Thursday, June 2, 2011

Little Cruiser

This whole baby blog/family blog sometimes seems like too much for me. My main goal with G's blog is to be able to make him books to have when he's older, (I'll be glad later) but the thought of separately documenting another child's life on top of all this seems overwhelming. I also feel like I want to put the same stuff I put on his, on this one, but I never do. I've also thought I should start printing some of the thousands of pictures I've taken of him and start a regular scrap book. I need to pay a professional organizer to come and help me. And while they're at it, they can organize my whole house too. Sigh...

I've entered "nesting mode". But I don't know if its really nesting, because it has nothing to do with 2.0. I want to clean closets, move file cabinets, organize our food storage into categories, buy shelving for Christmas and other holiday decor, set up a craft area, give stuff to goodwill, etc. So maybe I should say I've entered "Spring cleaning mode", just a couple months late.

I think I might be feeling this way because of Garrett. I feel the need to de-junk and get organized so he has plenty of (safe) room to do his thing. Right now his favorite places to go when he feels the need to relocate are, the bathroom, the kitchen, and out the back door- which leads to a small porch covered in plants and about 20 rock stairs. All the places I don't want him to go. I guess the room with nice carpet and fun toys isn't good enough. The bathroom and kitchen are both tile floors and for some reason he loves crawling on them, even though it looks much harder to do. And in just a matter of days he's become bored with crawling. If he can crawl to it, and it has something he can get ahold of, ie, cushions of the couch, chairs, ottoman, wooden and metal slats of stools and chairs, slats in his crib, fabric on his pack n play, fabric on peoples pants, etc, he grabs it, and stands up. But now its beginning to seem like standing is boring too, because he's becoming more adventurous. He's trying to hold onto things and walk along in front of them, or if he gets to a point where he can reach something else he'll turn and reach for it and stand by that, like the couch to the coffee table. I really love watching him learn and try new things, but just once in a while when I'm trying to cook or get ready for the day, it'd be nice if he thought it was fun to sit and not move at all for like an hour or so. Hah!

Here are some pictures and videos of the little man in action. I've been doing more video lately, because this phase we're in is fun to watch. (At least for me, you can skip right over them if you want.)

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maranoelle said...

i can't wait to throw toys at G and have him laugh hysterically in just about a month!!!!! love you guys.