Monday, June 6, 2011

Pretending to be fancy and some Pregnancy FAQ's

Paul is a member of the Whittier Lion's Club. If you're not familiar with what a Lion's Club does, you're not alone. I still don't know even after spending an evening with a lot of Lions. But basically its a non-profit group of (wealthy) men who fund raise and do good things for the community. The focus of Paul's group is Sight For Kids. They raise money for kids who's families can't afford eye glasses. Another thing his group is doing is called March To A Million. They're trying to raise a million dollars in a scholarship fund for under privileged students, and they're about half way there. Friday night was a yearly summer social event with an over priced (delicious) dinner, lots of yummy appetizers, an open bar, cigars, and several desserts. I was talking to one of the men who was trying to explain the group and he finally said, "We're kind of an odd group of men, but we are damn good at raising money for good causes." Another man tried to explain the club too, he did the best job. "We're good men with extra money who want to help the community. But of course we have to make a living, so the club gives us a change to get our names out there and promote business a bit." He also said, "We're very loyal to each other. If I know someone who has a need, and I know a lion who is in that line of business, I will always refer people to fellow lions." Good enough. As I mentioned, most of the men are very successful businessmen, very established in the community, and very rich. (How Paul snuck in the club, I still can't figure out.) Several times during the night I had men tell me what a great addition he is to the club, and every time I got a comment like that I'd turn to Paul and say, without anyone hearing me, "Does he know we're poor?" We went on a tour of the house the dinner was at and as we walked in Paul whispered, "Babe, you might not want to leave your purse on the chair, you might end up with more money in it than when you left it." It was odd socializing with so many millionaires at one time. A lot of doctors, lawyers, a former senator, business owners, the richest man in Whittier, and then us. I bet it's safe to say we were the only ones there who showed up in a car that was made before 2010. And I about guarantee we were the only ones there who live in a attic! I wrote an entire comedy routine in my head as I sat and took it all in. (For those of you who don't know, I was a stand-up comedian in a past life.) Paul is also the youngest Lion. The one closest to him in age is 15 years older, and I sat next to the man who was president of the club 5 years before I was born. I kept singing in my head, the song from sesame street, "One of these kids is not like the others..." All joking aside, it was actually a lot of fun.Next, when I was in Utah I got a lot of questions for friends, aunts and cousins about this pregnancy. I was asked each of these Q's at least twice, so I thought YOU might want to know too.

How is this pregnancy different from your first? I don't think about it hardly at all. Sometimes I feel like I forget that I'm pregnant, as crazy as that may sound. At my last dr. appointment, (that I went to alone, with G I wanted Paul at every appointment, this time around its easier going by myself and I don't mind going alone at all.) Anyway, when the doc was done she asked what questions I had for her. I told her I feel kind of bad, but I don't have any questions. Also with G, I felt like I had a list of new questions at every appointment, and with this one as I was driving there I felt like I needed to try and think of something to ask about. But I had nothing. The doc assured me that its fine to come with no questions, especially when its not your first. She told me its ok to not think about it as much because we have something else keeping us busy. And that's how its been. I don't think, wonder or worry hardly at all about 2.0. But I love him (or her) a lot.

Have you been more sick, less sick, or about the same this time around? More sick. With Garrett I knew I needed to be done being productive for the day at 3:00PM everyday. It really was like clockwork with G. And with him I almost always threw up right after dinner. With #2 its totally unpredictable. I'll wake up in the morning sick. I'll throw up suddenly no where near the time I've had a meal. I'll throw up 3 or 4 times at night until there's nothing left to come out. Paul did an emergency garbage can run for me one night when I was in bed, and another time I had to kneel down and throw up on the piano bench. Other than that I've always made it to the toilet. Oh, except that one time on an airplane, and this past weekend I threw up in our tent. My record is 6 times in one day. I've eventually learned to manage it ok. Ginger ale and raw almonds where the meal of choice for several weeks. It's slowly getting better, now that I'm past 17 weeks. But I definitely did not have the magical stop to morning sickness at 14 weeks like I did with G.

Have you found a doctor you like? Umm, kind of. I was referred by Garrett's pediatrician to the doctor(s) we're seeing. There are 6 or 7 in the office and during my prenatal care I'll rotate through 3 of them. I really liked the first, a man, and to be honest, I kind of think I'd like a guy this time. I had a conversation with a nurse at Garrett's doctor and she made me start to think I might wanna have a male. G's doc gave us 2 names out of the 7 that he really likes. My next appointment was with the female he recommended (loved her) and I'm hoping the next appointment will be the male he recommended. After being in labor for a bajillion hours and going through 4 shifts of labor and delivery nurses, and also seeing how good Paul is as a 'husband coach', and, remembering that out of the bajillion hours, my doc was there for about 5 minutes of it, I'm just not quite as worried this time. I'll hopefully learn more about the way the system works here, and be able to find someone I'm really comfortable with, but for now its not a stress for me.

Do you think it's a boy or a girl? I think it's a boy. The White men don't know how to make girls. There have only been 2 women born into the White family in over a hundred years. And I'm from a family of all boys. Some say we're due for a girl. But, I'm so confident its a boy.

Do you want a boy or a girl? Yes, I'd like one or the other. (I said that to the person who asked and it didn't get a laugh.) I'm sure I'll be happy with either. Some half serious conversations that have been had are: It'd be convenient if its a boy because the 2 kids would probably entertain each other better. I'd be a lot more tempted to stop at 2 if it was a girl. It'd be cheaper if it was a boy. (Paul said that) And my response was that it wouldn't be cheaper, but twice as expensive because I'd buy 2.0 new clothes in baby sizes and I'd buy matching ones for G in toddler sizes. (probably not really, but I'm sure it would happen from time to time) I honestly haven't thought much about it. Nor have I spent much time thinking about how tiny G's room is (no room for another crib) and how there's not a room for 2.0 yet. And I don't want to give up the guest room because I feel like visitors wouldn't come if they didn't have their own space.

Have you had any cravings? I've been so sick that I haven't pinned down many definite cravings. A couple things for sure are Arby's jr roast beef and watermelon. Both I had almost the whole time with G. (part of why I think its a boy) I haven't craved candy at all, which is something I've craved my whole life, and that happened with G too. And there was a time a couple weeks ago at the grocery store where suddenly vanilla ice cream and pickles sounded really good. I bought them both and ate them both, but not together. And the past couple weeks I've lived on fruit. Any and all fruit.

Are you finding out what you're having? Yes, that's the plan. Our ultrasound is in a few weeks. They said I could come in between 17 and 22 weeks, so now if I wanted, but I wanted to be closer to 20 weeks, and we'll be out of town so I find out after 20. I cant remember when. Like the very last day of this month maybe.

Are you telling the name before the baby is born this time? Maybe. I don't feel as excited about keeping it a secret this time around. But we might not come up with a name before s/he is born, and if that's the case, we wont share any of our options.

Are you showing? I feel like I started showing before I even knew I was pregnant. It's different the second time around for sure! But I feel like I popped over the past couple days. I had a lot of lions (who Paul hadn't told) meet me and congratulate me, or kind of point to my tummy and say, "is this your first?" So, yes, I'm for sure showing now.

Are you ready to be the mother of two? No. But I don't have a choice so I'm glad I still have 5 months to get ready.

Can you feel the baby move? Yes. It happened a couple weeks ago, and now its becoming more regular, but I still don't notice it everyday.

How do you think Garrett is feeling about it? I'm not trying to be mean, but I can't believe how many people have seriously asked me this question! Like 5. Um, I don't know how he feels about it, he doesn't talk about it much. But every once in a while he pushes and stomps on my belly. That's all I got!

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