Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Paul and I wanted to take Garrett on his first camping trip. So mid-week last week we found a place we wanted to go. There were several spots left, so we waited til the next day to book it and the next day they were gone. Sad day. But we still had a fun weekend.

Saturday we did some house work. Then went shopping for Garrett stuff. We finally got him a bigger car seat. We've been meaning to do this for a couple months, but I wasn't ready to give up the nice little compact one that I can take in a store with me if he falls asleep. But we decided it was time. He likes the new one. It's roomier and and can see out the windows better. We also got some baby proofing stuff for the house so he wont get electrocuted, drink cleaning supplies or fall down the stairs. Side note: I think its interesting that mom's get so excited about mile stones, (that's to be expected) but the funny thing to me is how quickly after baby crawls, that you wish they couldn't move so quickly and easily. Or you wait for it for a month or so, seeing how close they are to actually doing it, and when they finally do, you're not ready...maybe that's just me. He's so much fun, but everyday I see a little more daring and adventurous side of him. He's keeping us on our toes!

We also did some shopping for his little sib. We mostly looked at cribs. We'll also be getting the new one a changing table and a wardrobe because they won't be in the same room, and only one of the (soon to be four) bedrooms in our apartment has a real closet in it. We're working on the logistics of turning our massive master bedroom into a medium sized master bedroom and a nursery for 2.0. Our bedroom is shaped just like Utah, and the baby will be in the Northern Utah region, and we sleep in Southern Utah. It's a perfect set up really, we just need a couple walls. We didn't actually buy anything yet. I found stuff I like, but we'll probably wait a couple more months to start buying.

Sunday we went to church, Paul worked for a couple hours, then we headed over to his parents house. We pitched our tent in Poppy's backyard. Roasted hot dogs over a fire outside, had s'mores for dessert, sat by the fire until Garrett got tired, and then we went to bed. Paul, Garrett and I all slept in the tent. Garrett did really well, but we're glad we did a trial run because there are a couple things we'll change for our real camping trip this coming weekend.

Monday we cooked breakfast outside. I had roasted mallows for breakfast. Yummy. Then we packed up and headed home to get cleaned up. We did a little shopping at South Coast Plaza that afternoon, then headed back to the in-laws. I then had the best hour I've had thus far in this pregnancy. A prenatal massage. Oh the best! This is going to become a more regular part of pregnancy for me, as well as chiropractic adjustments once I get into my third trimester. Later we had a barbecue and then headed back home. It was a really fun weekend, with lots of time outside. I love the sun!Trying out his very own tent! (He didn't sleep in this.)PRETEND CAMPING!!!Why should I sleep when there's an air mattress to crawl around on??Family picture in the tent.Heading home for a bath and a nap in his own bed!

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