Saturday, May 3, 2008

Con "GRAD" ulations!

I tried to think of something cool to say like, "Tis the Season" or "It's that time of year again" but those sound lame. So, "College Graduations" it is.

Last night my best friend Kristin graduated from The University of Utah. It was so hot and long, but totally worth it cuz we were supporting Kristin, and I got to hang out with Kellan and Michael and my 3 year old boyfriend, Kobe. (all in the pictures below) Me and the boys about killed a bunch of grandparents sitting in front of us because we screamed so loud when Kristin's name was read, but they laughed at us once their hearts started beating again. We took Kristin to dinner at Thaifoon after graduation. We had so much fun, my face hurt from laughing so much.

...and then...

Today the family went up to Logan for my brother Taylor's graduation for Utah State University. It was so fun to have the whole family there together. Paul came too, but he just gets lumped in as part of the family these days. It was a really good day. We had lunch with Taylor's department, laughed alot, then went to the graduation, laughed, took advantage of some photo ops, laughed more, stopped for dinner on the way home, laughed some more, and called it a day. All in all it was about a 10 hour day, but the graduation only lasted one hour. That's my kind of graduation!

Congrats Kristin and Taylor. Love you both so much.

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