Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We took Garrett on his first official camping trip. (We had a practice run in Poppy's backyard the week before.) We did 'beach' camping in San Onofre. We had to go up a little hill (about 15 ft.) to see the beach and it was a few hundred feet down when we got up that hill. We were camping on a cliff that overlooked the beach. It was beautiful, but it was not Utah camping. I missed the mountains, trees, privacy, quiet, and rivers. We had people camping right by us, no shade, close to the freeway, and train tracks. Although it was not the camping I'm used to, it was pretty fun.Garrett seemed to enjoy it. He entertained himself in the tent all by himself while Paul and I prepared and ate dinner. And the next day he was in there for a couple hours just crawling all over the blankets, pillows, and pads while we played cards. We checked him every few minutes and he was loving it in there. He slept from 8PM til midnight, and then from 1AM til 5:30AM. When he woke up at 5:30 I was sound asleep and I woke up to him laughing. When I opened my eyes he was on his hands and knees right over my face laughing at me sleeping. It scared the crap out of me. I fed him and he fell asleep for a couple more hours.It was pretty low-key. We went on a walk, sat by the fire, had s'mores, and went to bed pretty early. I got sick when we went to bed and threw up in the tent, it's something Paul and I are used to at this point.On the way home we stopped at Dana Point for a picnic. I could live in Dana Point. It's beautiful.

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Heidi said...

Fun! San Juan Capistrano has some great beach camping with shade, and from what I remember, sites that aren't right on top of each other. Still not private and no rivers, but...

Big Bear offers more Utah-like mountain camping. We'd go there every year!