Thursday, November 20, 2014

Halloween (and everything leading up to it)

Now that we've entered the preschool chapter of life, Halloween became way more than just one day. Parades, harvest fests, trunk or treats, parties, carnivals, etc. By the time it was actually Halloween, Addie's costume was in major need of repairs and Garrett was over Olaf's head. But it was sure a fun and busy month.

We started the month with a field trip with Addie's class to Tanaka Farms.  My friend was letting her boy miss preschool that day to join us, so I let Garrett miss too.

The two girls are in Mommy and me together, and the two boys are the preschool ditchers.  The two kids that aren't mine also have a baby sister Charlie's age. Their mom and I 'get' each other.  But she was smart and brought a helper to the farm, so I was the only crazy one from our class by myself with three little kids.

A few days later we went to my favorite pumpkin patch Irvine Railroad, with the White's. 


Then Garrett had a grocery store/pumpkin patch/picnic field trip. 
We had an apple tasting party. If I remember right we had: 9 kinds of apples, 5 kinds of Apple juice, 2 kinds of Apple chips, 5 dips, Apple nachos, 4 kinds of Apple candy, caramel apples, homemade apple sauce, and even a jar of Apple baby food. Honey Crisp won by a landslide. 

Garrett had a harvest festival and parade at school. 

Then Addie had a party and trick or treat parade. 
We had a carvin' party. 

We babysat our friends' little girl for four days at the end of October so we did a couple halloweeny crafts and cookie decorating. 

And finally! It was Halloween...
On Halloween day we were at the park with friends and decided to have a little party at our house that night with dinner and fall crafts. But first, we met some other friends and did a little trick or treating. 

It was a really fun (really hot) month with lots of great friends and class mates.