Sunday, September 27, 2009

Project 365: Week 39

September 21
It's getting cold in Utah. I had to pull put the onesie tonight!September 22
I feel like I clean up and create this mess everyday. I don't, but I feel like it. I need a project room.September 23
So now that it's cold I decided it's soup weather. How cute is this little potatoe soup set up?! I'm kind of a nerd. I made it myself. And I this it looks cute.September 24
Paul woke me up this morning having chest pains. It was scary for a while but after 7 hours in the ER they sent us home. Everything seems to be ok this evening. (By the way, I didn't have my camera so I took this with my phone. Paul wasn't too happy.)September 25
My in-laws came to town kinda last minute yesterday to see if Paul was ok. His mom was road tripping from CO to WY so she turned around and came to SLC. His dad flew in from CA and with in a couple hours here we all were. Not how I expected the day to go when I went to bed Wednesday night but its been fun. We went to Ruth's Diner for dinner. A diners drive-ins and dives place. My in-laws are totally into that show. It was delicious!September 26
More in-law time. Today Paul and Phil went to hit golf balls and hang out. Becca and I went to the gem show and then did crafts! (Surprised?) They came into the store yesterday and she got some ideas, bought some stuff, and ta-da! Then we went to dinner at P.F. Changs.September 27
Auntie and Uncle Jon had us up for dinner tonight. It was good to be together with everyone. This is my Aunt and Uncle in their yard.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

something other than 365...but nothing too interesting.

1. I still haven't changed my last name. Going on 4 months of being a different color, (Greenhalgh to White for you new readers.) At work and at the bank and on my drivers license and all other official ID things I'm green. But on my AAA card, health insurance, introducing myself, raffle tickets at the gem show, restaurant reservations, etc, I'm white. It's a lot of stuff to change... I'll get to it...

2. And on a similar note, should I start a new blog and let Paul join? I know my blog doesn't have my last name in it, but it only has MY first name? Do you marry into blogs? Or can this just remain mine? What if Paul wants to blog once in a while? Do we have a family blog? Or does he just make guest appearances on this one? He mentioned once that we can change the "M" in "me" to a "W" and then add "and Paul" at the end so its: "it's we, andrea and paul." ...I don't really like it. Any ideas? I thought about "polyandry" we call ourselves that once in a while because I sometimes call him Paulie, and when I do he calls me Andry. But will people think I have multiple husbands if that's our blog title? I could do something creative with "White", don't you think?? Like, Whites With Color? Or, Colorful Whites? Or, Whites Unite? Thoughts??

3. It's been an interesting weekend. Paul woke me up at 6:30am on thursday having chest pains. Long story short we spent the next 7 or 8 hours at the ER and he's ok. No heart damage, or attack, no blood clots, no anything that they could really see. I saw the x-ray and I didn't even see a heart in there, so I thought that might be the problem. (just kidding bebs) They think its respiratory or muscular skeletal...Ok, thanks doc. Speaking of doc, the ER doc was this little corky 5 foot nothin lady with brown spiky hair and bright pink and purple highlights. She seemed to know her stuff though. So I called my father in law and he was worried, jumped on a plane and flew out, my mother in law was at the tail end of a road trip visiting family in WY so she drove to SLC too. It's been a fun weekend with them and they are driving home early tomorrow morning.

4. My uncle died 4 months ago today. I got an email from a friend when I posted about his death and it said something to the effect of never really being able to get all the answers or closure to something like this. Paul and I went to a rodeo a couple weeks ago and I was overwhelmed with thought and memories of my Uncle Randy. And then last weekend we spent a few days at Wolf Creek in Eden Utah. We went boating at Pineview and drove past the lot where he called his office from and informed them that he was going to take his life, and that he was at Pineview, and to tell him family to look for his red truck. Seeing that lot where the truck was found that led to the beach and then to the water where his body was recovered shortly after the call was placed was something I wasn't ready to do. I've felt angry this week. I don't like feeling this way and I'm trying to think and talk (with my Auntie) through it, but it's tough.

5. Sorry for the downer.

6. I'm sick of only posting 365 posts and it seems like these numbered posts are the only other thing I do when I have a minute to write. Oh well.

7. My hair is brown now. I think Paul is the only one who likes it brown. My boss noticed the day after I had it colored. He was also quick to tell me that he likes it better blonde and that I needed to decided who it was better to please. The guy who signs my paycheck, or the guy I sleep with. He was kidding, but now it's probably gonna be a joke at work until I'm blonde again. In fact when I called him from the ER thursday morning he told me my reason for missing work was a pretty good excuse, but he wished I was calling to say I couldn't come in because I was getting my hair highlighted. I like my boss, and my job.

8. Spellckeck says blonde is spelled blond but paul says blonde and he's smart.

Ok, that's enough.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Project 365: Week 38

September 14
It rained and rained and rained in the SLC today. I loved it. I was at work all day and it was so nice to hear and watch. I've always hated rain, and I love dry heat, but this year I'm loving the rain and looking forward to fall. As soon as it stopped this evening I went for a walk. This is my street.September 15
Did I mention that Paul is out of town this week? He is. So I took the long way home from work, and by "long" I mean I went shopping. The sky was so beautiful as the sun was setting on my drive home. This picture doesn't do it justice. And yes, exact same spot as yesterday, just zoomed in.September 16
I've been spending my evenings while Paul is gone trying to organize our spare room...turns out we just need a bigger room, or less stuff. I did pull out the Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving box(es) though. Is it too soon??September 17
Greenhalgh summer vacation! Yeah, it came a little late this year but everyone's summers were so busy so this was when we all could do it. We are at a condo in Wolf Creek. We all came up kinda late tonight and just sat in the hot tub, played games and called it a night. (Taylor and Paul in this picture.) Oh and Paul was only home from St. George for about 10 minutes and we left for this trip!September 18
What a fun day! I brought all the crafting stuff and today Laura, Neally and I stayed at the condo and crafted for hours! Mom and dad had to leave for a while for a couple prior obligations like a dr. appointment, school, and a sisters lunch to say good-bye to Aunt Shauna. And the boys went boating all morning and afternoon. We had family time later in the day, more boating, bbq and games. I think we all enjoyed the day a lot.September 19
Another fun relaxing day. Scott and Laura left late last night and Dave and Neally had to head home this afternoon, but we still had time for card playing. This afternoon mom and I made more crafts, and the boys watched football. Then we played more games, ate a lot, more games, movies, games. This is mom and dad loving each other after a crazy game of bocce ball. (that I won!)September 20
We headed home from Wolf Creek today and this afternoon got together again to hear Aunt Shauna and Uncle Doug speak at church. They leave for the MTC (Missionary Training Center) tomorrow morning. They be serving a mission in Independance Mosouri for the next 18 months for the LDS church. This isn't a great picture of my Aunt Shauna and I, but I'm kinda glad it didn't turn out well because it makes it harder to tell that we're both crying. I love her so much! And I hope Paul and I can go visit some time next year.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Project 365: Week 37

September 7
We had a family (good-bye) party tonight for my Aunt Shauna and Uncle Doug. They are going on a mission to Independence, Missouri in a couple weeks. This is their family who made it to the party. (a few are missing.) I love these two so much. So glad I got to work with Aunt Shauna for 4 years at IDFL. I started that job at a crazy time in my life and it was wonderful to see her everyday. They'll be missed and I'm sure they'll have a wonderful time...maybe Paul and I need to plan a trip...I mean they came all the way to California for our reception out there in June so it only seems right, right?September 8
I'm in a crafty mood, and looking forward to fall. Halloween is the one holiday that I don't really decorate for so I think I'll start this year. I just made this.September 9
Someone at work today asked me if I hate crafting because of my job. Nope, not yet. I made this to match a big metal flower I got at Swiss Days. Now I'm thinking its a little too big...guess I'll just save it til we have a big house. ;)September 10
Ok this is that last one I'll post this week. Paul is on call tonight so I was going to clean, but I made this instead. Kinda cute but maybe a bit overboard on witch stuff.September 11
This picture is lame. I thought all day about taking a picture of one of the many flags that were flying today but I never did. So this is a picture of a picture online. 8 years ago today. Can't believe its been that long. I was still asleep after a late night and I heard my roommate come in. She was suppose to be at work so I was confused. I heard her on the phone and the TV was on, but I couldn't figure out what was going on. I got up and she told me that someones private plane had crashed in NYC. A few seconds later I saw the second plane hit live. I knew it was a little more than a private plane. I feel like I stood there for hours just glued to the TV. My parents had recently moved back to UT from Germany and were still living in a hotel. I spent that rest of the day, (my office closed so no work) watching TV in a hotel, in shock, heartbroken, scared, confused, thankful all of my family was on American soil. God bless all who gave everything, and give everything for our nation.September 12
Utah State Fair. It really is so redneck. I love it! We spent a couple hours walking around. Went to a cool rodeo that made me really miss my Uncle Randy, bought some overpriced Seahawks and Packers fuzzy blankets and an overpriced funnel cake and headed home. Good times!September 13
Tonight we went to the Tabernacle with my family to hear Nick Vujicic. He was born without legs or arms. He's pretty amazing. Youtube him for some awesome clips or check him out here,

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Project 365: Week 36

August 31
Home from California. Our flight was delayed about 2 and a half hours but we finally made it. Not sure what Paul is doing in this picture, but look how cool the sky looks.September 1
Back to work and the normal routine. Paul spent about 2 hours (or more) tonight after work doing our budget and paying bills, organizing receipts, etc. He's good at it. I thought I was good at it until I met him. He's way better, so he's in charge of that part.September 2
We had dinner with my parents tonight, the the boys cleaned guns and my mom made salsa. I was gonna help, but I had a really bad head ache and I fell asleep. But look how pretty it is. Good job Mom!September 3
Today is the one year mark of Paul and I officially dating. (I guess you still "date" even when you're married, right?) I totally forgot the one year mark. And I was really sick all day at work. I came home to a super sweet card and these AMAZING flowers. I love my husband.September 4
I feel bad about this picture but it was the only one I took today. I'm trying to do my holiday decor and some gifts early this year and I made this today. It says "Christmas". This is how I laid it out to spray the finish on it. I didn't mean to swear. Sorry.September 5
Swiss Days. The boys all watched the BYU vs. OU game and mom and I went to Swiss Days! It was so much fun. It rained for a few minutes when we first got there but it cleared up and we had a great time. Bought a few crafts, got a couple ideas, had some dinner. It was great, I love my mom.September 6
Taylor is down for the holiday weekend. He came down for dinner and to play games and then we watched some Office. It was a good night.

Friday, September 4, 2009


1. I had a cupid-ish dream a couple weeks ago and I think it could be true. Not saying it could be like it might be but I think it seems possible. I was cyber cupid. I was stalk people on dating sites who seemed to be struggling. I'd copy their pictures and recreate their profiles. I didn't lie about anything, but I just worded their info different and made them seem charming and funny. (Dudes and chicks) Then I'd send emails from the fake (kind of real) profiles that were new and improved to the old boring profile. Stay with me. Ok, this could take a while, let me break it down. Cool Dude (me) would email Boring Chick (real person) and ask her out. Then Cool Chick (me) would email Boring Dude (real person) and ask him out. Only one guy and one girl, but I just spiced 'em up a bit. So they'd meet at a restaurant and they'd both think that the other person arranged it. Paul and I would spy on them because since I was that master mind behind it all, I knew where they were meeting. It was so cool and it worked! This could be the next big thing.

2. I just realized that besides Project 365, this is the first time I've blogged in a month. I'm boring. Or just really busy and tired.

3. My mom and I are going to Swiss Days tomorrow. I love Swiss Days. But this year I'm kinda just wanting to see all the crafters who stole The Wood Connections product and copied them. I know, I'm pathetic.

4. My father-in-law bought a wii and a wii fit when we were in California last week. It was so funny watching Paul do everything. My favorite was hula hoop and yogo. It was so entertaining. Now he thinks we need one.5. We still haven't sent thank yous. It's been almost 3 months. I really am thankful, its just that this part is hard! They are sitting here staring at me right now, about half done. I will finish at some point. But we're still getting gifts and cards in the mail so that makes me feel a little better about it. Speaking of things sitting here staring at me...

6. Skittles, Starbursts, and M&Ms are too. I'm not eating sugar. I don't know for how long, but for a while. I need to be healthy and in control. Not that I'm not, but I eat too much candy. I could eat candy all day. My mom informed me that she could too. I didn't inherit a lot from my moms genes. We love each other a ton, but lets face it, we don't have a ton in common. I wish I would have gotten her patience over her sweet tooth. Oh well!

Ok, that's enough.