Monday, August 31, 2009

Project 365: Week 35

August 24
Paul and I are always tired. One of us always wants to go to bed early, usually him. We both leave around 9 and get home after 6. I never feel caught up on housework and I'm always wondering where the piles come from and how the dishwasher fills up and the garbage needs to be taken out so often if we're never home. Fortunately we both enjoy our jobs but this isn't a routine I want to be in forever. Someone tell the this state of always feeling a little behind is normal. Paul needs more sleep than I do for sure, but we both love it and need more.August 25
Date night! Even with all the busyness we've done really well and just being us on Tuesday nights. It's almost always B & D's for dinner, sometimes the park, sometimes shopping, sometimes a movie. Tonight was B & D's and a movie. The Time Travelers Wife. I think I liked it. I did however make a comment on facebook last night that I only liked it when I didn't think too much about it being the story of a 40 something naked man who falls in love with a 6 year old. (It's not that graphic mom) but when you see the movie and think about it without all the back and forth and emotions and friendship and love and commitment and sadness, that's kiiiinda the deal. Oh, but this picture. This is on the door when you exit the theatre at the gateway. For some reason I thought it was so funny. I made jokes about it all the way to the parking garage and Paul just looked at me with a puzzled look on his face. Then I made him walk all the way back with me so I could take a picture. I'm glad he loves me.August 26
We had dinner with Erik and Deb last week. I think I mentioned that, and the Marie Callender's fresh peach pie. I'm not a pie fan at all, but I LOVED it. A couple nights ago Paul got another one for us. I was really dissappointed. The peaches weren't ripe and so what once was this sweet perfect yumminess (that seemed healthy and fresh) was crunchy and tart. Sad. Today I was bored. (Day off) I did some google work and then began my journey. 4 stores for peaches and 2 stores for crust. Oh yeah, I'm claiming that I made this pie, but Marie actually made the crust. I thought it was way good, Paul liked it better that Marie Callender's. I wouldn't go that far, but I was pretty proud of myself.August 27
We flew to California tonight. Here we are on the plane. Look how cool that guy in the back ground is. I love it!August 29
Paulie went to the Ronald Reagan Museum today. Me and the girls stayed home and had massages. Amazing! My mother in law payed someone to come to the house and massage us, then we laid in the sun and played in the pool. Great day. Here is my hubby my AF1...I guess. This was his picture for the day.August 30
My father in law cooked and had friends over tonight. It was so fun! Paul and I turned it into a late birthday party and got his dad a cake. We had a great time and met some new great friends.August 31
The weekend was a lot about planning our future move to CA. We spent some time with a contractor and did a lot of measuring, planning, looking at kitchen stores, tile stores, Home Depot, Lowe's, IKEA, etc. Here was part of the shopping around and planning that we did at IKEA. Our favorite kitchen was here. Of course. My favorite everything is at IKEA.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Project 365: Week 34

August 17
My house is being over taken by wood. I love my job, but wow, I get so many ideas and get too many good deals!August 18
We use to freeze grapes a lot when I was young. I love them and totally forgot about how awesome they are for years. You should try it.August 19
We had a BBQ tonight with the Mchenry's. They just bought a house and we had a great time with them. I was introduced to Marie Calender's fresh peach pie. I'm not a pie fan, but wow, amazing!August 20
This week hasn't been too exciting. Today was a busy day of work stuff, and this is my cute hubby just before bed.August 21
Girl's Night! Mom, Neally and Laura came over tonight and we made crafts. It was so fun! I just helped everyone and didn't make anything for myself, but it was totally worth it. Everything turned out so cute!August 22
Paul surprised me with a new phone, the Blackberry Storm! I love it...I think...haven't really used it yet. We also got on a family plan and I left T-Mobile after like 8 years. I'm now with Verizon.August 23
I left the crafty stuff out all weekend to work on stuff. Look how cute this turkey is! This craft stuff is becoming an addiction.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Project 365: Week 33

August 10
I guess Utah had a cool weekend, (Colorado kind of did too). Today was a little weird. We went from our fan to our space heater in a matter of hours. But then we were back to the fan. Hopefully for a while longer before we freeze...I'm not excited about winter.August 11
It was date night. Paul picked up dinner and after the sun went down he took me up in the mountains. We got in the back of the truck and cuddled up to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower. It was way cool. I love shooting It was so dark up there and the flash on my camera was so bright it took a ton of practice for me to keep my eyes open...I know what you all are thinking, it probably took a ton of practice to make my hair look that awesome too. Ya know? Not really. It's just kind of a gift I guess.August 12
We bbq-ed with my parents tonight, then had desert and played games at my grandparents. I love them. Every time family is over, or probably anyone, they stand on the porch and wave until you're down the street. Every time. It's so cute. They're so great.August 13
I know you've all (both) been wondering about our Christmas tree from this post that we planted in order to save money this holiday season in the bad economy. We're so thrifty and smart. Well, here it is. I think he's doing quite well. And I did the math, I like to decorate Thanksgiving weekend so I have 107 days to get this tree to grow 5'11" more. (I want it to be 6') I'll keep you posted.August 14
We went to a movie tonight. For some reason I thought it would be packed. Friday night, popular movie, etc. We got there about 40 minutes early and look at all our seat choices! It filled up though. Good, interesting movie. 500 Days Of Summer. It made me think of some ideas I've had about a project, but I can't tell you. Only my husband and Braden know, and we'll probably be millionaires soon.August 15
Roy High mini-reunion. About 5 or 6 years ago myself and 5 friends from high school started getting together once a year. We usually meet at a restaurant and have dinner and chat for a couple hours. Tonight was the night but we changed it up a little bit. In past years no spouses or kids were invited. It's just the 6 of us. (I wasn't married when we started this yearly event, so I didn't care either way.) But this year we had a BBQ at Lori's house and families were invited. It was so fun to see all the cute kids that my friends are making! Maybe I'll make a couple someday. (This year we missed Rick, and added Trent and Natalie) We had a wonderful time! Thanks Cory and Lori for having us! *Me, Lori, Natalie, Trent, Joni, Kevin, Casey*August 16
We had dinner at my parents house tonight. We talked for a couple hours and then me and my sis-in-laws went to another room and we were planning our girls night for friday, we heard this horrible loud crash and ran out to find this. Neally teases Dave once in a while about the few lbs he's put on since they got married...maybe there is something to it...this chair may never recover. Man, I wish I woulda seen it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Project 365: Week 32

August 3
Started a new job today. It was really good. Didn't take a picture of it though...that seems weird. I tried to take a picture of our new (old) truck but it was late, and my camera was being weird, so I got frustrated and took a picture of out lamp post...I really like it.August 4
My phone crashed today. It was so annoying. The 2 and the 3 were pretending to be the same number. My husband disappeared from my speed dial, and no one could receive texts from me unless you had a blackberry, and even then the 2 and the 3 were the same so not many words made sense. We went to buy me a new phone and the nice guy there told me something about a simple software update, he gave some steps to Paul and we came home, Paul hooked it up to the computer and a few minutes later it was fixed. It was great!...but I kinda wanted a blackberry storm...August 5
Kind of weird. I guess Paul and all the guys he works with are getting into ear wax candles. I walked into the living room tonight and this is what I saw. Last time I did this me and my old roommate Diz lit our couch on fire. Paul did a better job, and I guess he loves it!August 6
Getting ready for another weekend road trip. Paul decided to rotate the tires on our car at 11:00 at night. I guess I should be grateful for a husband who knows how and cares about maintaining our cars.August 7
Fort Collins Colorado. Paul's cousin Rachel got married on the beach in Mexico last month and her reception was back in her hometown tonight. We drove out to be there and spend the weekend with her and the family.August 8
Fort Collins has the cutest little area called "Old Town". It's so quaint and fun. We walked around for a couple hours today. His Uncle Denny was taking pictures of us.August 9
And on the road again. Today was spent driving home...not much of anything else, but we made it and we're gonna get some rest and try to be ready for a new week.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

working for the the wood cutter...

I don't talk about my job much because I haven't really had one for a while. I started my dream job a couple years ago and loved it. Traveled, volunteered, researched foreign adoption. It was great! But right as I was falling in love with it and what I was doing, the economy crashed. My job and non-profit plans were being funded by a property management company and people stopped traveling and the money stopped coming in. My boss has been trying to find things for me to do the past few months, but still no job security...and no steady money.

My wonderful husband told me I didn't need to work and that we could figure our expenses on his income alone. I haven't been working for a while now and its relaxing, but pretty boring and we could use a little extra money.

I've been looking online for a while for jobs and its very overwhelming! I wasn't in a huge rush but I was still feeling discouraged. In my free time (I had a lot) I've been getting ideas for our california renovation project. I decided I want to build a room divider. I've been looking up all the furniture stores in the state to go check out and get ideas. And I've gone to Lowe's and Home Depot to price wood etc. Anyway, it probably wont happen for a while but I'm gonna do it. I love wood. And I wish I knew how to build. I DVR HGTV all the time, but just shows like 'Design On A Dime' and 'Decorating Cents' those are the shows where dudes AND chicks build amazing things for way cheap in less than 30 minutes. I wanna be like that someday. So, last tuesday I was at my new favorite store, The Wood Connection seeing if they sell room dividers. They don't. But I got to talking with the sales lady, she was super nice, met a couple other people, I got a job application, and 48 hours later, HIRED! I'm so excited! It's part time and a huge pay cut from my last job, actually less money than I made at any of my last 4 jobs, hello 1999! ...but I don't care. It's part time and I think it's gonna be great!

I started yesterday and it was really fun. My only concern with this job is that we might actually make less money than if I was a stay at home wife...I'll practice self control.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Project 365: Week 31

July 27
The season finale of The Bachelorette. We has a party, again. I made cookies with roses on them. This is Dave asking Neally to accept the rose. Neally's looking hot in her gingerbread man dress.July 28
No big picture moments today. Just a little grocery shopping and a quite night at home. This is Paul's view from the couch.July 29
It's a bad picture week I guess. Tonight we had our wonderful friends Tera and Mario over for dinner. We had a great time and I forgot to pull out the camera! So, this is Paul when it was all over, on clean up duty.July 30
Paul and I are driving to Vegas tomorrow for a business transaction. Well, not really. So a little over a year ago Paul's dad bought a truck from one of his employees, then he sold it to Paul and Paul was gonna sell it in Utah. Well, he loved it, then I fell in love with it. We've tried to sell it, but no luck. In the meantime, Paul's mom has decided she wants it. She also has a truck that's a couple years older and a little smaller so we're trading with her. We feel like its a good plan. Although I'll really miss the Titan. I call it 'Remember the Titan' now that I crunched the door. (Hope mom doesn't mind!) ...she knows, its fine... We're learning to be responsible adults and to be smart with our money and this trade will get us out of a lot of debt and save on gas, insurance, etc. Good move, I guess. This is Paul, driving home from our running around stuff tonight. The last night for our cute truck in Utah.July 31
We drove to Vegas tonight. It was kinda late getting into the city but we made it. I took this picture while we were sitting in traffic on the strip at 10:30 at night and said I was gonna try and convince people that we were in NYC for the weekend. I wasn't really going to use it but then I realized its the only picture I took today. So here ya go. God bless America.August 1
We spent this morning at a buffet at the Luxor just talking with Mom and Dad White. We wondered around for a couple more hours traded trucks (the reason for this trip) and headed back to SLC. This is Paul "swimming" through the lights that were projected on this wall, it was all wavy when you walked through it. Hard to explain, but kinda cool.August 2
Yep that's right. Tampons and Tylenol. This project is suppose to document the main thing of each day, and today -this is it. Get ready for TMI. I skipped my period last month (a couple weeks after we got married). We were 99.99% sure that we weren't pregnant, AND WE AREN'T, but I took a test just so I could have a little stick with a pink line also tell me that it was sure I was also 99.99% not pregnent. Well, Aunt Flow finally came to town this weekend and she's making up for last month too! I've had a miserable day. I was up during the night a couple times to pop some pills and try to be comfortable and I stayed in bed until 12:45 this afternoon. No church, no family visits, no Sunday dinner cooking. Just laying around and a run to the store for more Tylenol, oh and more crushed ice. That's been my day. It's 9:15PM...maybe I'll get in the shower...