Tuesday, September 30, 2008

plus 0.8, minus 3.5, not great, but not devastating.

I'm sure I've mentioned that I have a personal trainer that I meet with twice a week. His name is J.R. and he totally kicks my butt and I love slash hate it. I've had 4 weeks of training and I bet I've told him I hate him like a thousand times. I punch him a lot, role my eyes a lot, swear a lot, and today I may have called him a nazi. He goes above and beyond to annoy me as much as possible. Today he actually pulled a yellow flag from his shorts and threw it in the air...like I was a football player...and I had a penalty called on me or something. We laugh a lot and fyi, it hurts to laugh when you're in the middle of an intense workout. He said it makes me stronger. Whatever. We're really mean to each other but at the end of the sessions I feel good about myself and he tells me all the time that I'm his favorite client.

He did my one month measurements today and sadly I gained 0.8lb. Sad. But I dropped 3.5% body fat. WooHoo! Maybe he told me this to make me feel even better, but J.R. was totally amazed and said that most people who are just trying to burn fat, (and not also working on muscle building, endurance training, etc.) usually average about 1% a month. That made me feel a little better about the almost 1 pound gain. I only have 2 more sessions with him and I had decided that I'd learned enough and that when my sessions were done I could do it on my own.

*sidenote* He's one of those adorable kids, (he's only 21) with a baby face and a lot of charm, the kind of charm that when we walk past the window where the pool is, all the old chubby grandmas doing water aerobics giggle and wave at him.

Well, his charm got to me today, (not really) but I decided to buy another session package. I got a good deal, a really good deal. And this round I'm gonna focus on the ell bee droppage. I mean it's great to feel my muscles getting stronger and to see that I'm losing fat percentage. But I really want to weigh less. So, wish me luck and hopefully in 4 weeks I'll give you a better update.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

10 unrelated things...and don't stop reading before you get to the awesome recipe, and make it.

1. I went to The Great Commandment Prayer Seminar on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was sponsored by Standing Together. And because I'm such a supportive girlfriend, *wink* I went to the conference. It was really good, I learned about corporate and personal prayer. I think I'll do a prayer post soon. Stay tuned for some life changing prayer tips from Andrea slash Pastor Dee Duke.

2. My car broke down at the 7th east and 9th south intersection yesterday afternoon. It was so lame and my car couldn't have shut down in a more inconvenient spot on the road. I called Paul and he was so great. He jumped in his truck and headed over. A couple really nice men stopped and pushed my car off the road. I'm so happy nice helpful people exist. I sat in the Cumming's Chocolate parking lot until Paul came and saved the day. He totally knew how to fix my car and conveniently enough he had just the tool to get me back on the road...a gas can with a gallon of gas in it...oopsie. At least it was easy to fix!

3. I got a henna tattoo last Saturday at the farmers market. I keep forgetting to take a picture but it still looks pretty good. Here it is. I love it and I kinda think it would be fun to have a real tattoo that looks henna. Maybe I'll do it and I'll just tell my mom that I keep getting the henna redone. Check out my ink!

4. Robyn is moving back to California. She's so much fun! I'm gonna miss her. But I guess this is just another reason to convince Paul that we need to spend more time in California. I met her 6 months ago but we've only become pretty good friends over the past few weeks. Her roommates had a surprise goodbye party for her Wednesday night.

5. I DVRed the presidential debate last night and I watched it later. I can't decide who won. Some of John's comments and humor attempts bug me, but I think he's smart. So is Obama though. I'm not following it much cuz they are both not my type...that's right, I have a US prez type, and Grandpa Johnny and the O-bomb are not it.

6. The Office was good. I hope a romantic interest for Pam doesn't really develop in NYC. I can't take it. Plus, does she even know how lucky she is to have Jim?!? I mean, come on Beasley, he's almost as good as Paul!! ;)

7. I got healthy food yesterday for my new plan. I'm done trying to be one of those women who looks at the ads and makes a list for each store. I went to 4 grocery stores yesterday for like 2 or 3 things at each place just to save a buck. It was frustrating. I honestly didn't get one thing on any list that was just right there conveniently placed for me to find it. I bet if I'd just got everything at one store I woulda spent about the same and saved me a couple hours.

8. Paul is sick. I'm pretty sure my germs invaded his body. Sad.

9. Scott and Laura got their engagement pictures taken today. My cute friend Kylee did them. Paul and I went along with them, just for fun. We said we were going to help, but I think we were more of a distraction than a help. Oh well!
10. Tonight Paul and I went to a BBQ at our friend Grant's house. It was a lot of fun. Grant did the cooking and it was amazing. He's pretty gourmet. I took dip and chips as an appetizer and it was a HUGE hit. It's my sister-in-laws recipe. Try it.

6 roma tomatoes
1 can of corn
1 can of black olives
3 large avocados
1 small bottle (or can) of artichoke hearts
1 package dry italian seasoning dressing mix
3 limes

Chop and mix everything but the limes and the seasoning. Then squeeze the juice from the limes and poor that and the seasoning over the mixed ingredients and stir together. Salt and pepper to taste.

*sidenote* I changed a couple things. My avocados were way small so I actually used 6 little ones. And the tomatoes were small too so I think I added 1 or 2 extra there too. Just add enough so the red and green look equal-ish in the bowl, then add everything else. Umm, I used key limes and not regular limes and I love lime so I think I used 8 or 10 baby key limes. And, I added 1 jalapeƱo pepper (that you totally couldn't taste) and some cilantro. I love cilantro and it could have used a little more.

Friday, September 26, 2008

bodies and food and water and stuff

I think bodies are cool, on a lot of levels. I mean, I don't even try to understand all the stuff about the percentage of brain we use. And how our blood cells build new ones...or something. And how we have immunities, muscles, guts, veins, skin, etc. And it all somehow knows how to work together and help us function and heal and move and stuff.

Did you know that, All the blood vessels in the body joined end to end would stretch 62,000 miles or two and a half times around the earth.

And, The heart circulates the body's blood supply about 1,000 times each day.

And, The lungs produce a detergent-like substance which reduces the surface tension of the fluid lining, allowing air in.

And, Each square inch of human skin consists of twenty feet of blood vessels.

And, Babies are born with 300 bones, but by adulthood we have only 206 in our bodies.

I love bodies. I was thinking about it yesterday when I left the gym. I was having a hard time believing that one tiny little personal trainer could make my body hurt like that. I loved the pain though. Bodies are resilient. And I was thinking about our brains. My trainer made my body do things that I would have never tried on my own or thought I could do. It made me wonder how much we assume about ourselves and how many of the limitations we put on ourselves are just in our heads. I know this is true, because more than once my trainer has tried to get me to do something and I totally know I can't do it. Then he'll put his hand out to pull me up or he'll put his arms under the weights too, to make it look like he's gonna help me. He never helps me, but when I know he's there and he could help me if I needed it I can do anything he tells me to.
I don't know what has sparked these thoughts or this new fascination, but it's cool. And I know the food and junk we put in us effects us too, big time. When I drink lots of water I feel so much better. And when I snack on raw almonds or carrots I fell a bajillions times better than if I snack on chips and salsa or M&M's. It's too bad cuz junk is delicious and I love candy. But I've never had a really healthy day and gone to bed saying, "Man, I wish I woulda drank more Diet Coke and less water today." Or, "Wow, why didn't I give in at that party and eat the cheese cake instead of the grapes?" It's a slow hard process, but our bodies love healthy!
I realized a couple days ago that it's been SO LONG since I've done real grocery shopping. I've been so busy and I run to the store every now and then and grab a couple things but I've realized when you meal plan and shop like that it's a lot less healthy and a lot more money. So today I'm making a list, planning dinners, and Paul and I are gonna have healthy, well rounded meals all next week. We'll see how I do, and how much better I feel, but I think it's important so I'll try it. Paul just has to deal with me and my cooking, cuz we usually see each other every night after work. I don't think I'll hear too much complaining. He's not picky and he likes healthy too.

Friday, September 19, 2008

sick and bored...bad combo.

I'm so bored right now because I'm home sick. I have a bad cold. My personal trainer had a cold on Tuesday and swore he wasn't contagious. Then Wednesday he found out he had walking pneumonia ...(really disease namers? that's how you wanna spell it??) Ok, finally, so I saw him yesterday and he swore again he wasn't contagious, but by last night I was a hot mess. I was up all night, coughing, choking, throwing up, sneezing, not breathing well, nose running, head pressure, eyes watering. etc. The only slight relief came when I was sitting or standing. So that's what I did most of the night. All I've done today is go to the gym. (It's not an addiction Kristin, it's a really good unbreakable habit.) And I've made a couple work calls. I still get way stuffed up when I'm laying down so I've been trying to sleep sitting on the couch for the past 4 hours, it's not working. I'm currently eating the last of my crushed ice, and I took the last of my cold medicine a couple hours ago...so I'm deciding how presentable I need to look to go to the store. I'm also hungry but nothing sounds good... Except a burrito from Bajio's. Lime chicken, sweet rice, black beans, mild sauce, w/ sweet and black on the side, light salsa and cheese on top, nothing extra. (Just in case one of you have been wondering while reading this what you could do to help.) ;) BLAH!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

PMS and so forth

1. I pride myself on being a non-PMS-getter. Sure I get the cramps and the...ya know, other stuff. But I try, and usually succeed at staying pretty even tempered about life. Not so much today. It started with me heading to the gym and returning home to grab my ipod that I 'forgot'...I went all the way home and then I actually moved my ipod out of my purse so I could get to the house key easier so I could get my ipod out of my house. Did you get that?? I knew it was down hill from there.

2. I left my phone home when I left for a meeting. I needed it, but I didn't have it. Here's the best part. I'd made it home from the gym, taken my ipod out of my purse, set it on the table next to my phone cuz I don't like to take it with my throughout the day, showered and got ready, as I was heading out the door I left my phone on the table and put the ipod BACK in my purse! Maybe I don't have PMS...maybe it's ipod S.

3. Today was "Be an annoying driver" day. Did ya'll get the memo? Yeah, so, no need go when the light is green, it doesn't really matter these days. Also, big fat loud trucks with stinky smoke blowing everywhere, please drive as close to me as possible, and when I pass you, always catch up with your loudness and black smoke. Oh and, when I'm at the light and in the right turn lane and you're in the middle go straight lane, cut me off and turn right. Oh yes, and when you're towing an old antique car on a flatbed trailer, just jump out in the middle of the road and make sure the chains are tight enough. And for the love, when you're an ambulance and you're speeding to the hospital...ok, that's taking it too far, I'll move for you...next time.

4. After a long stressful day, I decided to reward myself with Season 4 of The Office. Dear Stores, Please restock Season 4 of The Office. I'll buy it as soon as you get it!

5. Lastly, after I was totally convinced that God had forgotten me and the world hated me. I get home to a straightened up house, a cup of crushed ice, (one of the 2 ways to get to my heart) a beautiful bouquet of flowers, (the other way to get to my heart) and my amazing boyfriend waiting to give me a hug. We just hung out, ate some food, talked, watched some football. All while I was happy, sad, emotional, annoyed, giddy, frustrated, tired, grumpy, etc. He's great.
And, tomorrow is a new day...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11...7 years later.

I guess I don't get too emotional about America these days. Probably mostly because I'm not a big fan of Bush and the whole political scene these days is kinda disappointing. But, this morning when I was running at the gym and watching the same images over and over of the planes flying into the twin towers, and I was seeing it on 9 different TVs, it made me sad. And tonight I was driving on State Street and I saw this flag flying at half mass, and ...I dunno. It just made me appreciate what so many have done to make this country free.

I'm glad for experiences I have that remind me that I'm a lazy, spoiled American. I don't try to be, but let's be honest, a good majority of us have way more than we need, and we're used to luxuries that not a lot of other countries know or will ever know. I think traveling and "living without" for a time has helped me see that too. I also appreciated my time at Pearl Harbor a couple months ago. Like I mentioned in the PH post, seeing the places where it actually happened makes it so real for me and humbles me a lot.
I'm thankful for all the brave men and women over the years who have sacrificed a lot, and sometimes everything to keep this nation free.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cali (again) with my BF

So...after Paul and I had an amazing time in California for the weekend 2 weeks ago, we decided to go back! This time wasn't as "fun" of a planned weekend, per se, but it was still really great. Paul's amazing Dad had back surgery a week and a half before our first visit 2 weeks ago and he was doing really well in the recovery process. He spent a good majority of our weekend out there cooking gourmet meals for us and making me feel so welcome and at home.

Long story short, his dad went for a routine follow up visit a week ago and got an infection that landed him back in the hospital for a week. :(

Pauly and I drove out there friday night, got there saturday morning at 5am, spent all day at the hospital saturday, and sunday morning/afternoon we headed back to the hospital to have lunch together, watch a little football, and the we drove home sunday afternoon and got back to the SLC at 3am monday morning. It was way too short!

While we were there I told his dad that I felt like it was my fault that he ended up back in the hospital cuz he spent too much time cooking for me and didn't get enough rest. He assured me that it was in fact my fault, but that he still loved me. ;) He is such a incredible man. Paul has an amazing family and I'm so thankful that I get along so well with all of them. They make me feel at home and it's so comfortable to be with them.

So, there ya go. Just one more thing I love about Paul, even if it's a 2 day vacation at the hospital we still have so much fun together. (Sorry if there's a lot of gushy cheesiness in my Paul blogs.) ...I'll try to keep it under control!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Who is Paul?

I've had a few comments and even an email or two asking who Paul is. I guess I've never really answered or explained our relationship. He's this amazing guy mentioned and/or pictured here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. I got sick of going back in my blog to fine "Paul" blog posts, I would have found more than this if I woulda kept looking. Anyway, long story short. He's from Southern California, lives in Utah now and works at Standing Together. He met my brother Taylor on a missions trip 2 years ago. He came to Utah during school at BIOLA. He met my family during that time in Utah, but for some reason he and I didn't meet until a year and a half later. We met Feb. 16th of this year. The day after I got back from my trip to Peru. So many pretty great things have happened in the past 7 months, but without going into a lot of detail we've just become best friends. And then 5 days ago he took me to dinner and also, without much detail, we decided we should "make us official" and start to date. So that's where we are right now. It's been a fun 5 days. (3 of which were in California) Twice in 2 weeks! So while it sounds like a new relationship we really kind of feel like we've been in one, or at least moving that direction for a while, this is the right time now though...finally! Just kidding. I'm a firm believer that a huge percentage of a good relationship has to do with timing. And well, this is the right time I guess! A professor friend of ours at the Salt Lake Theological Seminary said this about our "new" relationship and I like it, "We've see it's shadow there for quite a while." It's true, it's been a while in the making. But it's so good. He treats me so well and makes me dang happy. Cute, huh?
What a babe.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

How do you celebrate Labor Day? I'm not asking like, how do YOU celebrate, I'm just asking in general. Like, fireworks, turkey, mistletoe, ya know, some holidays are weird. Anyway, here's how I celebrated the great weekend.

Friday night awesome Paul and his awesome truck and I helped Anne move. A lot of people around me have been moving lately. Helping people move reminds me of how I have way too much stuff and that I should probably never move again. After the move we (Paul and I) went to Bountiful and went to dinner with Scott and Laura, then headed to the parents and played cards for a while. Kristin came to town that night so after the fam fun I met Kristin at my house and we talked til about 3 in the morning then went to sleep. Maybe we're bad friends. She's been living in Vegas for about 2 months and friday was the first time we talked since she moved. We were like BFF's before that and then suddenly she had to begin a Tivo-less life and refuses to take my phone calls cuz I happen to call during So You Think You can Dance. What was life like before Tivo?! Technology is weird. And while my whole bad friend slash tivo testimony is sarcastic it kinda makes me think. Kristin and I still know everything about each others lives the past 2 months all because of blogs and facebook. Is that a good or bad thing?

Moving on...Saturday morning I went to CarMax and IKEA with Paul. Going to IKEA with a man is a big step for me, but Paul passed the test ok. That night Robyn came over and we were gonna have a TLC/John and Kate plus Ei8ht marathon. But we just sat and talked for the first 3 hours, then ordered some chinese take-out and watched a little TLC. Robyn is so great. We've only become pretty good friends in the past few weeks. It makes me sad cuz she's moving home to California in a month. :( This picture isn't from that night, but how cute are we?? (This wasn't planned.)
Sunday after church I met up with a guy I graduated from High School with, Travis. We had lunch and visited for a while. We never talked much in high school but we talked a bit at the reunion a few weeks ago and decided it would be fun to hang out once in a while. It was good to see him again. That night Pauly and I went to the parents for dinner. Tay came down from Logan and we all had so much fun. We had dinner and played games for hours. My family is so funny...maybe some would say weird and crazy, but I'm glad Paul, Laura and Neally still say funny.

Yesterday was good. Way cold and way rainy! I'd just talked to a friend who lives in California the day before and told her that I was ready for some cooler weather, but last night when I was watching a movie with Paul and I was wearing a hoody and wrapped up in a blanket I decided I spoke too soon.

Yesterday afternoon the family had lunch with Trish and Tommy Gadberry. Their family was some of our great friends in Germany. (That was a weird sentence, I can't figure out how to word it.) Trish was bringing Tommy out for his first semester of college at BYU. I used to babysit him in Germany...kind of an old feeling moment. It was so good to see them, they live in MD.
Last night Pauly took me and Kristin to dinner at The Pie, then we did a little shopping before Kristin had to leave for Vegas.

It wasn't a super exciting weekend, but it was busy and full of family and the people I love the most. The older I get the more I like the low key at home time with the most important people in my life.

And I don't think I labored at all.