Saturday, January 9, 2010

'09 facts and '10 predictions

I was reading my '09 predictions last night and they were pretty lame. I think I was all in love and giddy so I didn't say much of anything substantial. I still am in love, by the way. So here's how I did.

This is what I thought might happen each month in '09 and then what actually happened in '09.

January- We go to California. We talk about Mha...... Paul starts a new job. I start looking for a second or new job.

February- I finally finish laser treatments. I go to the Celine Dion concert. I start a new job.

March- I get engaged...ish... I don't go on my 4th Mexico rediscovery vacation.

April- Grandpa turns 90 and I convince the fam to have a big party! I love Grandpas, especially mine.

May- I simplify and de-junk my apartment.

June- I move. I get married.

July- I buy the new TV that I thought I'd buy a year ago.

August- Paul and I go on a sunny vacation to celebrate how well I did at staying out of the sun for a year.

September- I get baby hungry.

October- I bust out the ol' Winnie the Pooh for another year, and I try to find Tigger for Paul.

November- I get baby hungry...did I mention that?...

December- We talk about moving...

This is what
actually happened...

January: I went to California with by boyfriend, Paul, and came home from California with my fiance, Paul.

February: Went dress shopping, wedding planned, had the parents meet the parents, went to Celine Dion.

March: Paul moved into my apartment and I moved in with my parents. Us each having our own apartments this close to being married didn't make sense, so we consolidated and saved some money.

April: Had am incredible, huge, fun, awesome 90th birthday party for my cute grandpa.

May: I stopped working for the most part, and had a lot of free wedding planning time. Went on a relaxing business trip to St. George with Paul. My Uncle Randy died.

June: I got married to be best friend in the whole world. Had a fabulous 2 weeks of wedding/celebrating/honeymooning/California reception/family time/awesomeness. June was a good month.

July: Almost moved. Didn't. Looked hard for a new job. Still no new TV. Really gonna shoot for 2010.

August: Got a new job. Love it.

September: Downgraded from a big awesome expensive truck, to a little not so awesome completely paid for truck.

October: Was not Winnie the pooh for halloween. I did, however pull it out and thought about it. And I also looked for a Tigger costume for Paul, at downtown disney in california. If anyone had it they should, but didn't. So we were just us for halloween.

November: I did get baby hungry, but it comes and goes rather quickly. Went hunting in Texas and killed a deer.

December: Had our first Christmas together in our cute little festive apartment. Then went to California to ring in the new year. Paul and I both got raises.

Welcome 2010, here's what I think might happen...

January: Less rent, more square footage.

February: I turn 30. I'm feeling about 100% on that one.

March: We buy a new TV!!!

April: We buy cute Wood Co stuff with our extra pay checks. I love 5 friday months when I get payed on 3 of em.

May: Paul and I start ballroom dance classes.

June: Happy One Year to us. We go on a fun little anniversary trip.

July: I hear the biological clock a little louder than usual, and we start to talk about trying to grow a human in my righteous womb. We talk about the future and about moving to California.

August: We spend a lot of times in the mountains, camping, fishing, shooting guns, boating, etc.

September: I start writing a book.

October: We move...again...

November: We start "trying" to get pregnant.

December: We have a Merry Christmas. And we win a contest and get a free trip to the Bahamas or somewhere warm and beautiful.


RobyLynn said...

"Less rent, more square footage" --- Are you moving this month?

Crystal said...

This is Crystal (Howe) Nye. Anyway, I love kepping updated on you and your life. FYI, my parents have Tigger and Pooh costmues, they bought from the Disney store. If you still want to do that next year, you can borrow them. By the way, my blog is private so send me your email so I can invite you (

it's me, andrea. said...

Yup. We're moving.

shauna/doug said...

Oh, you stinker. I don't want you to move. Any chance you won't like it in sunny Cal! After all, you need to watch out for the sun, don't you. Love your May prediction. We'll go dancing together when we get home. I want to come to the Wood store too. Maybe you can buy the store and run it from Cal and have to come up every month. How's that! Keep blogging so I can try and keep up with you.