Sunday, November 29, 2009

Project 365: Week 48

November 23
Tonight we went to Payson and had dinner at Brad and Michelle's. Paul went to Mortuary science school in California with Brad and they stayed friends. The last time we had dinner with these 2 was last November and Michelle was about 8 and a half months pregnant. Now they have this adorable little girl. She is a doll and so much fun! Here she is dancing. It was the cutest thing! Made me want one for a minute. Brad and Michelle are great people. We really wish we lived closer. We're trying to convince them to come to CA with us next year!November 24
Christmas eve is in a month! Thanksgiving will be over in 48 hours. It's time to decorate! Just in case you are all wondering, which I'm sure you are, I've officially given up on our Christmas tree that we started to grow months ago. Here he is. :( Not much has changed. So we're going with plan b. I'll probably post Christmas decor pics before the week is up. Keep reading...November 25
TSO!!! We went to the Trans Siberian Orchestra tonight. So. Awesome. It's a yearly tradition for Taylor and I, although we've never actually gone to it together. This year we finally did and we took Paul. Youtube them if you want your face rocked off.November 26
Happy Thanksgiving! We had a Greenhalgh thanksgiving this year at my parents house. This is the "kid table". There were more people in the other room but this picture was more entertaining.November 27
Kristin is is town so we went to dinner tonight. Laughed a lot. A lot. Man I miss her. I would tell you some of the funny things we talked about but you wouldn't laugh. I'll give you an example.
Andrea: So is that girl who died still alive?
Kristin: Yep.
See? Not funny.
Oh and my mom did black friday with me this morning. It was her first time and she actually enjoyed it.November 28
I found my dream house today. It's in Centerville. The lady who owns it blew my mind. And she's a crafter. And every year she clears out the entire first floor of her house and has a boutique. My Grandparents are in her ward so we went to the boutique. So much cute stuff. We each bought a couple things, and one of us may have bought a couple more than a couple...
Oh and later Paul and I had dinner and played games with 2 sets of our couple friends. I forgot to take a picture. :(November 29
I finally got the decorating done! 'Love Actually' 2 and a half times and 'The Holiday' once. Here's our trees. I love Christmas.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I had this great idea yesterday, and I'm pretty sure that I'm the only blogger or human to think of doing this. (If you wanna copy me that's fine, just give me credit.) Anyway, I decided to make a list of things I'm thankful for and blog it!

I forgot to do it yesterday, but its still thanksgiving weekend, so I'm still allowed to be thankful.

1. My husband. I married the best. He's so good to me, and good for me. I feel so loved and safe and taken care of. He's wonderful.

2. My job. I have a fun job. A good boss. Good co-workers. And a good discount. I'm also thankful that I don't have to work full time, or at all if I really didn't want to. (Thanks to #1)

3. My truck. I'm thankful that I drive a bright blue dented truck with dried up eggs on the side from Halloween night. It makes it so easy to find in crowded parking lots.

4. DVR.

5. My family. In Utah and California. I couldn't ask for anything more.

6. Good health, and good health insurance for the occasional not so healthy feeling days.

7. Friends. I love that most of my friends are the type that we could go a year or two without seeing each other and then when we do, its like we haven't missed a day. Those are the best kind.

8. Trans Siberian Orchestra.

9. These fuzzy pants and fuzzy slippers I'm wearing. Aww...the best.

10. Crushed ice.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Oh!...and spell check.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Project 365: Week 47

November 16
Paul did a craft! I bought this box for us (him) to keep all our receipts and bank statements in. I had plans to make it really cute, and tonight Paul decided to paint it while I was working on some Christmas stuff. He did a pretty good job! But I think it may have been a one time thing...November 17
We don't have much of a life. We're both staying so busy that its hard to be motivated to do much in the evenings. Especially when it gets dark at 5:30. We try to be social, but lately we have been spending a lot of time watching some classic re-runs. We just can't get enough.November 18
Tonight was date night and Paul took me to dinner at Squatter's. It was delicious and healthy and organic. Did you know squatter's is all localy and organicy? I'll write a post sometime about how I feel about local and organic stuff and the changes that Paul and I are making. Anyway, Paul was at about a quarter of a tank so we stopped for gas. I'm so proud of him. ;) (If you missed last week this won't make sense.)November 19
Robyn and David live in Utah! These two got married last month in California and moved to Utah last week. Robyn has lived her before and we're so glad she's back, and that she brought a husband! They came over for dinner tonight. Paul cooked because I had to work late. It was so fun! We forgot to take a picture and we even talked while they were here about how they would be the photo of the day. I was so mad when I remembered. So we called them and made them take a picture and email it to me. Thanks guys! And thanks for coming over!November 20
Tomorrow is craft day. Paul was so helpful in helping me transform our living and dining rooms into a mega craft room tonight. He doesn't look too helpful in this picture, but he really was. He loves crafts.November 21
Craft Day! There were 13 people total, but not everyone came at the same time. It worked out really well and we had a great time! Looking forward to another one in January.November 22
We got a last minute invite tonight to have dinner with a couple that Paul knows who work at Temple Square. Of course I forgot to take a picture of them, but when we left there was a fresh white blanket of snow and a lot still coming down. I was really hoping for a snowless winter. I do love snow at night though, it makes the world brighter.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Project 365: Week 46

November 9
Our last day of the hunt in Texas. Paul got 2 deer, Dad got one, and I got one! Yep, I killed my first animal. This was such a fun trip. Thanks Dad White.November 10
Paul's birthday is tomorrow. It's hard to do birthday surprises for your spouse. Especially when we're both working a lot and spending most of our free time with each other. So I baked his favorite cake at like 11PM when he went to bed, but its still not really a surprise.November 11
Happy Birthday Baby!!! We both worked today, then we went to 'The Sizzler' with my grandparents for Paul's birthday dinner. (Old people call it 'The Sizzler'.) Then we had cake when we got home. Oh and just for journaling reasons, Paul ran out of gas on his way home from work. It through our plans off a bit, but we made it work. We both push it too far when it comes to not filling our cars up. Maybe him a little more than me...November 12
This lady I work with takes all the sawdust home from work and makes these cool emergency preparedness candles and fire starters. She gave me some today and we tried a fire starter out. They are so cool and work really well. Check out her website here.November 13
A guy that works for my father-in-law is coming to Utah for Thanksgiving and he's bringing Phil's big truck so we're going to send some stuff home with him. We're trying to decide what to send and our apartment is kind of a mess, but we're getting it organized. We're not moving anytime soon, we're just making it a really slow process.November 14
We went on a tour of the Mason temple today. There was a thing on the news a couple days ago about Mormons and Masons and they mentioned on the news that there was an open house today so we went and checked it out. I could talk about this for a long time, but I won't. Maybe another post sometime. Oh also, we went to a gift show at the expo center and I took Paul out for another birthday dinner. Oh and we ran out of gas again. Twice in 4 days. We're (he is) learning. ;) Thank you AAA!November 15
Paul's birthday with the Greenhalgh family. Thanks everyone! Love my family.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Project 365: Week 45

November 2
I was bored tonight while Paul was watching football, so I researched this condition that my dad told me about and thinks I might have. It's called Pica. I don't think I have it, but it's interesting to read about. The only non-nutritional thing I crave on the list is ice. Which is related to anemia, which my doc told me last week I have worse than I've ever had it. Got my meds a couple days ago. Anyway, I was thinking about it and wondered if smelling non-food items is part of Pica, because I really do sniff stuff. Not in a weird, killing brain cells kind of way, but I love weird smells. Like foam, glass plus, Lemon scented 409 Anit-bacterial, Lemon clorox wipes, and now these Yankee candles, the scent is called 'just plain clean' I would much rather have my house and bed and clothes smell fresh, clean, lemony, etc. over vanilla, pumpkin spice, sugar cookie, etc. I'm never really drawn to Bath and Body Works when I walk past it at the mall, but the laundry/cleaning supply isle in Target? Oh man, drop me off and come find me in an hour. Do I have a problem?November 3
Budget, budget, budget. We are doing good at Financial Peace University. Paul spends a lot more time than I do budgeting, figuring and planning. And I love him for it!November 4
Paul has grown a little bit since his last hunting trip. We forgot to check that kind of stuff before we left for our trip. Oh well!November 5
Last minute packing before heading to Texas for a long hunting weekend!November 6
Lampasas, Texas. Our first day was spent flying, layovers, meeting Phil and Annie in Austin, driving, getting hunting tags, shopping for stuff we forgot, target practice. I didn't shoot. They all did. Here I am getting my ear drums blown out.November 7
Annie was the only one of them to shoot anything on opening day. I was with her when she got this deer. I've never been hunting, but I'm starting to think I might be able to get into it.November 8
The early mornings (4:30AM-8:30AM) and the early evenings (3:00PM-6:00PM) were spend sitting in the deer blinds hunting. The rest of the time was spent visiting, napping, wandering around in the woods. It was a wonderful trip with the in-laws. Paul was napping so the owners of the property where we stayed took us on a walk to the waterfall. Me, Phil and Annie.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Craft Day: 11.21.09

Hi ladies! Here's the deal. I have this new fun hobby, (Paul says addiction, I say hobby) and I've decided to make a whole day of it with anyone who would like to join.

I'm posting pictures below with prices of each craft. I will have some extra stuff if you didn't sign up for anything but still want to come, or if you finish and want to do something else. All the extras don't need to be signed up for, they will just be available the day of, and they will all be fun little gift ideas for under $10.00. Note: Anything below with a price listed, I need to know before craft day that you want to do it.

These are fun, cute and cheap projects. Pretty easy too! AND, you get to use all my paint, glitter, glue, embellishments, etc. AND, I can help anyone who would like to become more crafty, AND you get free lunch and snacks, AND it's super fun and just in time for Christmas! It's a win, win,

So here are the pictures.
Wreath Block Door Hang - $13.00

Stocking Door Hang - $7.00

Ornament Wall Hang - $14.00

Frame Wall Hang - The frame with metal handle is $11.00. Each large ornament is $2.50. The star, candy cane, gingerbread man, tree, and snowflake all fit in the frame. Choose any or all that you'd like to make.

Advent Blocks - $15.00 I will have a variety of Christmas paper to choose from, or if you have some you'd like to use, bring it with you!

Noel w/ ornament - $15.00

Joy w/ Star - $10.00

Snowman - $5.00

Trio Trees - $3.00 each, or all 3 for $8.00

Box Centerpiece - $15.00 *NOTE* Price does not include pine cones.

Letters - Large Curly $4.50 each. Small straight $3.00 each. These letters are cute little accents for a bookshelf, fireplace mantel, or desk. Any letter is available. I did samples of "G" for Greenhalgh, and "W" for White, but first letter of first names are cute too! Good cheap Christmas gifts. Also, I have a lot of paper to choose from, but bring your own if you have something you want to use.

Be Merry Block - $6.00 Lettering available in Green or White, please specify.

This collage of photos are all crafts that will be available to make that don't need to be signed up for. Click on the collage for a better look at the fun candle holders, quote blocks and more. All these extra items will range from $1.00 to $10.00. (There will be other small projects not pictured like magnet boards, picture frames, magnets...)Let me know what you'd like to do by commenting on this post. Or, emailing me at or on facebook. Or, calling or texting me. I need to know what you'd like to do by November 14th. Also, if you have a mom, sister, friend who'd like something or would like to come, that's fine too, just let me know!

I'll have everything set up all day, starting at 10AM and going until whenever! You can pay when you come, I don't need it paid in advance. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Project 365: Week 44

October 26
My brothers used to tie me up like this all the time, well, they still do. I tried it to Paul and it's really not that fun. We kinda had a boring night...can you tell?October 27
We had our first snow today that actually stuck. It's been teasing us for a couple weeks but today it didn't melt right away. I'm not ready for snow.October 28
We carved pumpkins tonight and watched scary movies. We decided we'd better do something Halloweeny. Mine is the small one.October 29
Today was pretty much pictureless. It was kind of a bad day and I don't really know why. You know those evenings when you remember a conversation or interaction with someone and when you think about it and realize that it happened earlier that day and not like a week ago and you're really glad the long dumb blur of a day is over? Yeah, one of those days.October 30
Paul's dad is taking us hunting in Texas soon. Can't wait! Paul decided I needed to be a little more prepared for the event, so we went shopping tonight. He bought me boots, socks, pants, shirt, jacket and hat. He made me try on SO MUCH stuff. It all looked the same to me. (Insert a funny joke about not being able to see myself.) These are some pants that we didn't go with.October 31
Halloween. It was pretty uneventful. We helped at a kids party in the early evening and it kinda made me want a kid. Then after, I took Paul home and went and hung out with my cute Ukrainian friend Annie. She's been here a month and she leaves in the morning, and we finally got to see each other. She was my translator on my first trip to Ukraine and my roommate on my second trip.November 1
Dave and Neally came down this afternoon and we did crafts. Paul and Dave watched the Packers vs. Vikings game. Sad. Ya know, the whole Brett Favre thing. But look what me and Neally made! It's already thanksgiving month. Crazy!