. I went back to the insta care. Got a prescription for a gargle throat numbing thing (all I could get cuz of the baby.) The gargle just made me almost choke to death 3 times, so I decided to live with the pain. (Have I mentioned my extremely sensitive gag reflex that I blame on pregnancy? Never had a problem in my life, and now my eyes water and I gag/almost throw up when I brush my teeth. So a creamy mediciny stinky liquid disguised with bubble gum flavor didn't work for me.

It lasted 10 days, and the other eye eventually turned pink, but by yesterday my throat was better and both eyes were really light pinkish and one didn't open all the way. But today I'm almost at 100%. By Thursday of last week I decided that if I couldn't get better being lazy, I'd try and get better being productive.

Look what we did!

This is a little dresser for the little stuff. Socks, hats, shoes, and any other tiny things Paw needs. We bought it unfinished and I stained and painted it and Paul helped with the finish.
We moved all of my stuff out of the nursery and into my own little nook in the den.

Picked up more furniture from my work.

Paul played peacemaker after a little fender bender involving 2 very angry people.

Bought paint. Two times.

Our truck got hit at Home depot. Nothing major.

Paul and I painted and finished this book/toy shelf.
Went shopping at IKEA and Babies R Us.

Painted ceiling and base boards. (Thanks mom, that was all her)
Painted walls.
Moved dresser, changing table and book shelf into the nursery.
Weed whacked our yard.

Painted and stained our garden boxes.
Planted our square foot garden.

We have so many projects that we love working on. I love that its warm. I love that we have a yard to spend time in. I love making changes around the house.

I also have a slight fear that I'm going to have the fatigue of trimester 3 hit me. I've been pretty on track with all the "normal" happenings of each phase of this process, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if I got the trimester 3 sleepys. That's just a couple weeks away so I want to get as much of the major stuff done before mid-june.

Time is flying.

Also, we've picked a name. First AND middle. I really love it, and I really have to keep reminding myself that Paul won't let us tell anyone what it is until delivery day. I'm so bad at secrets, but I think I can do it.