Saturday, June 25, 2011

a vain confession, and the start of the doc band.

I think Garrett is cute. Quite possibly the cutest baby in the world. ;) I've gotten used to strangers on a regular basis just eating him up. Not only does he smile at everyone, but he acts excited to see everyone, and people can't get enough. He's a total charmer.

When my mom and I were sitting with him at Cranial Tech I said to her, "Is it bad that one of my biggest fears about the helmet is that he probably won't get compliments all the time??" (I know, but I said 'vain' in the title, what did you expect?)

Well, we're on our third full day with the doc band. I had this horrible feeling when I first saw the thing. You know that scene in 'The Man in the Iron Mask' when the king brother captures his twin again and puts his back in the mask and as he's pinning him down to put it on him the brother screams and screams and flails his head back and forth and begs him to kill him instead?? Yeah, I saw that seen over and over in my head when I thought of putting G in his band. Much to my surprise it was quite opposite. He sat still while we put it on and then he smiled as soon as he got strapped in. No tears, no frustration, no trying to touch it or pull it off. And as soon as it was on he was all over the place playing with toys again. They made a couple minor adjustments, gave us some instructions and we were on our way.

That first evening we went out to a street fair. I was a little nervous. Paul, Taylor and Garrett walked way ahead of my mom and I because we wanted to check everything out. Every time we caught up with them they'd give us a report. "Two people said how cute he is, and one lady walked by and said, Ooohhhh, cute!" Then the next time, "Three people said he's adorable, and one guy asked what it was." Etc. I know this isn't something that I should even worry about, but I felt better after that.

Then for the next two days Paul and I went out of town for a late anniversary trip. (maybe that post will come tomorrow) My mom did a great job at taking care of Garrett and he's doing great at acclimating to the band. The first couple days we were supposed to check his head for rashes every 4 hours. He has a couple pink spots a couple times at the opening of the band, (which is normal) but they faded fast and he acts no different whether its on or off. Phew, I'm so happy about that.

So we're on to 23 hours a day. An hour off to swim, bathe, play, whatever. We wipe the band out with rubbing alcohol and let it dry during that hour and then its back on. It's a new routine, but its not too time consuming and it doesn't interfere with much.

We went out to dinner last night and he made friends with a one year old boy sitting next to us. I noticed some people watching the babies and I could tell that people were wondering what it was. I know I have no room to talk, because its a little uncomfortable for most people to see something different or unfamiliar, but I wish people weren't afraid to ask if they really want to know. I don't think I'd mind answering questions. But I know I'm not the type that asks either, so, I get it.I'll try and give updates every now and then on his progress. But, so far, so good. (And for my own record, Garrett got the DOC band on 6.22.11. One day before his 9 month mark.)

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Dana said...

I love how candid you are. I'm pretty sure that my inner thought life and your inner thought life are on the same bandwidth.
And, for the record. He's still as adorable as ever. Praying for you guys!!!!