Friday, June 3, 2011

Disneyland with friends

I've been blogging everyday it seems, and there's still stuff to catch up on. We've been busy!

We try to go to Disneyland at least every other week. Usually we just walk around, buy overpriced diet coke, maybe ride the train, and go home. It's just nice to get out and have something to do (that's free). On Tuesday our friends invited us to go with them, so we did. It was the day the new little mermaid ride opened, and it was open to pass holders only. I was really impressed with it! The line was HUGE, like every pass holder was there and standing in line. The nice thing for us was that we were with a fast pass holder, the soon to be Mrs. Dave Kroeze. It's not so nice that she has some medical problems that qualify her for a fast pass, but its nice that DL offers this benefit for people. We passed by the hordes of people and got right on. We went on a couple other rides too. We only had one complaint from a man standing in line who didn't think it was fair that we got to walk in the exit and go to the front of the line. So he decided to work his way to the front and confront the ride operator about why we were there. The poor girl running the ride was caught off guard and didn't respond to him sufficiently I guess, (I think he'd had a drink or two). So I stepped in and handled the situation. I probably could have been nicer, but, he went back to the end of the line and we were once again at the happiest place on earth. Garrett loved all the colors and music on the little mermaid ride, he hasn't sat this still in months!Getting his 3D gear on for the toy story ride.Riding the train back to the parking structure. I think Garrett had fun!

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