Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What the 100th post!

This is post #100 on this awesome blog. So, in honor of that I'd like you all...(both of you) to leave a comment with 100 things you love about me. Go.

Just kidding.

I kind of have a lot to blog about right now, but I'm having that overwhelming feeling and I can't pick one thing. But I'm not quite tired enough yet to go to bed, but I'm too tired to commit to a full blog post. So here's a quick update and pictures and details will come later.

I had a super fun family boating trip at Wolf Creek slash Pine View last week. I left a day early and flew to Long Beach Saturday morning to meet Paul for the weekend. He drove out to CA for work stuff last Wednesday and then we drove home yesterday. So. Much. Fun. It was an awesomly fantastic trip and I'll post those pictures in the next day or 2.

I got lasered this morning and it wasn't that bad. I was going to take myself to Spoon Me as a reward for not crying or swearing but I didn't have time. Maybe I'll go tomorrow.

Tonight I went to a study group. We just started tonight and I think it's gonna be fun. We had a BBQ, discussed books we wanna read, and played Taboo. I think it's gonna be good.

Ok, I'm getting tired now...here is one final thought slash wonderment.

Am I lazy and/or a bad car owner if my main motivation for getting an oil change is to have the boys over at Jiffy vacuum my car?


Melanie said...

No... the only time my car is vacuumed is when I get the oil changed at Jiffy Lube!

chris said...

I can only think of 98 things. And yes you're a bad car owner but mostly because you've gone so long with only 3 hubcaps.

joe said...

Your summer sounds awesome. I love California! Lucky! Lol.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog from a comment from another blog. Funny stuff!

Platt Family said...

Happy 100th post! Keep them coming you crack me up!