Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Your dentist's name is Crentist? -Michael Scott

I really hate going to the dentist. I always try and remind myself that it's not that bad, but still, I never want to go. I had the same dentist from my childhood until I was 23 years old. And from 23 until now I've had 4 more. Because my childhood dentist was so great I always assumed that dentists were all great. Not so. I've been less than impressed with 2 of the 4 that I've tried in the past few years. Not that they were bad or sloppy, just a couple little things that I wished they'd do different.

Anyway, I had to go to the dentist Monday, and by had to I mean HAD to. Here's a little background. In February of 2010 I had a bit of a toothache. I went to the dentist, had x-rays, and found out I needed a root canal. The dentist put a temporary fill in it and referred me to an endodontist. (My childhood dentist was such a pro, I had no idea that not all dentists did root canals.) During the week of the temp fill and putting off calling the endodontist, I found out I was pregnant. I did some research about dental work while pregnant and I also called the dentist back for his opinion. He said if it's stopped hurting then I should try and wait til the baby is born, and for sure wait until I was out of my first trimester. The pain never returned. Garrett was born. Life got busy. I kept putting it off. Right before we moved I decided to go back to the dentist and try and get it done. But he explained that because the tooth also needed a crown, my insurance, (because Paul was quitting his job) would end before it would cover the dental work for the year. I was mad at myself because I knew that with or without insurance it would cost more in California. Oh well.

We moved. Life got busier. We finally got a good referral and made an appointment. A couple days before the appointment I found out I was pregnant again. Crap! (Not, crap I'm pregnant. Crap, I'm a procrastinator.) We cancelled and I waited for week 12 to pass. I made it to week 19, knowing I needed to do it, but again, just putting it off. Last Wednesday the toothache returned, like, major. Thursday Paul called and made the appointment for yesterday. Thursday and Friday it wasn't too bad, but by Saturday morning I wanted to rip half of my face off. I almost tried to find a weekend ER dentist or something. So first thing Monday morning, (while we were at our ultrasound) Paul talked to the dentist to see if we could move it up a day. Thankfully they fit me in a day early.

So Monday was full, (and expensive!). Ultrasound in the morning, prenatal appointment late morning, 9 month well check for Garrett in the afternoon, root canal in the afternoon, and a massage in the evening. I paid $510.40 for the root canal. Is it crazy that I thought, "Wow, that's not too bad!" ...Once you've spent so many thousands of dollars in less than a month on unexpected medical stuff it all just blends together. It's just money, right!?

Monday was a really good day, but I was glad to have it finally come to an end.

Monday, June 27, 2011

on guessing the gender of the baby

I haven't thought much about the sex of 2.0. I've been busy and I'm thinking more about 'Where is this baby going to sleep' and not so much 'How will we decorate the nursery'. (there is no nursery) Also, when I see how many clothes G has and had as a new born, I've realized that all I really need/want for the first 4 months are sleepers. And if its a boy, I don't need any, and if its a girl, that'll be easy enough to buy later. That's the extent of my thinking about it.

Well a couple weeks ago I was reading a friends blog who did the ring test. Where you hang your wedding ring over your belly from a string. If it goes in a circle it's a boy, if it swings back and forth it's a girl. We did it just for fun. 5 out of 6 times it said girl. Not convinced.

My chiropractor claims he has a accurate test where he gets your subconscious to say if its a boy or a girl. He asks but I don't answer. Then he pushes my ankles together and how ever they touch, it tells him what it is. Whatever. He asked boy 4 times and got no 4 times. He asked girl 4 times and got yes 4 times. Still not convinced.

Then a dealer at a blackjack table made me stand up so she could look at my stomach, and she said girl based on something that I didn't understand because her english wasn't great. For sure not convinced.

Most of our family and friends I think wanted it to be a girl, therefore thought it was a girl. I was all alone in my confidence that it was a boy.

We had our ultrasound this morning. Everything that can be checked at this point looks great. I've learned by seeing some pretty tough things that friends have gone through with their babies, not to say the baby is 100% healthy just by the 20 week ultrasound results. There's so much that can't be told at this point. But, what they can see, everything looks normal and well. So thankful for that. Also, that whole mother's instinct/gut feeling thing? I guess I have to get over that! Garrett is going to have a baby sister. Paul and I couldn't be happier.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

anniversary getaway a few days late.

Paul and I want to try and go somewhere for our anniversary every year, even if its something small. I don't know how realistic that is, but we're going to try. This year, due to some commitments during the week of our anniversary and then the Greenhalgh family trip, we had to put it off for almost 2 weeks, but we made it!Thursday morning we caught the train in Fullerton and rode it to Santa Barbara. I love riding the train! I haven't done it for over 10 years, back in Europe, and I forgot how relaxing and fun it is. It took about 3 and a half hours to get there and we enjoyed every minute of it. We stayed in a little inn a half a block from the beach and 2 blocks from the main street that's full of shops and restaurants. And the inn was only 0.3 miles from the train station so we were able to walk everywhere.We checked into our room, freshened up a bit and went for a walk. We walked all the way up main street and back, saw a lot of fun things, got smoothies, and did a little shopping. We got back to the hotel and relaxed for a bit, dropped off our stuff and headed to the lobby area for complimentary cheese and wine hour. Paul designed this awesome book for me. He ordered it from Apple. It's pictures of our first two years of our marriage as well of pictures when were were dating. I was so impressed! I love it. He bought this rose for me from a guy who was making them on main street. So cool!That evening we found a yummy Thai restaurant and had dinner. Walked out on the wharf and bought some fudge and chocolates at a candy shop and headed back. We were in our room by 9:00! Party animals. During our afternoon shopping we found the card game Canasta that Mara and Aron introduced us to. We'd looked everywhere so we were so happy to find it! We played that for a couple hours and went to bed.

Friday morning we went downstairs for breakfast. And right after breakfast Paul had arranged for a masseuse to come to our room! I think I could get a massage everyday and not get sick of them.

That afternoon we went for a walk on the wharf again and had lunch.Look at this awesome tree we found. So amazing!We got home friday evening and our little G man was all smiles at the train station when we got back. Not even two full days and we really missed that kid! We had a great time. I really look forward to more trips like this. It's so good to get away, even if it's just over night. Thanks babe!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

a vain confession, and the start of the doc band.

I think Garrett is cute. Quite possibly the cutest baby in the world. ;) I've gotten used to strangers on a regular basis just eating him up. Not only does he smile at everyone, but he acts excited to see everyone, and people can't get enough. He's a total charmer.

When my mom and I were sitting with him at Cranial Tech I said to her, "Is it bad that one of my biggest fears about the helmet is that he probably won't get compliments all the time??" (I know, but I said 'vain' in the title, what did you expect?)

Well, we're on our third full day with the doc band. I had this horrible feeling when I first saw the thing. You know that scene in 'The Man in the Iron Mask' when the king brother captures his twin again and puts his back in the mask and as he's pinning him down to put it on him the brother screams and screams and flails his head back and forth and begs him to kill him instead?? Yeah, I saw that seen over and over in my head when I thought of putting G in his band. Much to my surprise it was quite opposite. He sat still while we put it on and then he smiled as soon as he got strapped in. No tears, no frustration, no trying to touch it or pull it off. And as soon as it was on he was all over the place playing with toys again. They made a couple minor adjustments, gave us some instructions and we were on our way.

That first evening we went out to a street fair. I was a little nervous. Paul, Taylor and Garrett walked way ahead of my mom and I because we wanted to check everything out. Every time we caught up with them they'd give us a report. "Two people said how cute he is, and one lady walked by and said, Ooohhhh, cute!" Then the next time, "Three people said he's adorable, and one guy asked what it was." Etc. I know this isn't something that I should even worry about, but I felt better after that.

Then for the next two days Paul and I went out of town for a late anniversary trip. (maybe that post will come tomorrow) My mom did a great job at taking care of Garrett and he's doing great at acclimating to the band. The first couple days we were supposed to check his head for rashes every 4 hours. He has a couple pink spots a couple times at the opening of the band, (which is normal) but they faded fast and he acts no different whether its on or off. Phew, I'm so happy about that.

So we're on to 23 hours a day. An hour off to swim, bathe, play, whatever. We wipe the band out with rubbing alcohol and let it dry during that hour and then its back on. It's a new routine, but its not too time consuming and it doesn't interfere with much.

We went out to dinner last night and he made friends with a one year old boy sitting next to us. I noticed some people watching the babies and I could tell that people were wondering what it was. I know I have no room to talk, because its a little uncomfortable for most people to see something different or unfamiliar, but I wish people weren't afraid to ask if they really want to know. I don't think I'd mind answering questions. But I know I'm not the type that asks either, so, I get it.I'll try and give updates every now and then on his progress. But, so far, so good. (And for my own record, Garrett got the DOC band on 6.22.11. One day before his 9 month mark.)

Friday, June 24, 2011


This year our Greenhalgh family trip was in Vegas. We got a big condo at the south end of the strip. Taylor flew to Long Beach from Alaska and drove with us and the whole family met there this past friday.

Friday evening we all just hung out at the condo and everyone played with Garrett until way past his bedtime.

Saturday morning we all went to a time share presentation. (my parents already own the time share and we can all use it, but if we went to an hour long deal to learn about it we each got a hundred bucks and free breakfast) So we went. Taylor's soon to be in-laws and six other members of his fiances family came down from St. George to meet all of us that afternoon, and we had a barbecue with them. I didn't take any pictures of them except for this one of the two little nieces following Garrett around. That night we swam, did some shopping, the boys played some 21, we went to dinner and played games at the condo.
Sunday was father's day. I made brownies. Thoughtful, I know. We spent most of the day at the Hoover Dam. Went on the tour, wandered around, bought some dam souvenirs, walked over the new bridge, etc.Garrett getting scanned by security at the dam. (No, he's not named after the security company.)Monday the boys had a golf day and the girls had a craft/shopping day. Laura did a Wood Co run before the trip and then she and I spent a couple hours at H & M. Love that place! That night the boys went golfing again and went to the casinos while Laura and I watched The Bachelorette.Tuesday the boys went on a tour of the Shelby factory and us girls had a pool/sun day with Garrett. (a lot of our down time was spent at the pool) Tuesday night we all made it to the strip for some sight seeing and shopping.
It was good to be with everyone. Especially now since a couple of us are in different states, it makes family time feel more important. But, Vegas is too hot. Next year we'll go somewhere with a more mild climate.

Wednesday we came home. My parents and Taylor came back to California with us to spend a couple days. And my mom, Garrett and I went straight to Pasadena on Wednesday to pick up the DOC band. It has begun. DOC band update coming tomorrow.

Here are a couple videos. One of Garrett playing with a balloon and one in the pool.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

some things that are overrated, and then just some other things... no particular order.

Bibs are over-rated. They don't work, and least for Garrett they don't. He either chews on it and gets food on both sides which ends up on his cloths, or he wipes his hands on his clothes. And those hard plastic ones with the tray bottom to catch the food? They are the best but no matter how tight I put it on him he finds a way to pull it down and get his mouth around the neck line of it, then his mouth gets stuck and he cries. I'm all for letting the mess get on the shirt, or just eating in his diaper.

I don't like 'June gloom.' It's a California thing, and I guess it lasts all month. Cool and gray in the morning and HOT in the afternoon, then usually pretty cool again in the evening. (At least that's how its been so far.) I always pick the wrong clothes for Garrett (and myself), and then I look like an irresponsible mom when Garrett is in shorts and a t-shirt and everyone else is in pants and jackets.

Cake pops are over-rated. I made them once and it kinda made me sick what goes into the making and mixing process. Paul loved them. I couldn't eat them, probably cause I made them. He took them too work and everyone loved them. Why are they so popular?

3D ultrasounds are over-rated. I'm sorry to everyone who thinks they are cool and gets them framed and gives them as gifts, but I think they are scary and they all pretty much look the same. (not like a baby)

The documentary 'Babies' was an hour and 17 minutes of boring. Have you seen it? I'd heard great things about it so I saved it to our nexflix queue and finally watched it. It follows 4 babies born in 4 different parts of the world from birth til age one. It didn't interest or fascinate me at all. The only parts I liked were when the little black baby kept falling asleep sitting up, and when the little American baby went down a slide in a cart and went too fast and then face planted in the sand. But other than those 45 seconds it was a big waste of time. But you might like it.

Prenatal massages are saving me. My mother in law has a regular massage lady who comes over every monday night. A few weeks ago I asked her to ask her lady if she knew anyone who did prenatal massage and it just so happened that her lady used to only do prenatal massage. Since learning this, I've had a massage from her every monday night. And as long as I'm in town I will have one every monday night until this baby is born. I don't know how I made it with only two massages my whole first pregnancy. I guess I'm getting old... Because, ya know, it was so long ago that I was pregnant with my first.

I used to think I was a social person. Then I married Paul. He knows more people and gets involved in more things than I ever thought possible. (and none of these groups or people are anyone he knew when he grew up here.) In less than 6 months he's become a member of the Lion's Club and has weekly meetings with them and does other service events. His business is 'involved' with the Chamber of Commerce but has never really been involved, and since Paul's been here he goes to their monthly breakfasts and volunteers for things with them. And a couple days ago he had lunch with the president of the Uptown Whittier Association and was asked to be a member of the Uptown Board of Directors. (He's still deciding on this one.) I don't mind all this stuff except I feel like I always have to be ready to meet people. It doesn't matter if we're at the grocery store, a restaurant, the gas station or a farmer's market, he'll see someone he knows and introduce me. And he remembers EVERYONE'S names and what they do. I spend a half hour with a lady at church and her baby and when we're done talking I have to ask her name for the 3rd time. Seeing him in action here makes me understand more why it was so hard for SereniCare to see him go. He's a networker, and everyone knows who he is!

Ok, that's all. My brother gets here in the morning from Alaska and then it's family vacation time!

Monday, June 13, 2011

celebrating 2 years

Paul and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary yesterday. We went to church, and then took Garrett on a walk and to the park. Later Paul and I had reservations for a lovely dinner at the Summit House. It was fantastic. Best prime rib I've ever had, (I may have never ordered prime rib before because I'm almost always a chicken kinda girl, but my expectations were exceeded). And the presentation of all the food was beautiful. I think because I enjoy party catering as a hobby, I love seeing a good food presentation, and the Summit House delivered. They even gave us complimentary cream puffs and ice cream with candles and a little chocolate that said "Happy Anniversary". There was live piano music playing the whole time and the service was amazing. We'll for sure go again. It was nice to have a couple hours to sit and talk, just the two of us. We talked about things that have happened the past two years, good and bad, things we're looking forward to, things we want to do in the coming years, and we talked about the design of our dream house.Here are some things that have happened in twos in the past two years...

We've moved twice. (The avenues to Milcreek, Milcreek to Southern California.)

We've lived in two different states.Sold two cars.

Bought two cars.

Started two news jobs. (one each)

Had two Emergency Room visits. (one each)

Had two minor car accidents. (Me hitting a metal post, Paul rear ending a guy in the snow.)

We've had two pregnancies. (one finished, and one almost half way done.)This year we've also...

Taken Garrett on a few vacations, and his first camping trip.Had a lot of fun evenings at Disneyland.Bought a king size bed (and wondered how we survived year one with just a queen).

Played games together.

We've gone on a lot of walks.Enjoyed a few picnics.

Spent time at the beach.

I looked back at the post from our first anniversary and it was mostly full of vacations, promotions, adventures, etc. I can tell you that just by the things that have come to mind as I look back at the second year, that its been a lot more challenging, and a lot less care-free, but I can also see how much closer Paul and I have become through it all. I have the best husband in the world, the best son in the world, we're being blessed with another baby, and I wouldn't change a thing.