Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the 3D doc band appointment

Garrett got his second round of pictures taken of his head today. The ones where they cover his whole head with a white nylon and make him look like the worlds cutest criminal.The pictures went well. Even when the women taking them messed up and had to try again. Garrett just sat there like a champ and waited for her to redo them. The 2 helping her said that G made this whole process look easy. I was happy this went well. My only knowledge of this process was what I saw on Quints by Surprise. And the baby boy on that screamed and screamed and screamed during his pictures.

We go back in 2 weeks to pick up the finished product, and then we go back every 2 weeks for the next 4-8 months.

I thought today would be harder for me than it was. Especially when I walked in the door and heard an out of control screaming baby, and then 3 more screaming babies throughout our appointment. It's hard to have a baby look or act uncomfortable or scared because of something I'm choosing to do, (that of course is beneficial in the long run) especially when I can't explain why we're doing it. So I was glad it was a tear free visit for us. Every 2 weeks they measure his head and adjust the band accordingly. It helped when we left that the waiting room was full of strollers and full of happy doc band babies. Garrett will do fine, I'm sure!

We are still waiting to see if our insurance will kick in and cover anything, but in the meantime, we paid in full today for band number 1 in order to get a $300 discount. Thanks to our Dave Ramsey inspired emergency fund and 2 sets of grandparents who love the crap out of Garrett we were able to do this.Here is Garrett waiting for them to call us back to see the 3D image. Yes, it looks like we've left our child standing on a 4 inch ledge all by himself, but I assure you Paul's hands were at bum level just outside of the picture.

This morning I was going through some of Garrett's stuff and I came across his drawer full of adorable hats. I think we'll do a hat photo shoot in the next couple weeks and then say good-bye to all the summer hats that we'll never get to use. No biggie...

We stopped at an outlet mall on the way home just to walk around and I found some size 18 month baby hats. I almost bought one to fit over the band so he doesn't get a weird tan, but I didn't get it. But I did go in 5 different baby stores trying to find 12 month sleepers that snap, not zip, and I found zero. Do they make em? Garrett's toes are curling and the sleeves are too short now on his 9 monthers, but his room stays really cool so I still want a couple sleepers. And speaking of baby stores. Have you ever been in Sprockets? Wow, if you have a baby and you lack self control, stay out! CUTE STUFF! I'll frequent that place when we have money again.

I've gone back on whether or not to post the first round of pictures. But I know most of the people who read this don't see us that often, and when we do see you and the head situation comes up, no one can ever really tell what the problem is. So here you go. Notice the head tilt, how much lower the left ear is than the right because the left jaw is pushed in and its pulling his ear down. The left side of his forehead is flat and the back right side pulls back too far. And the last two pictures show the flat spot on the back of his head and how once his hair line starts (at his ears) his head is a little too wide. That little helmet has a lot of work to do. (Which is why he'll probably outgrow this first one and need a second one.)I know, he's still the cutest baby ever, even with all his asymmetry. The best thing Paul has said in this whole process, "What if his asymmetry is the source of all his cuteness?!"


Rachel and Codee said...

Hang in there lil G...

I haven't read every post on your blog, but how does this happen? Is it just the way he was positioned while you were pregnant or something else?

Crystal said...

Gotta love the helmet :-) Seriously, we did it for Victor and it wasn't bad at all. But when you take it off for that one hour a day, make sure you wash it. Oh boy, they start to stink like a cast. Also, like you have mentioned in a previous post, he will get used to it. Victor handled it in the first hour. You just need to make sure you are consistent and make him wear it. Good Luck with it. Keep us updated on it....i'm sure you will. Check out my final post of the helmet. My little guy had wear it over the summer too.

Dana said...

He is soo cute. These look like baby mugshots!