Tuesday, January 12, 2010

California positives

-Mild climate. (Warmer than Utah, which I love.)
-There's El Pollo Loco on about every corner.
-The beach. I love the beach.
-There's a (free) gym a couple steps (literally) from our front door.
-Disneyland is so close. And I heard a rumor yesterday that we might have annual passes.
-We don't have to pay rent, which means we can pay down debt and have a little fun.
-It's really not too far from Utah.
-Paul's family is there.
-The Circle of Orange. I love walking around down there.
-It's a fun place to visit year round. So hopefully we'll have visitors year round.
-I like fresh new places, and that's what our apartment is.
-Water doesn't come up from the kitchen sink when the washing machine is on.
-We have a dishwasher.
-Our new place is bigger, and free-er. Did I mention that?
-We don't have to pay for Garrett's health insurance. That'll save us $300 a month.
-Paul's office is closer to home, MUCH closer.
-We have some good friends out there.
-The best chiropractor I've ever been to is there.
-My in-laws have a pool and hot tub.

And the things I'll miss...

-My family.
-My extended family.
-The Wood Co.
-Our friends.
-Our church.
-Hobby Lobby.
-Knowing my way around. (Thank you Paul for the GPS for Christmas. He knows me so well.)
-Our doctors.
-Our spinal touch therapist.
-I might eventually miss the seasons, but this time of year I'm looking forward to getting away.

I started this list on December 15th. It didn't take me a month to think of positive things, I just kinda forgot about it, but I figured I should finish before I leave on Sunday.

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