Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Favorite pictures amd moments: holiday edition

December came and went, almost. I'm getting ready to go see the in-laws in California and I was emptying my camera and came across some pictures that made me smile. I thought I'd share real quick. Some will have stories attached, some will have a quick caption, and some will be for you to use your imagination.

This entry makes me happy.The red hat ladies at Mimi's Cafe. I want to join when I'm old.Gingerbread out house.Taylor's natural disaster gingerbread house.Slimer ran into my house. And someone peed in Paul's pool.
Have yourself a 'Snuggie' little Christmas. (Deb's artwork.)I wish I could find a Christmas tree topper that looked less like a star and more like a giant gold glittery explosion...I can't begin to tell you how much I love this lady. She turned 87 on the 27th of this month.2 of my co-workers. They are way nicer than they look.The Wood Co after party.This is the wife of a guy that works in the wood shop. She kept falling asleep and it kept me entertained for like 20 minutes. I took several pictures of her and this is the one where she finally caught me.My father in law pointed out to me on Christmas that this is my first real 'White' Christmas. It was wonderful. I love my husband.Christmas day was great. We ate all day, but by the time Paul and I were driving home, I was craving a turkey dinner! We always have ham at my aunts house, and a ton of other food. Let me assure you, a lack of good food was not the problem, it was just that I was craving a more traditional Christmas dinner which didn't happen. My sweet husband drove to Denny's to try and make my dreams come true. That place was packed! And as we walked in I started to feel so sad for all those people working and all the lonely looking people filling the tables. I started quietly singing, I'm dreaming of a white (trash) Christmas... Our server came and I told him I needed the closest thing to a traditional turkey dinner. He informed me that they had just sold out of turkey and they stopped serving mashed potatoes at 10PM. It was like 10:03PM. He was really good to us though. We talked a bit about Christmas, his family, that he'd worked on Christmas eve as well. And that he'd missed his turkey dinner that day too. He gave us a free salad with our chicken and fried potatoes, (yuck, not even kind of like turkey.) But what are you gonna do at 10:30 on Christmas night? When we got up to go pay we decided to tip him a little more than 15%. We payed the cashier and added a $50.00 tip on the receipt and quickly left the restaurant so he wouldn't know. We'd parked behind the building and as we got the the end of the sidewalk in the back of the lot and turned toward our car we heard from behind us, "You guys? Excuse me, you guys?" We turned around and saw our waiter running down the sidewalk toward us. He reached out and shook both of our hands and said, "Thank you so much, you guys really don't understand what you did for me." He was a bit emotional and kept repeating himself and stumbling over his words, "Seriously, you don't know what you've done for me. Thank you both so much." I smiled and said, "Merry Christmas." Then we turned and walked away. I don't know why we decided to do what we did. I guess the words of a very wise man stay in the back of both our minds, "The more you give, the more you get." And if someone is working on Christmas, it's because they have to, so take good care of them. 50 dollars isn't much, and the gratitude we received from that young man that Christmas night was worth more than anything we could give. Do something good, pass it on.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Project 365: Week 52

December 21
Busy night! After work I had a lot to do to get ready for tomorrow. Christmas snuck up on me again. Busy, busy, busy! Paul has a(nother) work party tomorrow, and I made the mistake of deciding to make everyone he works with a Christmas craft and treats. And I have a girls night party tomorrow night that I needed to get gifts ready for. Haven't even started on my co-worker gifts yet! Here's some of what I did tonight.December 22
Today I worked, left for a couple hours to go to Paul's office for lunch, and to pick up my car from the shop. Buying cars in December is lame, cuz then you have to register them in December, and if you have a bad tire you have to spend $120 on a new one before it passes inspection, oh and if the check engine light is on you have to pay $970 to get the light to go off. Merry Christmas to me. Then tonight me and 4 friends had a "Favorite Things" party. We met at Olive Garden for dinner and then came back to my apartment for desert and gifts. We all brought 4 of the same gift (under $3 each) and exchanged some of our favorite things. It was really fun! Thanks ladies! December 23
I feel like this is my 4th or 5th batch of "stuff" for people. I need a new plan next year for neighbors, co-workers, friends, etc. I don't like feeling like my kitchen/apartment is a huge production line the week of Christmas. But I do it every year. This is my last batch before Christmas. It's for my co-workers. I still have to do stuff for family, friends, and my father in laws employees out in California, but I can cheat and make those Christmas treats after Christmas.December 24
Tonight we celebrated Christmas eve at the Greenhalgh's (my parent's). We decorated gingerbread houses. (A tradition that came to an end this year until we all start making babies) Then we had dinner and exchanged sibling gifts. We all got some good stuff! These are name signs that my sister in law Laura made for me, Neally and mom. So cool!! We love them.December 25
Merry Christmas. Today was a good day. Christmas at home with just my hubby and I. We got way spoiled by each other. Clothes, ipod speaker thing, leopard print snuggie, cologne, perfume, DVDs, seahawks and packers blankets, a gun (to me), games, puzzles, way too much stuff. And then right as we finished my parents and taylor showed up. They'd been downtown feeding the homeless, (such saints) so we threw together a yummy breakfast. Then later in the afternoon we had lunch with everyone at Auntie and Uncle Jon's. (I think a longer Christmas/Holiday post will come soon...maybe)December 26
Paul is on call this weekend and had a funeral today so my mom and I went shopping. It was busy, probably busier than black friday. Then we went to lunch. Then Paul came to my parents house and we made pizza and played games. This is Paul pretending like its ok that I needed 2 pairs of brown boots and two black sweaters. Men don't understand. But I got a nice little unexpected bonus from my boss, so I justified it.December 27
These are my cousins Elisabeth and Brennon. Elizabeth is going on an LDS mission to Washington state next week and her farewell was today. She's so cute, she's my cousin from Ukraine.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Project 365: Week 51

December 14
I love this little nativity. It makes me happy everyday.December 15
Today was a bad day. Just a lot of stuff. This is my squishie. A flat little down pillow that I've slept with for about 14 years. I love it. It goes everywhere I go. And the husband doesn't mind. On days like today I look forward to crawling in bed and sleeping with the squishie.December 16
Tonight Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Barbara, Mom, Dad and Taylor came down for Christmas dinner. I like to have my grandparents down at sometime during the Christmas season and tonight was the night. It was really fun. Weird picture that I guess no one knew I was taking, but still, proof we had dinner.December 17
Taylor and I went shopping tonight for a little sub for santa we are doing. I saw this. People are so creative and talented. Love the Grinch.December 18
This sign is hanging on our tree. It says "PEACE". On Wednesday when my grandparents were here my grandma asked from across the room what it said and I told her. Paul spoke up and said, "Oh, I thought it said "Fence". He said it so casually. Men are so weird. So, what if it did say fence? Like, he doesn't think it's weird to have a Christmas "fence" sign? Know what I mean? Like in his mind was he thinking, Hmm, weird, fence in our tree...oh well...and never says anything to me? Anyway, now he keeps telling people to have a Merry Christmas and Fence on Earth. December 19
The Wood Connection Christmas party at Edison Street. (The old Organ Loft.) It's an old person "club". It was SO FUN. My boss plays the drums here. It was so entertaining. Here I am on stage with 2 co-workers, Sheila and Kelly and my boss, Rick.December 20
Tonight my family and I got together and wrapped a bunch of gifts to take over to my friend Kelli's house. She's married and has 2 darling kids and she has cancer. We decided to help them out this year with Christmas. It was really fun to spend some time with them. She is amazing. Strong, positive, and such a great mom.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i'm in a hurry and don't know why.

You know that song? I'm in a hurry to get things done, I'm rushing rushing till life's no fun. I don't really like that song, maybe because it's my theme song these days.

I'm working a lot. Maybe it feels like more now because the days are so short and I don't like having it be dark outside when I get off work, and I've been spending a lot of Saturdays at work the past couple months. Anyway, not the point. I'm still having a lot of fun and getting most of the things done that I need to. But at times I feel like I do the exact same things every single day and I'm always doing them fast. I move the same piles of stuff over and over again, forget to do the same things over and over again, and run out of the same stuff over and over again.

A couple days ago was no different. I had to work and then run and buy tangerines and food coloring for a party. Weird combo, but that's what I needed. I ran to WinCo right from work and had one other stop to make after that and had about 20 minutes to do it in before I needed to get home and get ready. I grabbed what I needed and picked the shortest looking line. If you haven't been to WinCo yet, you should. But you bag your own groceries there. The cashier just slides your stuff down one of the black moving sidewalk looking things and you bag them at the end. Oh and each cashier has two slide things. So the customer before you can be bagging there stuff while your stuff slides down the other side. Confused yet?

So there was a grandma ahead of me with a lot of stuff and she was trying to run around and bag it up, and pay attention to what each item cost, and give coupons for some items, and exchange one bag of frozen chicken for the one that was on sale. I realized quickly that I'd picked the wrong line. The cashier finally had her total and was trying to get the grandmas attention so she could pay. She walked back around and started pulling bills and coins out, really slowly.... I was looking at her, hoping she would look up at me. I'm not sure what my face looked like but the look I was going for was, "Hey lady, hurry up and pay for your d@*n stuff so the rest of us can get on with our busy lives!" (I'm not proud, or right, I was just frustrated) She never looked up at me, (thankfully) until right after she paid and she realized her cart was blocking me from the debit machine. She moved it quickly and apologized. The cashier rang up my stuff, I quickly paid and grabbed my two items to run out of the store. But then, I had a thought. ...My grandma, would probably be just as frantic and overwhelmed with the self bagging, fast paced process... I put my items down at the end of the register and walked around to her side and began helping her bag her groceries. She'd barley begun and it took us a few minutes to get everything gathered up and packaged, oh and each bag tied shut. :) But we got it done. The whole time she was saying things like, "Oh thank you sweetheart!" "You don't know how much I appreciate you." "You are making my day right now." "When I realized this was how it worked I wished I would have brought one of my grandchildren to help me." "Thank you my dear." and "Bless you." She was so cute and kind.

And guess what? I got everything else done that I needed to, and even if I hadn't, I don't think my mean face and bad attitude would have helped me much. I taught myself a good lesson that day.

Slow down and be nice.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Project 365: Week 50

December 7
I love this candle. It's one of the Jesus Mexican Catholic candles that are like a dollar. I know, nothing about the sentence sounded politically correct. But I still love the candle. And now it has a cute red and white ribbon around it. And no I didn't have to peel a bright stained glass looking sticker of the Virgin Mary off of it. It was blank when I bought it. I love candles, especially in December.December 8
Paul decided we needed another self portrait on the 365 post. So here we are. Today was a snowy snowy day. Long slow commutes to and from work, and not much of anything else.December 9
You know those days where you have like 4000 things on your 'to do' list? And you know that if one minute of the time you have budgeted for each item gets changed the whole day will be thrown off and life will be ruined? Today was one of those days. And then I pulled into my parents drive way to pick something up, right on schedule and having about 45 seconds before the next task needed to begin. And then I saw this on their porch. 5 chubby adorable quail just sitting in a box. Cutest thing I've ever seen. I sat for about 5 minutes and just watched them. I took a couple pictures from inside my car, then I snuck out and took another before they all talked in bird language and all flew away at the same second. I love moments like these where I slow down for a minute.December 10
Party here tomorrow. So tonight was all about cleaning and getting the cooking done that I could. Here are some delicious looking rolls fresh from the oven.December 11
We had 6 friends over tonight for food, games, cookie decorating, and good times. Here are a couple of them decorating cookies. We had so much fun and wish we had more free time for friends!December 12
I worked today for a girl who was (not) sick. 12 out of the last 13 days have been spent at work. (Not bitter) It's our 6 month anniversary. (I'm not really into month anniversaries, but I wrote the date so many times today I couldn't help but notice.) We decided to go to dinner and a movie. (new, totally original idea.) But by the time we finished our chips and salsa at tres hombres I was ready to use my burrito as a pillow. I hit a wall. So we came hame and Paul watched a movie while I slept. But good news, I feel the end of the busy season on it's way.December 13
My mom and dad came over tonight for dinner/football/treat making/crafts. The boys watched football while my mom made honey roasted almonds for my neighbor gifts and I made block nativities for her neighbor gifts. It was a good, time saving trade off. Aww, Christmas. When I was young it NEVER came, and now I'm old and it ALWAYS comes too fast.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Project 365: Week 49

November 30
I got a little promotion at work. I think I'm happy about it. It's effective tomorrow. Had dinner with Paul and the boss and the bosses wife tonight. They're great! Didn't take a picture cuz it may have seemed weird. Then we ran over to my parents house and I made this wreath for my Grandma cuz apparently she's stressed about this wall. They love it! But THE CANDLES ARE NOT STAYING. (She would want me to tell you that.)December 1
Paul sent me flowers at work today. What a great best husband. He also filled my truck with gas without me knowing. I love him. This is kind of a bad picture but the flowers are beautiful! They are red roses with all this cute holly and greeny redy pretty Christmasy stuff.December 2
Tonight my mom, dad, Paul and I went to the Festival of Tree's and to dinner. Another thing I do every year. Ya know, for the children. This is (part of) a tree that was done by someone we know. I don't think this person or many people who know said person read this, or would say anything if they did. But I'll be nice. I just didn't know there was a rocking horse and giant golf balls present at the birth of Jesus.December 3
I love Christmas. I just need a living space about 10 times this size so I can fully decorate! This "Christmas" on my mantle is new this year. I kinda like it.December 4
Paul can decide he's going to bed and be asleep 30 seconds later. It blows my mind. The process takes me anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. ...Sometimes our differences in routines can cause problems...December 5
Paul's work party was tonight. It was surprisingly fun and entertaining, considering that I was eating dinner with a room full of funeral directors. I didn't get a picture of the whole group (about 25 people). This is Terry, Jeff and Paul.December 6
Paul and I had a good day. Relaxing at first and then busy. We had some running around to do. Mostly dropping stuff off and picking stuff up from friends and family all in the name of Christmas. Our first stop was at my grandparents. As we turned onto their street an ambulance passed by, then a paramedic, I got a pit in my stomach, then I saw my dads car in their driveway and a few people standing in front of the house. Long story short. I have an Aunt who lives there and has been pretty sick. She's an amazing woman and always puts everyone before herself. She's been given some challenges in her life and remains so strong and positive. She was in the ambulance on her way to the ER. It's far from over but things are looking up. I won't say anymore because she reads this and I've probably already said too much. (I love you and am praying for you.)
Anyway, later we had to go to Clinton to drop off/pick up from my brother and we stopped in Layton on the way and I showed Paul the house my dad grew up in. It's a tiny little thing, but it looks really cute. If you'd seen it when my grandma sold it, you'd think it looks really cute. Here it is.
We stopped back by my grandparents on the way home just to see how there were doing and finally left 3 hours later. Paul's learning that if I ever say we need to run by my grandparents house it mean we'll be home or at our next stop about 4 hours later. He's so good to me, and I love my grandparents so much.