Wednesday, August 13, 2008

lympics, micros, friends, and the deep desire to trip a kid...all while I should be asleep.

1. I'm not watching much of the-lympics. My DVR is almost full because I'm recording them, but I might never watch them. Probably not. I was sad to hear that China locked up all the stinky and balled cab drivers for the duration of the olympics, also that they had a 'pretty girl' lip sync to an 'ugly girls' voice during the opening ceremonies. That's mean. I watched a little tonight with Dave, Paul and Robyn, and I cheered for the China girls gymnastics team because I'd heard this news, and they won the gold. Good job China. I have more O-lympy thoughts that I'll share at a later time...maybe.

2. It's late and I'm awake. I was so tired for the last 2 hours hanging out with the 3 mentioned above and now that I'm home I'm wide awake.

3. I had micro dermabrasion, (maybe spelled wrong) treatment yesterday. It was just gonna be on my face, but my shoulders, chest and back are have hyper pigmentation so they abrasioned all of me. Also, pretty painful. I won't get all dramatic like I did on my laser post, but this all better be worth it. Right now I feel like I'm over-paying for unique torture methods.

4. Last night I went to ensign peak and the state capital with 2 of my favorite Utah transplants. Dave, who is interning at Standing Together for the summer and goes back to Chicago on Monday...(tears splashing on the keys). And Paul who moved here a year ago from California and works at Standing Together. Here are 16 of the 127 pictures we took last night.
5. **WARNING** This is going to sound like I'm annoyed and being negative, and that's because I am. Actually, I'm just sending out a message/reminder and promise to myself. When I'm a mom I will NEVER pack a cooler, throw swim suits on my kids, (or just let them stay in their clothes) and grab the beach towels and head down to the Gateway shopping mall to spend the day at the fountains. IT IS NOT A WATER PARK! I had to run down there today during lunch to grab a gift and I could not walk to the stairs to get the the upper level. True story. There were towels, kids, chairs, moms, coolers, umbrella, screaming, running, splashing, puddles, beach balls, cameras, piles of clothes, you get the idea, EVERYWHERE. It blew my mind. I was taking the long way around, but I didn't go far enough off the normal route cuz a kid still ran into me. Go to Raging Waters, or Lagoon, or 7 Peaks, or your back yard! But for the love, don't use a public shopping area as your hot spot for summer fun in the sun. I'm gonna call...someone...who owns it? Maybe Larry H. Miller. He's familyish, he seems like the type that would allow that. But he's recovering right now. I let it go this year cuz it's almost time to get those little rug rats back in school. But next year I'm taking a stand.

Ok, sleep now.


Bryon said...

I'v always had a thing against the pedophile pond at the Gateway. I will support you in your cause... next year.

Melanie said...

haha... I am in 100% agreement with the Gateway thing. I don't have a problem with kids playing in the water when you're there... but if you're bringing coolers and lawn chairs... you just have to be stopped.

jake said...

Love your passion about the "gateway water park". LOL!!!!! Why have I not heard about those 2 lucky guys? R U dating one of them?

brian said...

you look so cute in hats