Friday, August 29, 2008

mac 'n' the ocean breeze

Here's the pictures and a few more details of the events I mentioned below. Paul moved into a new apartment last week and he had a couple of us over for dinner the night he moved in. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Tonight I spent a few hours with Paul moving more stuff in. It's amazing all the furnishings he's been given the past day or two. He's a popular man! He went in with a bed (an awesome bed) and a couple boxes of random stuff, and today he got a dresser, a dining room table, an end table, two couches, a chair, 4 dining chairs, a set of silverware, a set of dishes, some throw pillows, a lamp...maybe more, I'm not sure. And tomorrow he's going to pick up a couple more things. Anyway, when we finished unloading, he took me to dinner and then we went back to his apartment to talk about some decorating ideas. (my favorite part!) I also had some quality fam time last week. We spent a few days at Wolf Creek. Boating, playing games, eating, laughing and relaxing. I'd try and explain what's going on in the pictures, but really, there is no good explanation for my least we love being together!!
Bocce ball is our new family game when we go on this little trip every year. That explains a couple of the pictures below. The others, again, no good explanation.
I left the fam vay kay a day and a half early and flew to Long Beach. Paul was there a couple days before me for work stuff. He picked me up saturday morning and took me to breakfast and then straight to the beach! Loved it. We walked in the sand and all the way to the end of the jeti. Then we met up with Robyn (Paul's co-worker and our awesome friend) and her BF David. Played cards on the beach for a bit then Paul and I headed to his parents house. They are incredible people. Nothing I could type here could explain how welcome I felt in their home. It was amazing. We had dinner together that night and then went to a work meeting Paul had. The rest of the weekend just kept getting more fun. We spent several hours in the jacuzzi in the backyard, had some really awesome convos, a lot of laughs, ate a lot of his Dad's AWESOME cooking, (I wish there was a way you could all try it), went to a Mormon/Evangelical dialog Sunday night (the main reason for his trip), went on a tour of the family business, and had to drive back to Utah way too soon! I had a really fantastic time. It was a good good trip and I'm glad I got a little taste of Paul's California life.


Jenny B. said...

Looks like fun! You're such a cute girl, you're always in the middle of a great time! Lucky guy in the pics with you;)

Lori said...

You are a traveling girl! How fun for you! I love reading about your travels and vacations. It makes me feel like I too have had a vacation!

kim said...

I'm lovin your happy summer. I'm a little jealous, but mostly happy you're having a good time! ;-)

joe said...

I miss you. Remember when we were friends?? That was fun.

Anonymous said...

i love all your kodak moments. And that silverware drawer looks like a classic bachelor set. :)