Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 10

Day 10: Songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad.

Garrett and I listen to Jon Schmidt during the day sometimes. And in the car we listen to Glee or the music on his little security mirror. That's about all I have to say about day 10.

Paul's birthday is tomorrow and over this past weekend we celebrated with his parents and my family at Fat Cats. We played pool, ate pizza and went bowling. It was a lot of fun. Garrett did great. He loved the lights and moving parts in the arcade and he slept fine when he was ready for a nap. He's such a cutie, and he changes the whole dimension of the family. Everyone loves him.
Funny part of the evening. My mom gave Paul the special edition of The Sound of Music. He loves that movie and we don't have it, the special edition just came out so it was perfect. I gave him all of the Glee CD's. We've become Gleeks, mostly he has, and he really wanted the music. After my gift, some jokes were made about Paul's manliness... Then Scott and Laura gave him a gift certificate for couples pedicures and couples massages. At that point the jokes were flying. No one talked and planned to give him all girly stuff, it just happened! I wasn't complaining about the pedi's and massages! Scott and Laura also gave us some baby stuff. We are spoiled and it felt like Christmas. The story behind their gift is that Paul told me he wanted a sweater so I passed that info along to Scott, then Paul called Laura and told her he was trying to throw me off and he really wanted something that he and I could enjoy together. He's such a good man! ...he really is a man, I promise. ;)

We got the pedis a couple days ago, and I think it was the first of many for Paul. He loved it.

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