Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 25

Day 25: What I would find in your bag.

-2 Pacifiers
-3 Pens
-2 kinds of chap stick
-A couple lists
-A few receipts
-Boogie Wipes
-Cell Phone
-A couple coupons
-A necklace
-A sucker
-A business card from a furniture store where we want to buy a table
-A bunch of change
-Bobby pins
-A pad
-Paint swatches
-A diaper

I need to clean out my purse. I think being on vacation adds to the stuff, but not by much. I need a new method to keep my purse organized.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

It's been a great day. We started it with breakfast. Then we went out and got some family pictures taken for our Christmas card. After that we relaxed, took naps, sat outside in the sun, and watched football. We had a delicious feast outside in the sun. Garrett and I cuddled and both fell asleep for a while. Then I went through the adds and we made our plan of attack. We ran to Micheal's at 5:00pm this evening for the start of their sale, 60% off cricut cartridges! And now everyone is sleeping, eating again, watching football, doing puzzles, having pie. It's a good day with lots to be thankful for.
I love my little Gobble Bum.Such a cute little guy!Everyone IS thankful for him.It doesn't get much better than this...Oh wait, yes it does. Man, I love these two.

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