Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nate the Great

Friday night Paul and I went on a date with a guy I work with. His name is Nathan. You can call him Nathan or Nate, but he prefers Nate the Great. He's an amazing kid. He's the son of the owner of Wood Co. He's 31 years old, has one of the biggest hearts in the world, and an amazing sense of humor. He is also autistic and has been through a lot of tough things in his life, but it doesn't hold him back. He's totally independent. He gets around on his own using trax, he is very involved in Special Needs groups, he has 2 jobs, and he loves and cares about everyone he meets. He's a total sweetheart.

We had a super fun night. We went to Nate's favorite restaurant, Eat-a-Burger. (Eat-a-burger was closing down the next day and Nate really wanted to go there one last time.)Then we went bowling, which was so much fun. Paul won both games, and Nate and I each came in second once, so he decided that overall he and I tied for second place but that we were all good bowlers.After bowling we went back to Eat-a-Burger for shakes. That was Nates last minute plan, just in case we were still hungry after bowling.
They were letting people sign the walls because they were closing down. Nate told me exactly what to write and then we got a picture of it. He was so excited about it. We had some really good talks and I learned a lot about Nate that night. I really appreciated the time we had with him and I look forward to doing it again sometime.

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