Thursday, June 16, 2011

some things that are overrated, and then just some other things... no particular order.

Bibs are over-rated. They don't work, and least for Garrett they don't. He either chews on it and gets food on both sides which ends up on his cloths, or he wipes his hands on his clothes. And those hard plastic ones with the tray bottom to catch the food? They are the best but no matter how tight I put it on him he finds a way to pull it down and get his mouth around the neck line of it, then his mouth gets stuck and he cries. I'm all for letting the mess get on the shirt, or just eating in his diaper.

I don't like 'June gloom.' It's a California thing, and I guess it lasts all month. Cool and gray in the morning and HOT in the afternoon, then usually pretty cool again in the evening. (At least that's how its been so far.) I always pick the wrong clothes for Garrett (and myself), and then I look like an irresponsible mom when Garrett is in shorts and a t-shirt and everyone else is in pants and jackets.

Cake pops are over-rated. I made them once and it kinda made me sick what goes into the making and mixing process. Paul loved them. I couldn't eat them, probably cause I made them. He took them too work and everyone loved them. Why are they so popular?

3D ultrasounds are over-rated. I'm sorry to everyone who thinks they are cool and gets them framed and gives them as gifts, but I think they are scary and they all pretty much look the same. (not like a baby)

The documentary 'Babies' was an hour and 17 minutes of boring. Have you seen it? I'd heard great things about it so I saved it to our nexflix queue and finally watched it. It follows 4 babies born in 4 different parts of the world from birth til age one. It didn't interest or fascinate me at all. The only parts I liked were when the little black baby kept falling asleep sitting up, and when the little American baby went down a slide in a cart and went too fast and then face planted in the sand. But other than those 45 seconds it was a big waste of time. But you might like it.

Prenatal massages are saving me. My mother in law has a regular massage lady who comes over every monday night. A few weeks ago I asked her to ask her lady if she knew anyone who did prenatal massage and it just so happened that her lady used to only do prenatal massage. Since learning this, I've had a massage from her every monday night. And as long as I'm in town I will have one every monday night until this baby is born. I don't know how I made it with only two massages my whole first pregnancy. I guess I'm getting old... Because, ya know, it was so long ago that I was pregnant with my first.

I used to think I was a social person. Then I married Paul. He knows more people and gets involved in more things than I ever thought possible. (and none of these groups or people are anyone he knew when he grew up here.) In less than 6 months he's become a member of the Lion's Club and has weekly meetings with them and does other service events. His business is 'involved' with the Chamber of Commerce but has never really been involved, and since Paul's been here he goes to their monthly breakfasts and volunteers for things with them. And a couple days ago he had lunch with the president of the Uptown Whittier Association and was asked to be a member of the Uptown Board of Directors. (He's still deciding on this one.) I don't mind all this stuff except I feel like I always have to be ready to meet people. It doesn't matter if we're at the grocery store, a restaurant, the gas station or a farmer's market, he'll see someone he knows and introduce me. And he remembers EVERYONE'S names and what they do. I spend a half hour with a lady at church and her baby and when we're done talking I have to ask her name for the 3rd time. Seeing him in action here makes me understand more why it was so hard for SereniCare to see him go. He's a networker, and everyone knows who he is!

Ok, that's all. My brother gets here in the morning from Alaska and then it's family vacation time!


Heidi said...

AMEN to cake pops. I made them once, and have tried them when others make them two other times, and I kind of find them repulsive. They just don't taste good. And mine looked ugly to boot. I'd rather just eat cake.

I thought 3D ultrasounds were dumb and creepy, but they turned that feature on during our ultrasound with each pregnancy, and I admit to liking it. :) I could see their little faces and it was pretty cool. I would never pay for an elective one though.

megantonesforever said...

I agree, I thought babies would be fun, BORING! Oh, I'm excited your pregnant again.