Sunday, April 26, 2009

Project 365: Week 17

April 20
I go through phases. Sometimes its scrapbooking, cooking, crafts..right now its beading. It'll change really soon I'm sure.
April 21
I took Dave to the hospital for surgery. He broke his colar bone 4 wheeling. We was suppose the be there at 1:30, then they changed it to 4:30, then we got there and waited and waited and waited...they said 7:00, then 7:30, then 8:00...he finally went in for surgery a little after 9:30PM! Then after surgery the doctor went home and forgot to tell us Dave was in recovery. We sat in the waiting room til 1:00AM and Dave waited for us for an hour! Long day!
April 22
Paul and I went to Cabela's to do a little birthday shopping for my dad. We had dinner there and wandered around. That's a cool place!
April 23
My man became a Licensed Funeral Director in the state of Utah! I'm so proud of him. :)
April 24
We had a little yard work night tonight. I mowed the lawn for the first time in my life. (3 brothers always had that job when we were growing up.) Here's Taylor pruning a tree.
April 25
SURPRISE!!! Dad turned 60 on the 21st but he was on a business trip all week. We had a surprise party for him at Dave and Neally's tonight.April 26
I got pulled over today. It was one of those days where I was having female problems and I needed to make an emergency run to the store. I got pulled over for a burned out tail light. When his lights went on I remembered my new *insurance card that had come in the mail this week that was still on the table at home. He gave me a no proof of insurance ticket that will be waved if I take take my card to the court house. Easy, but annoying, and not my first time. Then he pointed out that my address on my registration is different than my license. He was kind enough to inform me that its the law that you have to get that info changed within 10 days of a move. I was almost kind enough to inform him that I'd be willing to bet that in the 13 years I've been driving I bet my address has been correct for maybe 3 years. Instead, I just told him I was getting married in 7 weeks and I probably wouldn't be worrying about it until I changed my last name. It was just long and annoying, one of those bored Sunday cops who feels the need to tell me every little law I'm breaking. *the 3 out of 13 years thing probably also applies to a current insurance card thing. Also, this is the 3rd time I've been pulled over and ticketed (all for the same thing) on Main St. in Centerville.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Project 365: Week 16

April 13
Spring!! I sat outside with my laptop today and got hot! I loved it. The sweater came off and I rolled up my pants and enjoyed the sun! Look how happy these flowers are next to my parents driveway. I hear the snow is coming back the next couple days. :(April 14
Paul and I have a new (unhealthy) habit/tradition. B&D Burgers is this fun little local place on 13th east and about 1st south. On Tuesdays they have dollar burgers and they are SO good. I used to go with my friend Russ every week and a couple other people I worked with, but that tradition faded and a few weeks ago I introduced it to Paul and he LOVES it. We go every Tuesday now and eat burgers and fries and watch The Biggest Loser...what's wrong with that?!?April 15
Winter came back. It's been raining and snowing for 2 days. And it's so cold. This picture is taken from 13th east and it's the mountains above the Avenues in North Salt Lake (where our apartment is.)April 16
I really didn't feel like taking a picture today. I'm in a bad mood. This is a $20.00 bag I got for $3.00 ...check me out, finding the silver lining.

April 17
My mom and I spent a good part of the day shopping. She is making Paul and I a quilt for our wedding and this is what I picked. I love the colors a ton. It was a lot of fun deciding. Oh, and the 2 little things in the bottom right corner with snaps aren't part of the quilt, they are tiny reusable bags I found at Peir 1 Imports. They take up almost no room in my purse! (Bag remembering problem solved!)

April 18
Moving day! The Schmidts are living back in Canada now. (their home) They've been in SLC for a long time but the economy took its toll on them and they moved back home for work. They left stuff here in storage while they came up with their plan, and it looks like its Canada for the time being, so they came down to load up the rest of their stuff. They'll be back in June for a visit because Garry in marrying us. Amazing people! But this pucture?? Ok, just as we finished we heard a big BOOM! I thought it was something huge falling in the storage unit next to theirs then we saw this dark grey cloud of smoke rising. I grabbed my camera and by the time I took this picture the cloud was fading a bit. It was so dark at first. Power was out everywhere and we were locked in cuz the gate is power operated, we had to crank it forever to get out. (And by "we" I mean I sat in the truck and the 4 men figured it out.)April 19
We have a family meeting once a month. We started it about 5 years ago and then things got busy and a lot of our lives were in transition so we kinda stopped for a while, but we've started again. On the 3rd Sunday of every month we all get together for dinner at Mom and Dad's and then take turns leading a discussion. It can be religious, of just life stuff, kinda whatever we want. Tonight was a little different because Taylor had school stuff in Logan all weekend, Dad is on a business trip, and yesterday Dave rolled his 4 wheeler and broke his collar bone (we think he's fine) in 3 places, so he and Neally didn't come. Mom, me, Paul, Scott and Laura just had dinner and played games. This was a picture I took from above the table. It didn't turn out how I wanted it to but I love my mom's face! No one know I was taking it and just as it started to flash my mom noticed, and this is what the "just noticed" face looks like. Love it.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Peeps and Pepper

I've been reading some blogs and catching up on everyones easter fun. I think for me easter is the holiday that has the most appealing candy. Whenever I'm shopping for other stuff and I see a candy isle, I need to check it out...well I really don't need to, I just do anyway. This year, not so much. I didn't try not to, I just didn't. One time, and it was a 10 pack of peeps, and I ate 'em all. I'm not sayin' I'm proud, I'm just sayin'... I am however proud that I didn't eat ONE SINGLE Cadbury Mini Egg! That's usually my #1 weakness around this time of year...and Reese's eggs...and Whopper eggs...and gum ball eggs...All of which I ate none of. It was not a conscious effort, I really don't know how I did it, but I did.

When I was a kid we NEVER got peeps for Easter. I don't know why, we just didn't. I think when we asked what they were at stores when we were little my mom told us they were yucky. I don't think I tried one til I was in my teens. I LOVE 'em. But even to this day I still think of them as the filler candy for poor people. Their big and cheap so the basket fills up quicker for less money. Not that we were rich or had rich kid candy, I just got that idea in my head over the years for some reason.

Which leads me to pepper. My mom does not like pepper. My whole life there was always only salt on the table at meal time. I thought that was the norm. I knew pepper existed, but I thought it was a spice that you just sprinkle a tiny bit into a huge pot of soup or something. It wasn't til I started dating that I realized that salt was equal to the pepper and had a place on the dinner table as well. I also love pepper. My mom still never uses it and can't believe how much I use it.

I'm now in my late 20's and look back on all those peep-less and pepper-less years that I lost. Oh well, I've probably used enough pepper to make up for it...and unfortunatly I've probably eaten enough peeps too.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

57 days to go!...our wedding website

Paul and I have been working on this for over a month. (Like 2 evenings in the past 5 weeks, and we're finally telling people about it.) We searched a bunch of websites for wedding planning pointers and help and this was the one we liked the best, and you can create your own little site from their site. So we did.

**sidenote** I get at least 6 emails a day from other sites I visited and accidentally gave my email address too, and also I filled out a registration card at a bridal show and apparently they sold my name and email AND phone number to like a bajillion people. Annoying. But I really like

This is us right HERE.

It's long...I guess it's really my name's fault.

***UPDATE*** thank you to my smart friend David in California, the address is now,

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Project 365: Week 15

April 6
I bought both of these on the same day and they've been together and in the same conditions (water, sunlight, etc.) the whole time. Weird...and kind of annoying.
April 7
This is a bad picture...again. (I seem to do that a lot.) But I realized today that Paul and I just passed the 'half way done being engaged' mark. I couldn't figure out how to word that without making it sound like I'm not enjoying it. I love Paul and I love that we're engaged, I'm just ready to be married!
April 8
Paul and I are taking a class about Christ on Wednesday nights. It's in Draper and tonight I had a choir practice early and because he works in Draper I just drove down and met him after work. We grabbed dinner at IKEA before and then went to my practice and the class. It was a long night, but good. Here we are unwinding and watching the AI results show. How awesome is Ady-cakes, by the way?!? ...that's Adam Lambert to all of you. Ady-cakes to me.
April 9
Birthday Prep! The 90th birthday party is on Saturday. It's been a crazy week!
April 10
(See April 9th) All the party supplies slowly took over my parents house.
April 11
Happy Birthday Grandpa. It was a huge success. My Grandpa has touched the lives of so many. He is a wonderful man and I'm proud to be his grand-daughter. He was so happy with everything and that made it totally worth it. (More pictures and details to come about this party. Oh and Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad!)
April 12
Happy Easter! Finally an unwind day! Today consisted of church (X2, that I sang at), lunch with Paul, naps, a little DVR catching up, naps, left-overs, and stopping by to tell G&G Happy Easter. Grandpa had his birthday cards all set up and it looked so cute so I took a picture of it. Then we cleared it off and played a couple rounds of cards. It wasn't a super Easter-y day, but it was a much needed relaxing day.
P.S. To all my cousins who I talked to last night (or didn't talk to) who have private blogs and I forgot to give my email address too, I'd love to be added,

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just a couple things...

Before June 12th (my wedding)...

Grandpa's big Open house/Birthday party

Dad's Birthday

My brother Taylor's Birthday

Mother's Day

My sister-in-law Neally's Birthday

3 friends weddings

My sister-in-law Laura's Birthday

Mom's Birthday

My brother Scott's Birthday

Several parties and gatherings for said events, as well as 5k's, helping people move, concerts, showers, bridals, etc. Needless to say I don't have a free Saturday til the day after my wedding. (Which I hope isn't free either!) And the Saturday after that is the California reception...I'll maybe have some time in July!

I'm hoping that all these celebrations and commitments will make the time go by faster. By the way, I have 6 other friends that come to mind off the top of my head that were also born in May. What's with all the love in August??

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Project 365: Week 14

March 30
I love ice as you learned here. This sight make me smile on the inside!
March 31
Check engine. Refill wiper fluid. I've been getting these reminders for weeks. I hate car maintenance. But the window really is hard to see out of when we're just through a storm and I'm getting the tiny dirty water splashes from other cars on the freeway and I can't wash the window...unless I have a bottle of water with me and I role the window down and splash some on the windshield. Yeah, I've done it. And I'm really not up for hearing what's wrong with the engine. I want a horse and buggy so all I have to worry about is buying oats.
April 1
I thought this shirt was appropriate considering how much I love earth. And also, all the green and white that's happening in my life these days. (My wedding colors and current and future last names...just in case you're new or slow.)
April 2
My mom's cute little Easter tree. Germany has amazing Easter markets. It's so fun there this time of year. I have a couple dozen of these awesome painted eggs too. (They're real.) I've been saying for almost 10 years that once I'm "settled" I'll start pulling out my cool stuff I got in Europe. Maybe next Easter...
March 3
This is my brother, Taylor. He's done this to his head 2 weekends in a row. He keeps threatening to do it on the wedding day...he better not. I want hair in the pictures.
April 4
GC weekend. All the boys went at priesthood and mom and I went to dinner. Here are the boys before they left. (I think they were trying to look like Brad Pitt in 'Meet Joe Black', the peanut butter scene.)
April 5
Happy 90th Birthday Grandpa!!! We had a family party for him tonight. I love my cute Grandpa. We did some musical numbers, some of his favorite songs and that's what Grandma is watching. Look how much he loves her! The BIG party is next Saturday night and everyone is invited. (For those of you who read this and may know him, Saturday April 11th, 1825 So. 1500 E. SLC, 6:00-8:00PM.)