Tuesday, December 11, 2007

K.R.A.K. House memories...

I was going to post this on my last night at the KRAK house (Kristin, Randi, Andrea, Kilene) but I never did...

Kristin said it best when asked by a visitor at the KRAK house full of random people, "So who actually lives here?" Her response- "No one ever moves out, they just stop paying rent."

Things I'm going to miss...

-Golden Girls Nights (Someone is depressed and Kristin buys a cake or pie and makes everyone sit and eat out of the pan until we all feel better.)
-Humpty Dumpty painting by Kilene. Which I bought for 20 dollars but I'm letting them borrow it til I return.
-Fires in the fireplace (and on the couch..oopsie...)
-Chinese take-out.
-Sitting on the counter tops in the kitchen talking to all hours of the night.
-The view from the front windows.
-The couch museum
-Kilene's "mom talks" about cleaning and eating healthy.
-Kilene and Randi talking Fargo. 
-Living so close to Braden, Robb and roomies, Carlie, My Steve and Alex.
-The Office marathons.
-KAPS HQ meetings with Kristin and Braden. (Kristin and Andrea's Paranormal Society)
-Listening to the ghosts talk.
- Sitting in the Hammocks on the back porch.
-Mouse hunts
-Cuddling with Russ on the popasan.
-Perfecting the art of curry cooking with Braden.
-catching up on DVR-ed TV.
-My greenhouse window in the kitchen. (Someone water my plants!)
-Sleeping on the angel bed when Kristin worked graves.

I never thought I was the roommate type, but these 3 girls were the sisters I never had...love you girls!
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