Friday, June 24, 2011


This year our Greenhalgh family trip was in Vegas. We got a big condo at the south end of the strip. Taylor flew to Long Beach from Alaska and drove with us and the whole family met there this past friday.

Friday evening we all just hung out at the condo and everyone played with Garrett until way past his bedtime.

Saturday morning we all went to a time share presentation. (my parents already own the time share and we can all use it, but if we went to an hour long deal to learn about it we each got a hundred bucks and free breakfast) So we went. Taylor's soon to be in-laws and six other members of his fiances family came down from St. George to meet all of us that afternoon, and we had a barbecue with them. I didn't take any pictures of them except for this one of the two little nieces following Garrett around. That night we swam, did some shopping, the boys played some 21, we went to dinner and played games at the condo.
Sunday was father's day. I made brownies. Thoughtful, I know. We spent most of the day at the Hoover Dam. Went on the tour, wandered around, bought some dam souvenirs, walked over the new bridge, etc.Garrett getting scanned by security at the dam. (No, he's not named after the security company.)Monday the boys had a golf day and the girls had a craft/shopping day. Laura did a Wood Co run before the trip and then she and I spent a couple hours at H & M. Love that place! That night the boys went golfing again and went to the casinos while Laura and I watched The Bachelorette.Tuesday the boys went on a tour of the Shelby factory and us girls had a pool/sun day with Garrett. (a lot of our down time was spent at the pool) Tuesday night we all made it to the strip for some sight seeing and shopping.
It was good to be with everyone. Especially now since a couple of us are in different states, it makes family time feel more important. But, Vegas is too hot. Next year we'll go somewhere with a more mild climate.

Wednesday we came home. My parents and Taylor came back to California with us to spend a couple days. And my mom, Garrett and I went straight to Pasadena on Wednesday to pick up the DOC band. It has begun. DOC band update coming tomorrow.

Here are a couple videos. One of Garrett playing with a balloon and one in the pool.

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