Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cali (again) with my BF

So...after Paul and I had an amazing time in California for the weekend 2 weeks ago, we decided to go back! This time wasn't as "fun" of a planned weekend, per se, but it was still really great. Paul's amazing Dad had back surgery a week and a half before our first visit 2 weeks ago and he was doing really well in the recovery process. He spent a good majority of our weekend out there cooking gourmet meals for us and making me feel so welcome and at home.

Long story short, his dad went for a routine follow up visit a week ago and got an infection that landed him back in the hospital for a week. :(

Pauly and I drove out there friday night, got there saturday morning at 5am, spent all day at the hospital saturday, and sunday morning/afternoon we headed back to the hospital to have lunch together, watch a little football, and the we drove home sunday afternoon and got back to the SLC at 3am monday morning. It was way too short!

While we were there I told his dad that I felt like it was my fault that he ended up back in the hospital cuz he spent too much time cooking for me and didn't get enough rest. He assured me that it was in fact my fault, but that he still loved me. ;) He is such a incredible man. Paul has an amazing family and I'm so thankful that I get along so well with all of them. They make me feel at home and it's so comfortable to be with them.

So, there ya go. Just one more thing I love about Paul, even if it's a 2 day vacation at the hospital we still have so much fun together. (Sorry if there's a lot of gushy cheesiness in my Paul blogs.) ...I'll try to keep it under control!


jill said...

You look so happy. Congrats!

kim said...

I read this right before I went to bed last night and then I had a dream that you moved to California. Weird huh?

kim said...

Wait...are you moving to California?