Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 26

Day 26: What do you think about your friends.

For the most part I have good friends. I think in life there are life suckers, and there are life givers, there are high maintenance people, and low maintenance people. I've always had a good balance of friends when it comes to having people that just need me to listen and ones that I can talk about just about anything with. Sometimes I feel like I'm friends with people because my friends are friends with them, or my husband is friends with them, etc. But I know there are people that Paul calls friends because I'm friends with them. Its a good balance and its good to interact with people you love and click with, and those who you can't find much in common with. Maybe, I don't know.

I can see now that I'm rambling. I have a good excuse. It's black friday. Last night our shopping began at about 6PM. We only went to one place at 6:00. Then the real shopping started at about 10:30PM. We made a couple quick stops back at my in-laws in between stores and we finished at 9:00 this morning. I was the only one who had done black friday shopping before so I went to every stop on everyones list while the others picked and choose where they wanted to go so they could get some sleep. Needless to say I've been awake for almost 37 hours and I haven't found time for a nap yet ( and I don't think I will before bed time tonight). I'm way too old for this crap.

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maranoelle said...

sooo thankful for your friendship and can't wait to hear about your purchases!!