Monday, September 15, 2008

PMS and so forth

1. I pride myself on being a non-PMS-getter. Sure I get the cramps and the...ya know, other stuff. But I try, and usually succeed at staying pretty even tempered about life. Not so much today. It started with me heading to the gym and returning home to grab my ipod that I 'forgot'...I went all the way home and then I actually moved my ipod out of my purse so I could get to the house key easier so I could get my ipod out of my house. Did you get that?? I knew it was down hill from there.

2. I left my phone home when I left for a meeting. I needed it, but I didn't have it. Here's the best part. I'd made it home from the gym, taken my ipod out of my purse, set it on the table next to my phone cuz I don't like to take it with my throughout the day, showered and got ready, as I was heading out the door I left my phone on the table and put the ipod BACK in my purse! Maybe I don't have PMS...maybe it's ipod S.

3. Today was "Be an annoying driver" day. Did ya'll get the memo? Yeah, so, no need go when the light is green, it doesn't really matter these days. Also, big fat loud trucks with stinky smoke blowing everywhere, please drive as close to me as possible, and when I pass you, always catch up with your loudness and black smoke. Oh and, when I'm at the light and in the right turn lane and you're in the middle go straight lane, cut me off and turn right. Oh yes, and when you're towing an old antique car on a flatbed trailer, just jump out in the middle of the road and make sure the chains are tight enough. And for the love, when you're an ambulance and you're speeding to the hospital...ok, that's taking it too far, I'll move for time.

4. After a long stressful day, I decided to reward myself with Season 4 of The Office. Dear Stores, Please restock Season 4 of The Office. I'll buy it as soon as you get it!

5. Lastly, after I was totally convinced that God had forgotten me and the world hated me. I get home to a straightened up house, a cup of crushed ice, (one of the 2 ways to get to my heart) a beautiful bouquet of flowers, (the other way to get to my heart) and my amazing boyfriend waiting to give me a hug. We just hung out, ate some food, talked, watched some football. All while I was happy, sad, emotional, annoyed, giddy, frustrated, tired, grumpy, etc. He's great.
And, tomorrow is a new day...


Kelly O. said...

Aw, I love Pauly posts! More Pauly Posts Please!!

Platt Family said...

I hate those days when everything that can go wrong does! But I can also say that if your boyfriend is providing all those nice things for you to make life better, than he is worth holding on to!

kim said...

What a guy! How do I find one? And you are SO Funny! Love the bad driver part. :-)

jen j. said...

Can your man teach my man a thing or two... ;) Just kidding, I got a good one, but a refresher lesson here and there wouldn't hurt! ha! ha!