Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mormons and Evangelicals talking.

Standing Together put on its 2nd National Student Dialogue Conference this past weekend. The conference was at UVU. It started Friday night and went all day Saturday as well. Students came in from all over the USA. Both Mormons and Evangelicals. There were 8 speakers. 4 Latter Day Saints and 4 Evangelical Christians. There was question/answer time after all the speakers and then 2 sessions of round table discussions that consisted of about half and half mormons and evangelicals sitting and talking. It was really cool. I've been spending a lot of time this year researching evangelical Christianity so it was interesting to sit at these tables and feel like I have a pretty good understanding of both faiths.

By Saturday night I was exhausted because while I really enjoy these types of discussions it gets pretty intense being in a room with 300 people who are all there to talk religion. It's a great concept though. Too many people are scared to sit and talk to people who are 'different' and this was really helpful to just learn how to talk and come to an understanding on some things and also accept that we won't always agree on other things.
I believe God is relational and not so much denominational. I'm not saying that I'm going all Unitarian and that I think all roads lead to heaven, but I do feel that God will be a little more tolerant than maybe we believe or have been taught. I know some Mormons and some Evangelicals that won't agree with me in this belief, and that's ok, I might be wrong. But I feel that anyone who is genuine in their desire to find truth will not go straight to hell just because they didn't have the "whole truth" or they "rejected truth" in this life.

By Sunday morning most of the students were gone. But 4 students from Fuller Seminary in Southern California stayed til yesterday. So Sunday night my parents had Paul and I and the 4 grad students up for dinner. It was a lot of fun. They really appreciated just having a relaxing fun evening to just unwind a bit. We still talked religion a bit, but had a lot of good laughs as well.
Finally yesterday Paul and I had a little down time. We went for a walk at Liberty Park and sat talked for a couple hours. We also went to Park City and walked around, did some window shopping and had dinner on Main Street. It had been a busy couple weeks of us both being out of town and then getting ready for the conference. It was some much needed catch up time!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

moms are cool.

You'd think this would be a post like for mother's day, or my moms birthday, or cuz my mom did a super amazing thing for me today. But it's not. I hope that last part didn't sound like I think my mom doesn't do amazing things. My mom is pretty amazing and does amazing things for all us kids everyday that we don't thank her enough for, (like buying me lunch today, even though it was my idea, thanks mom!) as does my awesome dad who has worked hard and not bought cool tools and cars because he needed to buy health insurance for his "high risk" children, and pay for educations, help with car repair bills, buy food, medicine, diapers, clothes, toys, etc.

Anyway, but this one is mostly for moms. (not just my mom)

I've just been thinking about moms lately. I read a blog of my friend who is a very new mom (about 2 weeks) and this was a bit from the post.

"Let it go on the record that I could not have done this with out my mom. She takes the baby at night so I can try and get some sleep. We both get up for feedings. I pump, she feeds, I burp him and she cleans up the pump gear while I'm burping. We have quite the system down. I have no clue what I'm going to do when she goes home next week. She's also doing all the laundry, all the house work and all the day to day chores. I'm pretty much worthless."

When I read that I had to laugh. Not because I know what it feels like, but because it sounds like her mom is pretty much a professional mom, but I'd be willing to bet that her mom's mom did the same thing when this now "professional" mom was a "worthless" one. I bet my Grandma did it for my mom, I bet my mom with do it for me, and I bet I'll do it some day for my own child. I just love how life works and how moms just always figure things out. They know what needs to be fixed, when to talk, when to listen, when to gently suggest, and when to keep quite.

So this morning after thinking and reading about this, I was driving home from the gym. I was at a light and across the intersection, coming the other way, was a woman in a minivan. She caught my eye, because she seemed to be spazzing out a bit. She'd throw her hands in the air with a surprised look and then start laughing and shaking her head back and forth. I looked at the passenger seat and there was no one there, and she wasn't holding a phone. My next thought was, "wow, if she has a blue tooth headset in she's really taking this talking with your hands thing to a whole new level. She was ani-mated! Well, as I watched a little more I realized that she was looking in her rear view mirror when doing these little moves. And then as we passed each other I realized that there was a baby in the back seat that she was so happy about entertaining. I again laughed a little and thought, oh the things mom do for their kids. And oh how much I believe that those little things don't go unnoticed or are soon forgotten.

So, to all you moms, grandmas, future moms, and mother-in-laws out there, (but mostly my mom cuz she's my fave) Thanks for being moms everyday.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Las Vegas with the Girls

Kristin moved to Vegas in July and I hadn't been down to visit. I decided this last weekend would be a good time to go. Anne was on fall break and Kari had just got home from spending the summer in Alaska, so we piled in my car and headed down for a couple days.

Here are the top ten, quotes/highlights/inappropriate comments/adventures/etc.

*Disclaimer* ...well, I guess there is no disclaimer...some of this won't be funny and some of it might offend. (sorry mom)

1. "I look so fat! I'm as fat as those two!" (Anne said this while pointing at Kari and I in this picture, she meant "those two" collectively, but we took offense.)
2. H&M. Anne really wanted to go shopping at H&M. We GPSed it on Kristin's BlackBerry, and followed the directions step by step for about 20 minutes. It seemed weird, cuz we felt like we were headed into a neighborhood, but he trusted the GPS! We finally made a turn and the GPS voive said, "Your final destination is on your left." We were all like, WTF(reak)?? We were totally on a residential street. We found the house that GPS led us to, and sure enough, there was a truck there with H&M Unlimited on the side. It was a plumber. So funny! I really wanted to go in and meet Mr. and Mrs. Unlimited, but we thought they might be scared. We re-GPSed and finally found the store!
3. Highlights from an interesting conversation about morticians, cremation, and dead bodies in general. (Paul is also a licensed funeral director in the state of California, have I mentioned that?? That's how this conversation started.) Anne decided she'd be ok with people being cut up to make cremation easier. Me, not so ok with it. Anne, "I wouldn't cut my Mom or anything, but you're dead! Who cares?!" Kristin, (points at a random man sitting in IHOP) "Would you cut that guy in half?" Paul randomly calls and Kristin runs the idea past him. Paul, being the polite, patient, amazing man he is says, "That's a great idea Kristin, the only problem is that it's a Class A Felony." Later on, thinking we'd moved on, Anne randomly says, "I don't think you should cut bodies up without permission." And we digress...That's why Paul is the mortician and none of us girls are.

4. Kari tried to convince us that magpies aren't bad birds, but that they eat other birds eggs. Kristin, "Yes they are! If I scavenged and ate other peoples babies, I'd be bad!!"

5. Anne wanted to go to the real Paris but she settled for Paris on the strip instead...almost the same.

6. I tried to convince everyone that Hookah is in fact legal and not unhealthy. Anne, "Hookah was outlawed as a way to persecute Mexican Nationals."

7. Anne to Kristin, "Mustard on your hash browns?...that's cool."

8. I ran into my cousin Jake and his wife Jessica in front of the Bellagio. What are the odds?
9. "This Bellagio fountain show would be a lot better if Leonardo DiCaprio drowned at the end." This was kind of said by everyone at different times and no one heard each other say it but me. I heard everyone say it. It was weird, I thought they were all messing with me.
10. A lot of food, (Thai, American, Mexican, Mediterranean) a lot of fun, a lot of inside jokes, a lot of laughs, a lot of shopping, a little sleep, a lot of talking, a lot of driving, not enough time, and a cute house to stay in. Thanks Kristin! ...Oh, and we're all proud to be Americans!...even if we're half nazi.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday John...

Today is John Krasinski's Birthday, and because I'm sure he reads this blog, (why wouldn't he??) I just wanted to wish him a happy one.

And just so you know John, when you're ready for me, my offer still stands... Happy 29th Babe!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

One of the (millions of) differences between boys and girls.

Paul and I went over to see my brother Scott and Laura's new apartment that they'll live in when they get married. We had some pizza and then Laura had to go back to work.

Scott and Paul worked on setting up the TV and sound stuff...

I just watched...and this is me thinking, "They probably think that using boxes as a TV stand is an awesome idea." Then I thought, "I wonder if it would stay like this forever if a girl wasn't moving in to this apartment."...

I asked, and as I suspected, they both confirmed my theory. "Why would we change it??" was the response I got from both of them.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

deadly cookies

I walked in my kitchen after being at a meeting today and saw this.
I know it's not funny to you, but it was to me. I am in fact the one who made the cookies earlier this morning and broke the spatula, but I'd forgotten about it, so it just looked funny. Like a cookie crime or something.

And on the same note, Why do really good 'quality' spatulas just break? I would understand if I was trying to lift a cement slab off the cookie sheet or something, but these were tiny little almost weightless innocent looking cookies. And knowing me, I'll throw the handle away and use the short spatula for the rest of my life. ...Actually not, 'knowing me', but, 'knowing my mom', I think we used a broken handled spatula for like 18 years or something, my parents might still have it!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Some way happy things...and one sad thing.

*WARNING* Some of the things you are about to read are so lovey/gooshy/warm and fuzzy that you might feel like throwing up.

Paul and I went to California this weekend. We just got back this morning. I love California...more and more every time I go. Paul's family is fantastic. The main reason we went was to watch sunday football with his fam. They are all Green Bay Packers fans and I'm a Seahawks fan and they were playing yesterday so we wanted to go watch the game together.

We flew in friday night and his dad took us all to dinner. Yummy mexican food! Then we went to the house and hung out in the hot tub for a while. (We did that every night...I need a hot tub, it's so relaxing and I sleep so well after a good soak!)

Saturday Paul's parents took us too LA for the afternoon. We went to a cemetery were celebs are buried. It's called Hollywood Forever. It was so beautiful! I know sightseeing at at cemetery sounds weird, but it was really cool. We left there and just wondered around for a couple hours and saw some touristy things. Paul's dad bought him mom and I some super cute necklaces! He's so nice!

Saturday night his dad cooked an amazing meal. A bunch of Paul's childhood friends came over with their girlfriends and I got to meet them. It was so fun listening to all their crazy guy stories. I learned a lot about my 'near perfect' boyfriend!

Sunday his dad made us breakfast, (mmm) and we went to church. After church we had lunch, (steak, salads, garlic bread. All made by his dad. Are you noticing a trend here?? His dad loves to cook and is SO good at it!) and we watched football. Here's where the one sad thing comes in. My Seahawks lost, 27 to 17. Sad thing. It was still really fun to watch with his family. I did talk a lot of trash though, and had to eat my words later! But listen how amazing this is. Ok, because the Packers and Seahawks both lost last week. The football games slash TV guys decided that yesterdays game wasn't gonna be televised. I of course had no idea cuz I'm not smart enough to think of things like that. But because my boyfriend has such a cool dad, he called DirectTV and ordered the NFL Sunday ticket package. He had to leave work early friday and wait for the guy to come install it! Just so we could watch a game yesterday! Have I mentioned that he's awesome?! He is.
It was such a fun relaxing weekend, it went by too fast. Last night we had a family meeting to plan holiday travels and vacation plans, etc. I think it's gonna be a fun rest of the year!

Paul is so good to me and I've never been happier. He does all those "little things" that really matter. Like, I casually mentioned that I was cold the first night and the next night he brought a huge down comforter and a space heater to my room. He stops and gets me crushed ice from this little coffee shop, even if we're in a hurry. He always carries the heavy stuff, gives me his jacket if I look cold, opens my door.
Finds the Celine Dion star without me knowing and takes a picture of it. Packs my stuff in his bag that I can't fit in my bag. And today we had a really early flight home. He had to go to work right from the airport and I didn't, so I wanted him to get some sleep on the plane. We were both really tired and feeling a little sick. I don't know how to explain this part. But ya know when you fall asleep on someone's shoulder and they are trying to sleep too, but you know you're more comfortable than they are, and you try to adjust so they can be comfortable too, but you just know that they've decided to let you be more comfortable instead, by putting their arm around you, holding your head when you start doing the sleeping head-bob thing, letting you lay on their jacket, staying awake enough to get drinks from the flight attendant, etc, you get it, right? He does all those things. And so many more. Ok, that's all the cuteness I'll give ya for today. It was a good trip.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm getting old...

...and I can prove it.

1. I had another laser treatment on Wednesday and Paul had his wisdom teeth out Thursday morning. He spent the day recovering at my house. Here's where the 'old' part comes in. My table had ice packs, tylenol, and post laser lotion on it. (from me) When Paul settled in for the day, we added ibuprofen, more ice packs and a head wrap, 2 prescriptions, a towel and gauze pads. I looked at him and then at the table and thought, I'm way too young to have a medical setup like this in my apartment.
2. I went to an engagement shower Sunday night for my brother Scott and his fiance, Laura. And my cousin John and his fiance, Maryssa. They are all between 21 and 23. And they're getting married! Also, I think my 26 year old cousin who was there with her 6 and 3 year old kids added to it too. Oh, and the 24 year old cousin who also has 2 kids. Oh, and the 20 year old cousin who just got engaged. Maybe all of this contributed a little to my old complex. Not that marriage and baby making should measure where we are in life, but still, it makes me feel old.

3. The 2 highlights of my weekend were: 1, I was in bed before 10PM on Saturday night and I totally loved it. And 2, I bought a new vacuum. The vacuum was really the best part. It totally sucks! In the totally good sucking way. I vacuumed Saturday after I bought it and again Sunday morning, just for fun. My old vacuum still 'works', but seeing what the new one sucks up, I feel great about my new purchase...and a little bad about how yucky my carpet was.

See...medication, young marriages and pregnancies, vacuums and sleep. I proved it. But I'm still happy!