Saturday, May 28, 2011

baby names

With Garrett, Paul and I didn't really start discussing baby names until we knew we were having a boy. But I guess we'd discussed it enough to have a girl name we loved and a boy name we loved. When we found out it was a boy, we talked about the boy name and tried to think of others just to make sure we were sure. Nothing else came to mind, so we knew we were sure.

This time around has been kind of the same. No serious conversations yet. However, I feel about 100% sure that its another boy. Paul I think was leaning towards girl, but recently told me that he's also pretty sure its a boy. So we spent about an hour discussing boy names. We finally went through the entire alphabet and tried to say a boy name starting with each letter that we kind of liked. FAIL. By the end of the conversation, we had (and now have) 2 GIRL names that we love. And all I can remember about boy names where ones like Optimus, Xavier, and Exodus.

I've always thought I was kind of in the middle when it came to traditional names vs. unique names. But I'm learning I lean more towards unique names. Not never before heard of, impossible to spell kind of names. Just ones that you don't hear a lot. Paul is more traditional. His name is traditional and his sisters is too, Anne. My family is about as traditional as they come with a couple, David and Scott. Mine is maybe a little more not heard all the time, but definitely a name that gets used and is pretty easy to spell. And then Taylor. I love the name Taylor, but kind of more these days for a girl. (Taylor in my family is a boy, but I like that too because it's not super common.) Paul goes for names like Ryan, James, Tom, etc. Nothing wrong with them. Just not different enough for me.

So, we got nothin'. A couple nights ago we were about to head to bed and I got sucked into a baby boy name website for about an hour. I found a boy name that I really, really liked. I even woke Paul up to tell him the name. And the next morning I couldn't for the life of me remember the name. Still can't. And Paul didn't even remember me waking him up.

I think we're done talking about it for another month or so, at least until we have our ultrasound.

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Heidi said...

haha...Paul didn't even remember you waking him up. That's hilarious! And sounds just like Daniel. :)

Well, I'm sure you saw the millions of baby name books that I've reviewed since we've been in the exact same boat. So, if you find out that both of your instincts are right, definitely check some of them out from the library. I feel like I find the same old things on the web sometimes.

Good luck!