Thursday, January 28, 2010

January CatchUp

This has been a crazy month! It's gone by fast and kinda slow. We went to California and moved to Sugarhouse. And a lot of other little things... Here were a couple fun times in the middle of all the packing, cleaning, moving. Oh and remind me to never move in the winter again. I don't know why I keep doing that.

Kristin, who lives in Vegas came so SLC for a couple days. She brought her "friend" that she's dating exclusively, or not dating, or something, and me and Diz wanted to meet him. We all met for dinner at the gateway. It was tons of fun. Always is. These 2 girls are the best roommates I ever had. I miss those days sometimes. We're glad our men hung in there with us for a couple hours and let us talk and laugh and catch up.Sheila, a lady I work with (and love) invited us to go shooting/4 wheeling/dutch oven cooking/freezing with them a couple weeks ago. There ended up being about 8 trucks, 5 four-wheelers, 6 dogs, 3 pots of chili, 100 hot dogs, 2 firepits, 25 rednecks, 20 guns, and a satalite dish. Good times!

Not the way we typically spend our winter weekend afternoons, but really fun!

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Randi said...

Ah, yes. Good times with the roomies. We really need to get together more. I mean it!