Monday, June 13, 2011

celebrating 2 years

Paul and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary yesterday. We went to church, and then took Garrett on a walk and to the park. Later Paul and I had reservations for a lovely dinner at the Summit House. It was fantastic. Best prime rib I've ever had, (I may have never ordered prime rib before because I'm almost always a chicken kinda girl, but my expectations were exceeded). And the presentation of all the food was beautiful. I think because I enjoy party catering as a hobby, I love seeing a good food presentation, and the Summit House delivered. They even gave us complimentary cream puffs and ice cream with candles and a little chocolate that said "Happy Anniversary". There was live piano music playing the whole time and the service was amazing. We'll for sure go again. It was nice to have a couple hours to sit and talk, just the two of us. We talked about things that have happened the past two years, good and bad, things we're looking forward to, things we want to do in the coming years, and we talked about the design of our dream house.Here are some things that have happened in twos in the past two years...

We've moved twice. (The avenues to Milcreek, Milcreek to Southern California.)

We've lived in two different states.Sold two cars.

Bought two cars.

Started two news jobs. (one each)

Had two Emergency Room visits. (one each)

Had two minor car accidents. (Me hitting a metal post, Paul rear ending a guy in the snow.)

We've had two pregnancies. (one finished, and one almost half way done.)This year we've also...

Taken Garrett on a few vacations, and his first camping trip.Had a lot of fun evenings at Disneyland.Bought a king size bed (and wondered how we survived year one with just a queen).

Played games together.

We've gone on a lot of walks.Enjoyed a few picnics.

Spent time at the beach.

I looked back at the post from our first anniversary and it was mostly full of vacations, promotions, adventures, etc. I can tell you that just by the things that have come to mind as I look back at the second year, that its been a lot more challenging, and a lot less care-free, but I can also see how much closer Paul and I have become through it all. I have the best husband in the world, the best son in the world, we're being blessed with another baby, and I wouldn't change a thing.

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Elen said...

Congrats on your 2-year! You are both great!