Tuesday, August 4, 2009

working for the man...er...for the wood cutter...

I don't talk about my job much because I haven't really had one for a while. I started my dream job a couple years ago and loved it. Traveled, volunteered, researched foreign adoption. It was great! But right as I was falling in love with it and what I was doing, the economy crashed. My job and non-profit plans were being funded by a property management company and people stopped traveling and the money stopped coming in. My boss has been trying to find things for me to do the past few months, but still no job security...and no steady money.

My wonderful husband told me I didn't need to work and that we could figure our expenses on his income alone. I haven't been working for a while now and its relaxing, but pretty boring and we could use a little extra money.

I've been looking online for a while for jobs and its very overwhelming! I wasn't in a huge rush but I was still feeling discouraged. In my free time (I had a lot) I've been getting ideas for our california renovation project. I decided I want to build a room divider. I've been looking up all the furniture stores in the state to go check out and get ideas. And I've gone to Lowe's and Home Depot to price wood etc. Anyway, it probably wont happen for a while but I'm gonna do it. I love wood. And I wish I knew how to build. I DVR HGTV all the time, but just shows like 'Design On A Dime' and 'Decorating Cents' those are the shows where dudes AND chicks build amazing things for way cheap in less than 30 minutes. I wanna be like that someday. So, last tuesday I was at my new favorite store, The Wood Connection seeing if they sell room dividers. They don't. But I got to talking with the sales lady, she was super nice, met a couple other people, I got a job application, and 48 hours later, HIRED! I'm so excited! It's part time and a huge pay cut from my last job, actually less money than I made at any of my last 4 jobs, hello 1999! ...but I don't care. It's part time and I think it's gonna be great!

I started yesterday and it was really fun. My only concern with this job is that we might actually make less money than if I was a stay at home wife...I'll practice self control.

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