Saturday, January 16, 2010

remember this?

I came across this post while I was working on my 2010 predictions. I didn't remember doing it last year, but since I did lets see how well I did...

  • I won't get regular oil changes. I'll just do it when my car needs to be vacuumed. SUCCESS! My car was pretty happy when I married Paul though, he cares more about stuff like that.
  • I won't go the the gym if I don't feel like it. Fortunately, I'm one of the people who has made it a daily habit, and almost look forward to that time, but if my body needs a break, I'll take it and be fine with it. SUCCESS! I really did well at not going, especially after I got married and started working more. Kinda makes me sad really.
  • I won't run a marathon, and I'll probably give up 1/8 marathons too (5Ks). I hate running. And I always will. SUCCESS! None of the above. I did however watch and cheer for the Biggest Loser contestants on TV when they had to run a marathon, so it's kinda like I ran one too.
  • I won't give up reality TV or my DVR. SUCCESS! And I'm happy to say that calling to schedule cable and DVR hook up at our new place was one of the first things Paul did...and when we got married, it was one of the things he wanted to eliminate in our budget.
  • I won't wear make-up everyday. SUCCESS! I wish I could really get away with the look, but I can't. I still tried a lot though.
  • I won't forget how blessed I am to have Paul. SUCCESS! He's the best.
  • I won't give up sugar. Kindof Success... I gave it up for 2 months, and felt great. I need to give it up again. I wish I hated candy.
  • I won't stop texting in the car...I know, mom. I'll try to just do it when I'm at stop lights. SUCCESS! I did and do however text a lot less than I used to. My old phone was easier to hold while driving, so its cut way back since I swithched from the Pearl to the Storm.
  • I won't clean the bathrooms and mop the floors once a week. SUCCESS! This is also something that Paul has taken over, and I love it!
Not bad. Good for me.

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shauna/doug said...

You cutie! I just love to read your blog. You just make me smile and it reminds me of how much I loved working with you and how fun you made it. There was always laughter mixed in with the hard work. Don't stop!