Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's really only Wednesday???

You knows those weeks when:

You buy a broken book shelf.

You're paycheck gets deposited into a dude's account that you don't know and the bank takes their sweet time to fix it.

You have a cold.

You lose all you phone contacts in your cell.

2 employees announce they are pregnant and another one asks you for less hours.

Your husband takes your keys to work.

You're chinese food gets delivered with no forks. They ALWAYS put forks in the bag, but when you order it to your new house that is forkless, they forget.

You're computer starts faking a crash.

You run out of diet coke.

And you and your spouse keep passing cold germs to each other.

Oh and one of Jake's girls cheats on him with a Bachelor staffer.

Yeah, it's been one of those weeks. Wow.

I'm just thankful that IKEA is lowering even more prices on January 16th and that Kate Gosselin has long hair again. I can go on living.


Kelly Enigma said...

Holy crap, that is some week... :O

Elen said...

:( Hang in there.