Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

How do you celebrate Labor Day? I'm not asking like, how do YOU celebrate, I'm just asking in general. Like, fireworks, turkey, mistletoe, ya know, some holidays are weird. Anyway, here's how I celebrated the great weekend.

Friday night awesome Paul and his awesome truck and I helped Anne move. A lot of people around me have been moving lately. Helping people move reminds me of how I have way too much stuff and that I should probably never move again. After the move we (Paul and I) went to Bountiful and went to dinner with Scott and Laura, then headed to the parents and played cards for a while. Kristin came to town that night so after the fam fun I met Kristin at my house and we talked til about 3 in the morning then went to sleep. Maybe we're bad friends. She's been living in Vegas for about 2 months and friday was the first time we talked since she moved. We were like BFF's before that and then suddenly she had to begin a Tivo-less life and refuses to take my phone calls cuz I happen to call during So You Think You can Dance. What was life like before Tivo?! Technology is weird. And while my whole bad friend slash tivo testimony is sarcastic it kinda makes me think. Kristin and I still know everything about each others lives the past 2 months all because of blogs and facebook. Is that a good or bad thing?

Moving on...Saturday morning I went to CarMax and IKEA with Paul. Going to IKEA with a man is a big step for me, but Paul passed the test ok. That night Robyn came over and we were gonna have a TLC/John and Kate plus Ei8ht marathon. But we just sat and talked for the first 3 hours, then ordered some chinese take-out and watched a little TLC. Robyn is so great. We've only become pretty good friends in the past few weeks. It makes me sad cuz she's moving home to California in a month. :( This picture isn't from that night, but how cute are we?? (This wasn't planned.)
Sunday after church I met up with a guy I graduated from High School with, Travis. We had lunch and visited for a while. We never talked much in high school but we talked a bit at the reunion a few weeks ago and decided it would be fun to hang out once in a while. It was good to see him again. That night Pauly and I went to the parents for dinner. Tay came down from Logan and we all had so much fun. We had dinner and played games for hours. My family is so funny...maybe some would say weird and crazy, but I'm glad Paul, Laura and Neally still say funny.

Yesterday was good. Way cold and way rainy! I'd just talked to a friend who lives in California the day before and told her that I was ready for some cooler weather, but last night when I was watching a movie with Paul and I was wearing a hoody and wrapped up in a blanket I decided I spoke too soon.

Yesterday afternoon the family had lunch with Trish and Tommy Gadberry. Their family was some of our great friends in Germany. (That was a weird sentence, I can't figure out how to word it.) Trish was bringing Tommy out for his first semester of college at BYU. I used to babysit him in Germany...kind of an old feeling moment. It was so good to see them, they live in MD.
Last night Pauly took me and Kristin to dinner at The Pie, then we did a little shopping before Kristin had to leave for Vegas.

It wasn't a super exciting weekend, but it was busy and full of family and the people I love the most. The older I get the more I like the low key at home time with the most important people in my life.

And I don't think I labored at all.


kim said...

you have a fun life.

jess said...

I always wonder how you are and then I remember you have a blog. Who is Paul? He seems a frequent one named.

joe b. said...

I had to labor on labor day. Sad huh?

Platt Family said...

I guess the best part of the holidays are being with family, right!