Saturday, May 28, 2011

baby names

With Garrett, Paul and I didn't really start discussing baby names until we knew we were having a boy. But I guess we'd discussed it enough to have a girl name we loved and a boy name we loved. When we found out it was a boy, we talked about the boy name and tried to think of others just to make sure we were sure. Nothing else came to mind, so we knew we were sure.

This time around has been kind of the same. No serious conversations yet. However, I feel about 100% sure that its another boy. Paul I think was leaning towards girl, but recently told me that he's also pretty sure its a boy. So we spent about an hour discussing boy names. We finally went through the entire alphabet and tried to say a boy name starting with each letter that we kind of liked. FAIL. By the end of the conversation, we had (and now have) 2 GIRL names that we love. And all I can remember about boy names where ones like Optimus, Xavier, and Exodus.

I've always thought I was kind of in the middle when it came to traditional names vs. unique names. But I'm learning I lean more towards unique names. Not never before heard of, impossible to spell kind of names. Just ones that you don't hear a lot. Paul is more traditional. His name is traditional and his sisters is too, Anne. My family is about as traditional as they come with a couple, David and Scott. Mine is maybe a little more not heard all the time, but definitely a name that gets used and is pretty easy to spell. And then Taylor. I love the name Taylor, but kind of more these days for a girl. (Taylor in my family is a boy, but I like that too because it's not super common.) Paul goes for names like Ryan, James, Tom, etc. Nothing wrong with them. Just not different enough for me.

So, we got nothin'. A couple nights ago we were about to head to bed and I got sucked into a baby boy name website for about an hour. I found a boy name that I really, really liked. I even woke Paul up to tell him the name. And the next morning I couldn't for the life of me remember the name. Still can't. And Paul didn't even remember me waking him up.

I think we're done talking about it for another month or so, at least until we have our ultrasound.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

good news and bad news(s)

The good news is that our pediatricians price estimate was off and the doc bands only cost $3800.00, not $4500.00.

The bad news is that doc bands cost 3800 dollars!!! And, that I got a call yesterday from the insurance lady and she said the two who did the evaluation and pictures of Garrett (who can almost always tell how long a baby will need), think that he will in fact need 2 bands. And, she talked to our insurance company. I won't bore you with everything she said, but she went over some numbers, total costs, max they cover IF we get approved, percentage they cover of that max, and a deductible that we pay. Bottom line, we're looking at a total cost of $7600.00 and IF we get approved for the MAXIMUM our insurance will cover, they will pay AT THE MOST, $700. Seven. Hundred. Dollars. (Not $700 of each band, $700 total. I asked.) After doing a little quick math, I think that leaves Paul and I with a MINIMUM out of pocket of $6900. Holy Shit. I try not to swear cause my mom, my aunt(s), a couple friends moms, and maybe a couple younger cousins read this. But shit is my favorite word. And yesterday I deserved a good, Holy Shit. And, because this treatment is elective, we pay the whole amount in full, and then when/if the insurance company decided to, they send us a teeny, tiny check directly.

I think the lady who called probably thought I was crazy and emotional, but I had been working on labeling my old blog posts, and the one I was on when she called was THIS one, the one about my uncle dying. And today is the 2 year anniversary of his death.

Thankfully, God put a lot of things on my heart and mind last night that reminded me of how blessed we really are. I guess I needed some perspective, and I got it.

From the moment I found out I was pregnant with Garrett, I always knew I'd do whatever it took to provide my kids with whatever they need. Garrett needs a doc band (or two), and now Paul and I are learning how to sacrifice and make things work so that we can do just that.

We wont starve and we wont be homeless, so I'm pretty sure we'll survive this. Not sure how at this moment, and if today someone came up to me and asked if I wanted seven thousand dollars I probably wouldn't say no. But we'll figure it out.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

doc bands, meds, and colds. in no particular order.

Paul had a cold. Then he got over it. Then Garrett got a cold. Then Paul got a cold. Then Paul got over it. Then Garrett got over it. Then I got a cold. That brings you up to date on the cold situation at our house.

I didn't take my unisom combo last night. I took Metoclopramide instead. Big mistake. Huge. My doc warned me that it could make me a little loopy. She said it was safe to take every 6 hours, but if I did, I'd want to have some help lined up because I may not function. I took it just before 9PM when Garrett was asleep. Paul and I went to bed at 11PM. I start feeling tired with unisom within about 20 minutes. I felt nothing from the Meto-blahblah. I laid in bed. Then I started singing 'For health and strength' and 'Row row row your boat'. Oh did I mention that I threw up right before I went to bed? Then I made Paul sing the 2 songs with me in rounds. Then he dosed off. I woke him up to talk about something. Honestly can't remember what. I think it was something about me being a bad wife and a bad mom. Then I noticed the light on the ceiling from the screen of Garrett's monitor. So I did a hand puppet show with the shadows. It was a dinosaur and a unicorn fighting. Then I made Paul try and guess the shadow sign language for 'I heart you'. Then he went back to sleep. At 2AM I realized I was still awake. At 3:30AM I realized I was still awake and needed to pee. So I did. I also realized it had been more than 6 hours since I took a pill. So I took a half of a unisom. Those don't wear off for about 9 hours, so I got about 3 hours left. I played brick breaker on my phone for an hour and then fell asleep. 2 hours later the men who are re-roofing our building got here. It sounds like a herd of wild elephants running around for about 10 hours a day. And that's where we're at right now. Oh and this morning? I remember singing and puppet showing. I just don't remember why I did it. I also text Paul at 8AM to see if we could go camping and he said, "Is this the meds talking?" But it's not, I really want to go camping.

We took Garrett to Cranial Technologies yesterday for a head evaluation and the first round of pictures. He's getting a helmet. Paul and I feel good about what they told us. I'll fill in more details when we go in for round 2 of pictures and get fitted, but for now, he'll probably have it in about 3 weeks and he'll wear it for 23 hours a day for the next 3.5 to 8 months. I know, right? Oh well. We saw a lot of doc band babies yesterday and they all seem to not mind the 4 ounces of plastic on their heads all day. And I talked to a lady in the elevator who had a 12 month old who was in his 5th month of doc band usage and she said he loves it and she sees tons of improvement. When its off for the 1 hour a day he wonders where it is. My only question is how does 4 ounces of plastic cost so much? Oh well, you can't put a price on a round head. Well, actually you can, and it's about $4500.00. Oh and did I mention that if he needs it for more than 4 months we have to have a second helmet made? So $4500 X2. We're waiting to hear tomorrow if our insurance covers any of this 'elective' treatment.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the kids

Garrett has learned to crawl. It's so cute watching him. It's still not consistent, or graceful is maybe a better word. But he's doing it. Often it looks like he's trying to run/crawl. He goes real fast and then belly flops. And other times he gets up on his hands and feet and stomps but doesn't go anywhere. But we're baby proofing the house this week! He opens drawers and cupboards and today I left him in the dining room while I ran down the hall to get some hangers, and when I came back he'd made his way into a closet and was trying to eat a plastic bag. There's a lot to do around here to make it baby safe! (Like clean.)

He's becoming very interactive and loves peek a boo and any sound really. He seems to get bored and we need to keep his toys rotating throughout the day. He gets stuck a lot when he's navigating around. He can't figure out why he runs into a wall, and he gets tangled up in the legs of his high chair. But for the most part he figures it out. EVERYTHING goes in his mouth. (except food) He's picky, and he wants to do it himself. If we don't watch every second while he eats, he'll find a way to grab the bowl and or spoon and try to eat on his own. It's a messy experience quite often.

But we love him.

His little sibling is doing well. Growing on schedule. Heart sounds good, etc. I've been really, really sick this time around. The doctors first remedy hasn't helped at all, so today I got a new plan. And by plan I mean prescription. For the first time in my life I had a doctor tell me that I've lost too much weight, (7 lbs.). So I'm off to pick up a new prescription as well as plain crackers, warm Snapple, and sour patch kids. I guess my diet off raw almonds, ginger ale, folic acid, unisom, and B6 isn't cutting it. (The warm Snapple and sour patch kids will go along with vegis, grilled meat, fruit and whole grains, the warm and sour is just supposed to help the healthy stuff stay down. My baby will not be made of sugar.)

I felt him/her kick for the first time two days ago. I've felt a few 'gold fish in a fish bowl' feelings for a week or so, but Sunday night I had a kick that made me stop in mid-sentence while I was talking to my brother. I love it. Feeling baby move is my favorite and (aside from the end result) the only part of pregnancy I really like. I said it. I love my kids, but I'm not one of those women who love being pregnant.

I've been asked a lot of questions about this pregnancy the past week or so. How it compares, how it's different, about names, ultrasounds, etc. Maybe I'll do a Q and A post soon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We made it to Utah, on schedule. Garrett was still a little sick, and stayed a little sick for a couple days after we got here. I blame his grumpiness on the runny nose and antibiotics that I shove down his throat every night while his head is flailing and he screams at the top of his lungs. I'd be grumpy too. 2 more days of meds... I also blame me for his 'off schedule-ness'. No matter how hard I try, bedtime is later and nap times are shorter whenever we're not at home.

He did fine on the flight. No tears. Lots of toys on the floor and lots of standing between my legs. (Thanks Paul for getting us an 'even more legroom' seat.) And lots of playing with the 5 year old half-rican american boy next to us, (with a huge fro that G laughed at the whole time)who YELLED in mid-flight to his Grandma across the isle, "Nanny-Beeeee! I found a yiddle angel baby!!!" It got lots of laughs from several rows of people.

But more importantly, I did fine on the flight. I feel like I'm a bit of a 'seasoned traveller'. I have airlines and airports that I like and don't like. I feel I've travelled enough to have these opinions. I won't name any I don't like. But I will say, when Paul and I plan family trips for us and the kids, if we want to go somewhere that Jetblue does not fly too, I will reconsider plans.

Our time in UT is going fast. The big party is on Saturday and things are coming along. We're having catered chinese food for the family dinner. But aside from that, I'm heading up all the rest. (with lots of help from my mom and a couple aunts) There is an open house right after dinner. I'm doing table decorations, room decor, mini sandwiches, fruit kabobs, relish trays, fresh fruit lemonade, chocolate dipped oreos, pretzels, and strawberries, and 5 flavors of mini cupcakes, as well as candy jars. All of my aunts and uncles are doing a 2 minute tribute, there will be a couple songs from the 40's, we're working on a timeline of major world events and family events that have happened in the past 70 years, Paul has made a fun video slide show that you can see HERE, and all the kids, grand kids, and great grand kids, have written letters that will be compiled in a book. And a photographer will be there to document it all through pictures.

And the best part is that I'm not stressed out! My poor grandma is though. She has her blouse, skirt, nylons and shoes all laid out and ready for the big day, as well as my grandpa's suit, shirt, and matching tie, (that my mom and I picked out and bought for him) but she still feels so overwhelmed by what I'm "willing to take on". (her words) I check in with her daily to assure her that its fun and stress-free for me. Cute little Grandma.

HERE is the invite in the Davis County Clipper. It should be in the SL tribune and/or Deseret news today. Come on by if you happen to know them and didn't get an invite by mail.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

packing for utah ???

Garrett and I are supposed to be heading to Utah tomorrow night. That's the plan right now anyway. Unfortunately our weekend whirlwind trip kind of did the little G man in. Early Monday morning, like 4am, I heard him coughing in his crib. He slept through it so I wasn't too worried. But all day monday he was sneezing, coughing, and rubbing his face a lot. He woke up 3 times during the night on Monday night and I could tell he just wasn't feeling good.

I called the doc yesterday and took him in. One eye was just slightly pinkish and watery, and he was still sneezing and coughing and had a pretty runny nose. The doc said he thinks its just a mild cold, but he said that he's had a few cases of pneumonia with babies this week so we started a 10 day antibiotic just to prevent that. I told him about our trip and asked if I should cancel it, and he said, no and that Garrett will be fine.

I had him sleep in the pack and play next to our bed last night. He fell asleep fast but at about midnight he woke up. He could not get comfortable. He tossed and turned, and grunted. No crying, but not falling back to sleep. I finally picked him up and put him in bed with us. He was asleep in seconds and he literally didn't move for 7 more hours. This is the first time Garrett has slept with us. I'm not a fan of co-sleeping, and it definitely wont be a normal thing, but I loved waking up next to a cozy, warm, cuddly baby.

This morning has been about the same as yesterday, except that he's a little more content today. Yesterday he was pretty fussy and if he wasn't within arms reach of me he'd cry. Today he's back to playing and entertaining himself. But still all the same cold stuff going on. I hate seeing him like this. The only good part is when he's really tired but not falling asleep he wants to cuddle. He rests his head on my shoulder or chest and just looks at me, or looks at my shirt. I had a jacket on during one snuggle and he just kept lightly rubbing the zipper while resting on me. Oh I love it! It made me miss when he was a month or so and all we did all day was cuddle. He's still smiling and laughing, even when he had snot running down his face and watery eyes. He's just so positive and easy-going all the time. Sometimes I wonder how he came from me.

Anyway, that's where we're at right now. If I don't see some more improvement by tomorrow morning, we may postpone our trip for a couple days. But praying we make it out tomorrow.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a crazy, exhausting, but pretty enjoyable weekend. We got up early saturday morning, (3:30am) and flew to Denver (Me, Paul, G, and Annie). There, we met up with Paul's parents and his Uncle Dave, Aunt Sha, and their kids, Jake and Hawkin. We drove from Denver to Albin, WY to some property my in-laws own and we scattered Phil's mom's remains and had a very informal graveside service.This land is usually covered in sunflowers. This time of year it's pokey, dead sticks.Brothers.Our family.Uncle Dave's family.

When that was over we walked to Nebraska. The end of the family property is on the Nebraska border, and because I'm a nerd and I've never been to Nebraska, I made Paul walk with me and take pictures. I also wanted Garrett to be able to say that he was in 4 different states before nap time. California, Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. Not that he cared at all, or knew. But we did it and I have proof.We made it!Just hanging out in Nebraska. Such a beautiful state, right?!Walking back to the cars.Paul and I decided we'd make really crappy pioneers. But Garrett didn't seem to mind the trek.He's so tired after his national tour.

We then headed back to Cheyenne, WY, and checked into a hotel. Everyone took naps. We went to dinner and then spent a little time at the hotel pool. We called it a night pretty early and all slept great. The next morning (Mother's Day) we met for breakfast.Garrett practicing him crawl. When he gets up to his hands and knees he only goes forward with him legs and then face plants.But when he's in army crawl mode his arms seem to work just fine. He'll get it soon enough. Maybe too soon. Now that I've seen how he can move and what he can get into without knowing how to crawl yet, he can take his time!

After check out, we went to the Sierra Trading Post outlet. Have you ever been there?? I was pretty impressed. I got shoes, 2 shirts, sun glasses, a skirt, capris, and a gift for my mom. And Paul got 2 shirts, a jacket, and a little travel bag. All for less than $200! I got $100 from Garrett (my mother-in-law) for mother's day, otherwise I probably wouldn't have got so much stuff.

From there we headed to Fort Collins, CO, and had lunch with family from Bekah's side. Her brother, his wife, their daughter Rachel and her husband Matt, and their son Brandon.Then it was back to Denver to return the rental car and catch a flight home. Saying we were exhausted is an understatement.Oh and have you ever flown in or out of Denver in the springtime? Turbulence is also an understatement. It's more like a relentless airplane earthquake. At one point I really thought one of the wings might blow off. Needless to say, my still sensitive tummy did not like it. But we made it above the wind and the flight was ok. It was the descending into Orange County that the problems really began.

So here's my not-so-proud mother's day moment. We hit some more turbulence during our descent into OC. Turns out Garrett hates turbulence too, and he made sure everyone around us knew it. I took him from Paul and tried to calm him down, but as I was trying to get him to calm down and breathe I was also trying to get myself to calm down and breathe. The closer we got to the ground, the sicker I felt. I kept saying it's ok, it's ok, to Garrett, and I was also saying it's ok, it's ok, to myself. As soon as we touched down Paul looked at me and said, "are you ok?" I think I closed my eyes and slowly shook my head, no. Garrett was still crying. I looked at Paul. He grabbed the barf bag from the seat pocket, and in just enough time he opened it and put it up to my mouth. I threw up. Garrett cried and cried and cried. And I threw up, and threw up, and threw up. That moment kind of reminded me of labor. You suddenly don't care who sees or hears what's going on, you just know there's something inside your body that has to come out. And it did. We finally pulled up to the gate, and life was ok again.

As you can imagine, I'm a little worried about our next flight, which is Thursday night to Utah. Just Garrett and me. If the same thing happens again I'm going to give the flight attendant the option, either you hold my child or you hold my hair back. I told Paul on the drive home, if I didn't have to fly again in 4 days I'd be saying that its time for a really long break from air planes. We just won't ever fly back to back like that again. 2 in 2 days is too much.

But we made it home and it was a good first Mother's Day, (all things considered). Garrett slept for 12 hours last night and I slept for almost 11. Sleep is the best gift a mother can recieve. Can I get an Amen?

Friday, May 6, 2011

cinco de mayo

We went to a cinco de mayo party last night. It was really fun. Lots of people there. There was authentic Mexican food. And by authentic, I mean, hamburgers, hot dogs, pop corn, and snow cones. They also had enchiladas, rice, beans, nachos, and street tacos. There was a free raffle with gifts from movie tickets to ipads. Several bounce houses, booths with games and prizes, life size version of angry birds, a live mariachi band and california’s biggest piƱata with over a 1000 lbs of candy in it. Pretty impressive and it was all FREE.

We were just going to spot by, but we ended up staying for the whole thing. Garrett was happy and curious the whole time. A funny little lady kept finding us and asking why he didn’t have a balloon yet. She found us at the very end and gave him some balloons.

Here’s our night in pictures.