Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 18

Day 18: plans/dreams/goals you have.

Day 18 is a big one and it's a bad day for me to write about it. So for now I'll just say my plan/dream/goal is to make it to California with a 2 month old in one day.

We'll see...

I'll come back to this one an another day that has a boring topic. Maybe...

It's been a good week. Date night with my hubby. Lunch with Anne. (Garrett slept the whole time.) Lunch with Mara. (Garrett was awake and happy the whole time.) Dinner with the Elberts. (Garrett was with Grandma and Grandpa.) I'm appreciating spending time with friends a lot more these days. Sometimes its a lot of work to make it happen with how busy life gets. But this week has been full of last minute plans that all just fell into place. I like weeks like that.

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