Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fun Stuff

I'm not gonna write a lot on this post. It's been a busy fun few days and it's just beginning. I feel like if I don't hurry and post these pictures I'll get way behind on my public journal. So, real quick: Saturday my parents had a Good-bye BBQ for Dave. He was the summer intern at Standing Together. I'm sure I've mentioned him. We had a really fun 8 weeks and he left to go back to Chicago yesterday and I already miss him. The food was great and so was ping pong! Thanks Mom and Dad! In the pictures are, my brothers Taylor and Scott, myself, Dave, Paul and Robyn who both work at Standing Together. Love 'em all.
Sunday night was Worship '08. Standing Together sponsors this event every year. ('08 was #4) They worked really hard on this event and it was a really nice evening at the Gallivan Center. Essentially it was an outdoor concert featuring 3 worship bands. 2 from local churches and a band called Adam's Road. My Steve came and helped out and it was so good to see him. After the long night we (me and the Standing Together staff) went to the Bayou to unwind a bit. Lots of fun.
Monday night my dad took the whole family to the Bee's game. We had dinner and just hung at the game. All of the spouses slash significant others were busy so it was just the original 6. It was relaxing and fun. Thanks Dad!
I guess I wrote more than I thought I would. But there's a quick recap. I just got home from helping Paul move into a new apartment before he heads to California in the morning with Robyn for a couple work meetings. (They are both from the So Cal area so they're excited to spend time with their families, and Robyn with her boyfriend.) Stay tuned for: Greenhalgh vacation for a few days of boating and relax time at Wolf Creek resort, starting tomorrow. Then Saturday morning I'm flying to Long Beach to meet up with Robyn and Paul until Monday, then the 3 of us are driving home. Oh, and laser treatment #2 is the morning after I get back, so maybe be ready for a little complaining about that. Life is dang fun and dang happy these days.


Platt Family said...

Your family picture of the 6 at the bees game is really cute! Do you ever wish life would slow down for just one minute, I do! Have a great trip and drive home careful!

chris said...

I'm jealous of all your fun. So whats are you doing in cali?