Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 8

Day 8: Short term goals for this month.

I've decided that September is the worst time of year to have a baby, for a couple reasons. One, you have to be pregnant, like big and pregnant all summer. Two, its right before flu season and it also starts being too cold most days to go on walks outside. And three, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the 3 hardest holidays to celebrate while trying to fit back into all the pre-pregnancy clothes. All that to say, I have a long term goal to fit into all my old clothes, (some fit fine but a few things are still a bit tight) but this is a bad month to call it a short term goal. Especially because we'll be traveling for the holiday. Excuses, excuses...

So, the more "realistic" ones.

-Don't forget any important baby stuff for the trip. (If we were flying I'd have to check 4 bags just for Sweet G.) ...and any mom's who know what it's like to travel with a 2 month old, any tips on stuff I shouldn't forget would be appreciated.

-Decorate for Christmas before December 1st.

-Buy all the stuff to make gifts for our family.

-Figure out a time to take a family picture for the Christmas card.

-Do at least a little shopping on black Friday. (Paul and I have decided to have a simple Christmas this year. We don't need anything, G won't know any different, and buying a lot of gifts usually makes the holiday season more stressful than enjoyable. We're also working on some bills and adjusting to one income and one extra person.) BUT, I have to do a little black Friday fun.

-Get G sleeping consistently in his crib. (I think he'll do fine because he sleeps great anywhere, including naps in the crib. I just don't want him in there all night yet because Paul still hasn't covered and winterized the swap cooler, which happens to be in one of G's bedroom windows.)

-Do most of Deb's baby shower prep before our trip. (MAIL THE INVITATIONS TOMORROW!)

...I think that's enough...I don't want to overdo it... ;)

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Heidi said...

We traveled with Langdon when he was 4 months, but we flew. We're driving to California in a few weeks, so if I have any new advice then, I'll let you know.

As for advice now, don't stress. I always do (we're leaving again tomorrow) and everything will probably go smoother than you anticipate. Just bring what you really need (clothes, food-related items, diapers, wipes, and a couple soothing items) and you'll be fine. Anything you forget you can buy while you're there. Make a list if it helps (I do that anyway before every trip).

On our flight in July, Langdon slept in my arms most of the flights. Not sure what he'll do tomorrow. And he's teething. :( For our drive in a few weeks, we're going to leave early in the morning, so hopefully he goes back to sleep quickly and sleeps most of the way. I'll let you know how it goes. Does Garrett do well in the car? At this age they sleep so much I'm sure you'll be fine.