Friday, January 28, 2011


Paul got me a GPS for Christmas. I thought it was a good idea, but I had no idea how much I'd love it! Garrett and I went shopping in Pasadena yesterday, all by ourselves. For those of you who don't know, I'm TERRIBLE with directions. Terrible. But I decided I need to figure this place out sooner or later, so I programed in the address where I wanted to go, and we headed out. And we made it! There are so many cool features on that thing it blows my mind. When I got to Pasadena I had a scary thought... 'What if this thing broke?' I had no idea how I got there, I just listened to the nice man inside the machine giving me step by step instructions.

After we shopped I went for a drive around old Pasadena, got totally turned around, but enjoyed the drive. When I'd had enough I hit the little picture of a house, and the little man told me how to get home.

It has restaurant listings, shopping, gas stations, etc. And it really works. We made it home! And if you miss a turn (happened once) the little man says "Recalculating" and then he gets you back on track. I think I'm in love. One thing that bugs me, we turn up Painter Ave to get home and he calls it Prainter. I don't get it. Where did he get that extra R?

I can live with it.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just because I feel like I should.

It's been over 2 weeks since I blogged and I'm sure millions of people world wide are wondering where I am. So here I am. In California.

Things are going good so far. The place we are living is kind of a work in progress, which is fun, but makes it hard to really fully move in. The bathroom is done. (Well, besides a shower kit.) Its a new bathroom but has an old fashion claw foot tub that sits at an angle in the middle of the floor. Wish you could see a picture? Maybe someday... Anyway a shower kit has been ordered.

The guest bedroom is done. And really cute by the way. And it might even have a mint on the pillow if you come visit. (All it needs is a cute curtain to hang over the closet doorway.) We took the door off because it was awkward and ate up a lot of the closet space.

Garrett's room is done. I guess he's the only one we can say is really done.

We have a Great Room. Paul didn't know the term 'great room'. It's a huge room that is kitchen, dining, and living room all in one. It's pretty much done. The kitchen counters have gathered a lot of "stuff". Paint trays, tape, drill, other tools, extra curtain rods, etc. The dining area is cute, just needs a couple things on the walls. And the living room area is pretty much done. Just needs a DVR, which comes today!! The two things we'll never be too poor to have, DVR and disposable diapers! :) That's easy for me to say because Garrett is over 4 months old and I haven't bought a single diaper, and I had to find a big space in the walk in closet for the 600+ that we still have. I have a really practical mom. We love getting diapers for Christmas!

The walk in closet is off the great room. That part of the house used to be a studio apartment, so the bathroom and laundry are on that side of the house too.

Our master bedroom is so not done. It's a huge room. Probably close to 3 times as big as our old room, (for those of you who saw our old room). The walls are painted and stuff is kind of in place but it needs a lot of organizing, and it needs a king size chest bed and new mattress. The chest bed has drawers built in under it on both sides. Kind of like 2 extra dressers built in. That's a Utah trip to The Wood Connection at the beginning of March. Can't wait to pick it up!

The second living room is done. Just needs a light fixture hung and some photos hanging on the walls. The second living room has 3 bookshelves, 2 chairs, a coffee table, a papasan chair, a little square table with 2 chairs for games/puzzles, Garrett's swing, and in a week and a half a piano. It's a really old piano that Paul used as a child, but hey, its a piano. Can't wait to have one again. I really miss sitting down and playing like I did when I lived at home, 11 years ago. I'm getting old.

There is a storage closet and a big storage space at the end of the hall that still need shelving and organizing.

And lastly, Paul's office/the project room. It's full of Paul's stuff that never made it to Utah, among other things. That's a huge project that he'll do. I'm not in a big hurry for that part. That room isn't really part of the apartment, so I don't think about it/see it everyday.

Confused enough yet about all the rooms and the layout?? Come visit :)

My mom was here for a week and was SO helpful. She is amazing and can figure just about any "fix-it" thing out. We wore her out and we miss her like crazy. I won't even get started on that. Love you mom!

I'll try to get some more pictures up soon, but for now, I'll leave you with this...

We're moving WHERE!?!?

(click the collages to make it bigger)Yes, that bottom middle one is Garrett sitting on the roof surrounded by tools and extension cords. I have to go, the "Mother of the Year" award presenters are calling.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

7 things

1. I think I've mentioned that our good friends Mara and Aron are getting married this saturday! I'm so happy for them, and I'm looking forward to decorating (I think it will look amazing) and attending the wedding. I've been so excited and counting down for this event that I really don't spend much time thinking about that fact that I'll be moving to California about 6 or 7 hours after its over. After being with Mara and Deb last night its starting to be on the brain more, but still hasn't fully set in.

2. I've had some good and bad experiences this week. Both have made me feel a little more ready for California. I'm looking forward to a fresh...not 'start', but, new chapter with my little family.

3. I'm thankful for Paul. We haven't seen each other for 9 days and we have 3 more to go. It's been long enough and I hope we don't go this long ever again. I thought I'd be fine taking care of Garrett by myself, knowing I'd get TONS of help at my parents house. I have enjoyed that help, and we've had fun. But being away from Paul I've realized how fast and how good of a groove he and I got into with this whole parenting thing. I miss it.

4. I'm also thankful for Paul. Did I mention that?? He's enjoyed his first week of work, and when he's not at work he's unpacking boxing, cleaning carpet, and painting. He's done our room, Garrett's room, and the hallways. He's a good one. I'm proud of him, I know he'll always work hard, always provide, and always look for and find ways to make my life and our child(rens) lives better. Is that enough thankfulness?? Now pass the turkey.

5. I love research, internet, medicine, etc. I was listening to my Grandma talk on the phone a couple days ago. She had shingles almost 5 years ago and has never fully recovered. She now has post-something-nerve-something-damage and is always in pain. She found a new doctor and was talking with a gal who is totally motivated to help her. They talked about vitamins and treatments etc. I could hear her on the other end of the phone and she was so positive and helpful. It made me think about the stuff we've had to do with Garrett. His torticollis, tongue tie, etc. When I first learned he had these problems I was totally overwhelmed. But I was amazed at how quickly I was able to research and learn about these things online and how just a couple conversations and phone calls lead me to so many people who knew all about it and wanted to help. I'm just glad there are people out there who are interested in all different things. Cancer, heart problems, depression, diabetes, etc. And on a less important note, I'm glad there are people who enjoy giving massages and pedicures too.

6. I'm glad Paul is "just the right amount of involved." (On moving day, he and I had 2 empty bins to pack our clothes that we were taking ourselves. Here's how the conversation went as I started filling the second bin...with my stuff.)
Paul: Oh, you're using both bins?
Me: No. That one is full of Garrett's clothes.
Paul: Oh really? I've never seen him wear
that purple shirt, or that lacy one.
Me: Well...that's because you're not an involved father.
He really is. And its just the right amount of involved.

7. Garrett got a new seat today. I'm pretty sure he has just about one of everything now. Here he is at babies-r-us trying them out. He loves sitting up, but he can't on his own yet and I want him to work on his neck muscles as much as possible.
We went with the last one, but we got it in red.
He loves it! And it comes with a tray, 2 place mats to cover the tray, and a toy that hooks on the tray. He's so cute and pretty easily entertained!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Garrett's Laugh

My mom grabbed my camera while I was playing with G. We've started a new game at diaper changing time that he loves. I push down on either side of the bed, alternating sides, and then I bounce him and make a "farting" sound with my lips. (That's the weird sound you'll hear.) It gets better about half way through so if you wanna hear his laugh, don't give up. He's so much fun- it just keeps getting better! (By the way, this is mostly for his dad who is missing him like crazy!)

All I want for Christmas is...

I remember when I was a little kid I could never think of anything I wanted for Christmas. My parents, aunt, uncle, and siblings would ask me what I want and I could never think of anything. As soon as Christmas was over I thought of a lot of stuff I wished I'd asked for. That hasn't happened for years, because really I don't want or need much. And when I do, I usually don't wait til Christmas. But it happened this year. Paul really spoiled me for Christmas, but it was all surprises, I didn't ask for anything. But I thought of some stuff. So Paul, in case you're ready to start birthday shopping... wink, wink.

-A sewing machine. I don't sew, but I used to. I made a couple baby things, and last night I made throw pillows for some chairs we got. I was surprised at how well they turned out. (Maybe I'll take pictures later.) But I really would like to sew more and learn to do it better. My mom has a machine I use, but I'm moving, so I need my own.

-A cup holder for the stroller. They were sold out when we got the stroller and I forgot to order one. We need one.

-A camera. Like Jordon and Katies.

-A big piece of art. (But I want to pick it) I love looking at framed art, and I want to find one that I love and buy it.

-A new phone. I'm over the blackberry storm.

-Some sturdy shelves. I want to organize my craft, fabric, and scrapbook stuff on shelves. I think I'll use it more and not forget what I have if its organized better.

That's all. Why am I awake??

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's been one week...

Since we packed Garrett's swing away and shipped it.

I didn't realize how much he (I) would miss it!

Garrett's been doing pretty good with all the craziness of the move, holidays, staying at my parents house, dealing with a little cold, etc. But I've noticed a bit of a difference during the day and I think its the swing. He usually spent a couple hours a day in his swing. He'd watch the hangy things, listen to music, watch tv, and then usually fall asleep for a good afternoon nap. At my parents house we just have his jungle gym and a bouncer. I thought keeping the bouncer would be good enough but he knows the difference. We still find things to do, but I think we're both missing our individual 'alone time.' We went shopping today and I almost bought another swing. The cheapest one I could fine was $70 and I couldn't justify it. Even though we'll have 2 living rooms in California and I tried to convince myself it'd be nice to have one for each room, I didn't do it.

12 more days of being swingless. I think we'll survive. He can just have his alone time chillin' on the couch.We'll just go shopping more. G loves him some car and shopping cart nap time.

I think I've mentioned before that I was blessed with a champion sleeper. On normal days he probably sleeps about 4-6 hours during the day, 'during the day' being between 10AM and 9PM (although I've never kept track). My goal is to establish a good nap pattern when things get back to normal in a couple weeks, but for now he usually takes a good 2-3 hour nap and then naps here and there throughout the day/evening. One thing that I decided right at about 3 months was that I wasn't going to let Garrett decide when it was bedtime. I'd been just letting him stay up until he "looked" tired. Then we'd swaddle and have our bedtime feeding and get him to sleep. This usually happened between 11:00 and 12:30. But I've decided to start the process earlier and it works! Things are still a bit off schedule, but if I swaddle him earlier, he falls asleep earlier. Duh! Why didn't I try this a month ago!? He almost always sleeps til 8 or 9 in the morning, and my new bedtime goal for him is 10PM or earlier. He regularly sleeps 8-9 hours a night and now I'm hoping for 10+. He's done it a few times (almost 11 last night) and I think its gonna work.

Aww, the guessing games of parenthood...

Oh 2 more things, mostly for myself to remember about this time of life. Garrett started "talking" all. the. time. right at 3 months. To me, to his reflection, to Paul, to my parents, to friends, to the lady behind me at Target customer service. It's SO cute! He's not as talkative in large groups, but once in a while someone can get him going.

And the other thing. I mentioned he's had a bit of a cold. I'm hoping we're on the mend, but he's had the coughs, sneezes and a buggy nose. Poor little guy. But the best part about it, if there is a best part about having a sick baby, is his smiles. He smiles no matter whats going on. Last night we were de-buggering, which he doesn't enjoy. He was congested, crying, and annoyed, but as soon as I got him to make eye contact with me, he gave me a huge smile. Have you ever seen a crying baby smile?? It's just about the cutest thing.

Oh and as soon as I find my camera cord, California maybe?? I'll post his laughing video.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's that time again...happenings of '10 and predictions for '11

Here is what I thought might happen in 2010:

January: Less rent, more square footage.

February: I turn 30. I'm feeling about 100% on that one.

March: We buy a new TV!!!

April: We buy cute Wood Co stuff with our extra pay checks. I love 5 friday months when I get payed on 3 of em.

May: Paul and I start ballroom dance classes.

June: Happy One Year to us. We go on a fun little anniversary trip.

July: I hear the biological clock a little louder than usual, and we start to talk about trying to grow a human in my righteous womb. We talk about the future and about moving to California.

August: We spend a lot of times in the mountains, camping, fishing, shooting guns, boating, etc.

September: I start writing a book.

October: We move...again...

November: We start "trying" to get pregnant.

December: We have a Merry Christmas. And we win a contest and get a free trip to the Bahamas or somewhere warm and beautiful.

Here is what actually happened in 2010:

January: We moved to a bigger place for less rent. I found out I was pregnant. I thought I had a miscarriage. I didn't.

February: I turned 30. Paul's family came to town to celebrate my birthday and to celebrate me being pregnant.

March: No TV yet. I had a lot of morning sickness. Tried to work everyday. Did ok til 3:00pm everyday. Slept a lot, threw up a lot.

April: We bought a new TV, and a lot of cute Wood Co stuff. A dresser, changing table, crib, high chair, book shelf, buffet table. All the baby furniture wasn't part of my '09 wood co predictions.

May: We found out our little munchkin was a boy, and we picked his name and kept it a secret for the next 4 months. Oh, and there was no dancing.

June: We went to St. George for our anniversary. It was a free trip because the first half was business for Paul. It was a nice little last getaway before baby. A 'babymoon' some may say, but I refuse to call it that. Maybe next year we'll go somewhere a little more exotic, but I was too hot and tired to plan.

July: 3rd trimester exhaustion set it. I quit my job. I finished arranging and decorating the nursery. Looking back, I had way too much free time, but I really enjoyed all the little details of preparing, even though babies don't know the difference. We went to California twice this month. Once in early July, for fun. And once in late July, because Paul had to do a funeral out there. I went with him just so I could go to his mom's chiropractor. That's how good he is, and that's how bad my back was hurting. But the 10 hour drive each way when you're 7 weeks from having a baby kinda canceled out the adjustment.

August: Stayed home a lot. Napped a lot. Did a lot of projects. Watched a lot of TV. Nothing outdoors, except walks in our neighborhood.

September: Baby was born.

October: October is kind of a blur. The new mom thing was exhausting, and overwhelming, and October was full of that. But I loved it. Taylor came to visit from Alaska to meet his new nephew.

November: Still learning the mom thing. I suppose I'll say that every month for the rest of my life... Paul turned 25. We had a fun party. Kept falling more in love with my baby. Went to California for Thanksgiving. I worked a couple days at Wood Co to help out with the busy season. We decided it's time to move to California. And no, there was no trying to get pregnant in November. It's crazy that we really kind of planned to start that process in November. Little did I know, we'd have a 2 month old by then.

December: Spent just about every waking moment with the Elberts, Riddle (and soon to be Riddle), and the Mchenrys. Celebrated Christmas, didn't feel much like Christmas because the move was consuming me. Hired movers, they packed, loaded and are driving our stuff to California as we speak...or as I type.

And here is what I'm predicting for 2011:

January: Paul heads to California. Mara and Aron get married and become The Riddles!!! Garrett and I join Paul in California.

February: I feel settled into our new place. Garrett and I spend a lot of time exploring our new town. The Elberts visit us.

March: We buy a new bedroom set, king size. We visit Utah to see family, friends, and meet the new Baby Mchenry!!!

April: We have some newlyweds from Tahoe visit us. Please??? My mom and aunts come visit.

May: Paul and I have a "Budget Summit" so we can stay on track to get out of debt fast, but still have a fun summer.

June: We celebrate 2 years of marriage. We'll say we should go somewhere, but we won't because we'll be saving and planning for July and August.

July: We take Garrett and go visit Uncle Taylor in Alaska.

August: We have the first annual vacation with our "usual" group of friends in Tahoe. We plan annual trip #2.

September: Garrett turns 1!!! I go overboard and throw a fantastic party. Paul and I talk about plans to add a sibling for Garrett. Who knows what life will really be like with a 1 year old and probably still adjusting to California. But I'm guessing I'll be ready to have that conversation when Garrett is 1.

October: We buy some furniture. Living room set, dining room set maybe. Either Paul's sister or one of my 2 single brothers get married. None of them are dating anyone right now, I just have a feeling.

November: We visit Utah for Thanksgiving. We get rid of the Jetta and buy a truck. I have a huge birthday party for Paul on 11/11/11. It will start at 7:11 and end at 11:11. And we'll serve slurpees.

December: We have a much calmer December. We start new traditions and make memories as Garrett begins to understand the excitement and magic of the season.

**I'm anticipating many more visits to Utah and visitors to California than I predicted. Please feel free to become one of my "What actually happened in 2011's" that I'll write about in 2012.

Happy New Year! May your days be merry and bright, and may all your resolutions be easy and stress free.